“Files about Wright’s murder now appear to have gone missing from every security agency”

Chris Thornton on the Billy Wright Inquiry, notes that it is not the gaps in ten year old Police files that raise suspicions of state collusion in the killing, but that those gaps are replicated in exactly the same places across supposedly independent agencies:

Gaps in the files can be covered by material from another department, indeed some familiar with the material available to the inquiry say that has already been the case. But some gaps remain notable. Some of the missing Prison Service material should have been duplicated in the police file on the murder investigation. But it appears the police file may have the same gaps.

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  • Glensman

    Its hard to act surprised. Typical.

  • That’s another word I’m thinking of putting on the ‘banned’ list.

  • Pounder

    Billy Wright? or the word Collusion?

  • elvis parker

    Glad to see there is joined up government at some levels. So often you hear about ‘cross cutting’ responsibilities but rarely are they acted out with any degree of efficiency

  • snakebrain

    I presume part of the difficulty with this one is that it fairly conclusively demonstrates that it wasn’t only nasty loyalists who were up to their ears in it with British intelligence. Makes a nice counterpoint to that wonderful idealism and unity so beloved of the leadership of the Republican movement.

    Norantonio sacrificed for Stakeknife anybody?

  • heck

    Is’nt Blair at the G8 lecturing Putin about Alexander Litvinenko? Maybe Putin has lost the files too.

    Blair is a hypocritical self rightous bastard!!

  • Pounder,

    No, ‘typical’! Like the other previously banned (now unbanned) words, it often represents an intellectual cop out of making an argument.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Mick: “That’s another word I’m thinking of putting on the ‘banned’ list.”

    Will you be also banning “par for the course,” “more of the same,” “what, again??” etc.?

    Are you also suggesting that this farce, with its Chinese water-torture of revelations re: the “mysterious” disappearance of files pertaining to Billy Wright’s demise has not gone on long enough that “typical” is not a valid response?

  • grumbleweed

    They (Wright & Robin Jackson) were used as assassins in a murder campaign in which the state was complicit, if not behind.

    Are you really that surprised that:

    a) He was removed from the picture (dead men tell no tales) and

    b) Evidence surrounding the circumstances of his murder has also been removed from the picture.

    Everyone knows what happened and our country is a better place with this man removed from it and quite frankly it is not worth spending a single penny investigating the circumstances around his death – there are much more deserving locations for this money.

  • Glensman

    No Mick’s right,
    It was an intellectual cop out.

  • the Emerald Pimpernel

    The problem Grumbleweed is what if under the right circumstances some beaurocrat decided the same thing about you?

  • Lorraine

    surely the point to this story is the control with which the British state exercised control over both Loyalist and republican organisations and engaged in terrorism against its own citizens. the full extent of the dirty war has yet to be revealed and those with most to lose when it is are those who professed themselves to be the angels defending democracy. catholics were instructed to kill protestants and protestants were instructed to kill catholics, while we mourned at our funerals the British laughed at us all the way to the graves.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Glensman: “It was an intellectual cop out.”

    that doesn’t mean you were incorrect…

  • TLC

    Silly naïve people expecting pigs to file!

  • the Emerald Pimpernel

    Well TLC at least we didnt ask them to colate and alphabetize

  • Nationalist

    As the British never did anything wrong, as the DUP would have us all believe, we have not heard a word from Willie McCrea demanding the truth into this scumbags murder etc. as to do so would be to acknowlegde the fact that the State, the RUC and the British Army were very much involved in murder.

    Whilst the scumbag, who was very much involved in the murders of innocent Catholics, was alive McCrea had no problem standing beside him (A very well known terrorist) on stage and demanding that he be left alone and the death threat aginst him lifted by his fellow terrorists.

    The two faced McCrea clearly has morals that could walk upright under a snakes belly. For years he told the people how he would not talk to terroists yet had no problem in trying to keep the ruthless murderer of Nationalist Catholics alive, which in the end would have meant more innocent Catholics dying.

    McCrea and other members of the DUP down the years have had no problem condeming killings that they seen as wrong, and also had no problem commemorating terrorists with orange conections, yet even when it is as clear as day that the British state forces of the RUC and British Army were involed they distance themselves from the events – least they have to admit the truth and condem their whiter than white RUC.

  • heck

    “Everyone knows what happened and our country is a better place with this man removed from it and quite frankly it is not worth spending a single penny investigating the circumstances around his death – there are much more deserving locations for this money”

    What a frightening viewpoint, acceptance of the idea that the state can set people up for murder and the citizenry are not outraged.

    Billy Wright was not a nice person but he was a citizen (unless you are a unionist and believe we are only “subjects”) and the state has no right be involved in taking his life. Any credible suggestion that the state was involved in his murder SHOULD be investigated.

  • Reader

    heck: (unless you are a unionist and believe we are only “subjects”)
    Northern Ireland Unionists can read their Passports and discover they are in fact “citizens” of the State in which they live. Surprisingly enough, that’s thanks to one of Thaggie’s modernisations in the 1980s.

  • Glensman

    The problem as i see it is that the British are mounting expensive cover ups, then complaining over and over about the expense of investigating their cover ups…

    Perhaps if they told the truth in the first place and maybe said sorry we wouldn’t need inquiries.

    (same applies to the tribunals in the Free State, FF do wrong, cover up, complain about cost of tribunal).

  • tony