Greens present government conditions…

In case you are concerned at the length of time that the horse trading has gone on so far in the Republic, just note that Wales still doesn’t have a settled Executive yet… smart money is on a Plaid/Tory administration. The Dail maths still suggest it could go either way. Intriguingly, the Greens have set out their core issues in a document formally presented to Fianna Fail today. In all likelihood it was prepared long before the result of the election was known. Not sure if there is anything in it but Jim McDaid may be attempting some hard bargaining from inside the party. The question seems to be just how reliable would a pact with the independents be? And, more pointedly, can the Greens work with the PDs on Health not least on the controversial issue of co-location?

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  • Frank Sinistra

    Several other factors are coming into play – the FF/PD/Ind option looks very unstable as the numbers are just over 83 but Cooper Flynn, a disgraced former FFer, is facing potential bankrupcy and eviction from her seat. That could leave this coalition one bye election away from collapse, it would also require an external Ceann Comhairle. Very dodgy.

    The Greens would provide just over 83 but still require an external CC and the Mahon stuff may force a party of principle to collapse a government.

    FF/Lab still looks the only stable option but many Lab TDs see that as a real issue and a possible killer for the next time they face the electorate who voted them in to get FF out.

    I don’t think the numbers have created a situation where the Dail will go a full term.

  • Mick Fealty

    If you look to the other side, you still have the problem of stability of the independents, and scansion of the resulting political portfolio.

  • Brian Boru

    There are rumours going round that FG TD John Deasy is about to defect to the PDs and perhaps not alone.

  • Frank Sinistra


    That’s why I rate FF/Lab as the only stable option. Every other FF option is just on the edge of potential collapse – great for Biffo.

    The risk for Lab is they remained static while selling themselves as a voice for change, if they prop up a government despised by their voters will they be able to create enough change not to be gutted like the PDs come the next election?

    I can’t see any coalition option that’ll last a crisis on these numbers.

  • páid

    What’s McDaid’s price?

    An amnesty for adulterers who drive up the wrong side of dual carriageways on their way back from the races whilst pissed out of their tree?


  • Aquifer

    The Greens could get a good price out of either of the tweedle dum tweedle dee parties. Compliance with EU environmental directives would be a basic requirement. Rational energy policy and transport planning would pay for themselves, and anything else they wanted could be possible for quaranteed votes. My guess is that the price they are demanding will be paid, but is too big for FF to make public initially. The press may not get much before or immediately after the deal is done. It could take a while to deflate FF egos enough to do the deal however, and that could let the FG rainbow coalition coalesce. John Gormley is no pushover and Dan Boyle is interested in economics. Boyle lost his Cork seat. The problem for any partner for the Greens is that they may demand the substance over political profile, i.e. that deals are delivered on. Principle is a menace in politics.

  • susan

    just read most stunningly frank assessment I’ve ever heard/read from an elected official ANYWHERE on Ciarán Cuffe’s blog — (Greens Spokesperson for Transportation and Justice.)

    “Let’s be clear. A deal with Fianna Fáil would be a deal with the devil. We would be spat out after 5 years, and decimated as a Party. But, … would it be worth it? Power is a many faceted thing.

  • jerryp

    The problem with the Greens is that, up to now, they’ve been nothing more than a protest group in the Republic. Their mettle has never been tested and the fear is that, the first time it is, they would crack. I just wonder if Bertie is going the circuitous route to the Labour Party, ie testing the other options and showing them as unlikely to offer stable government. Greens a bit flaky, independents unreliable ( Cooper- Flynn becoming bankrupt and Healy Rae a health risk ) It will have to be sorted out quickly if it’s going to involve Labour as they need approval of a special conference before any arrangement is entered into.

  • susan

    Good post, jerryp!

    Here’s a (working) link to the Cuffe blog I just quoted:

  • “Brian Boru”‘s speculation re John Deasy and the PDs has proven to be unfounded.

    The thread is worth a look on and is on a par with some of the assertions of’s PD extraordinaire, FutureTaoiseach.