“if the state won’t do that, others must”

Not sure how long this will stay online[RealPlayer file], but it’s worth listening to. In his Talkback Commentary Malachi O’Doherty paraphrases Maurice Hayes’ broader point into the question – “Do you really want to know everything that some of your Ministers have done even if it awakens old hatreds, revives disgust?” And he gives his answer – “Yes.”And he ends with a point that I’m in total agreement with

“I would not bury the past. I can see why pragmatic government institutions concerned with their own survival would not pay good money to unearth material that would jeopardise them.

But I would not trust the history of Northern Ireland not to erupt again as bloodily as before unless we had staked it down with the most comprehensive understanding.

And if the state won’t do that, others must.”

And, again, “Delay has its own heavy price. The poison accumulates in the system.”