McDaid and Blaney home…

Right, I am going to bed now… The FF vote has 50% decreased from 68% (if you add Blaney’s IFF vote from 2002)… But on the last count, Jim McDaid noses in front of MacLochlainn, and then Blaney comes over the line… Good day for Milford… Bad news for Inishowen… Keavney seems to have been crunched by the good Doctor’s Letterkenny defence stratagem… McLochlainn must be gutted…


  • againtthehead

    any more news on the shinners? have they blamed the british establishment yet?

  • Illipsisism

    They have been taking the odds on (1/2) on it being a FF/Green coalition, on Betfair.

  • Mick Fealty

    That was their chance of evening up. Last word from the Byrne camp who is facing it off with O’Snoddaigh was it was going to be very tight.

  • slug

    In the end they weren’t as parochial as suspected in Donegal.

    The Dublin South Central seat will be interesting. Will Sinn Féin’s more transfer friendly positioning save O’Snoddaigh? When does counting resume?

  • Mick Fealty

    Geography was in there… but had Blaney gone out first, I’ve little doubt the surplus would have broken for MacLochlainn…

  • Meanwhile Cyprian Brady has been elected with a mere 939 votes (thanks to Bertie’s transfers) in Dublin Central. There’s councillors here in the north who’ve got more votes than that!

  • eddie

    Do arrogant PSF supporters here now realise that their party is a micro-group, the Freestaters aren’t as stupid as the electroate in the North.

  • iluvni

    ‘the Freestaters aren’t as stupid as the electroate in the North.’

    electroate, Eddie?
    Pot? Kettle?

  • Yokel

    Nah nah told ya so blah blah…

    This was a national election and the party issue was going to hacve a stronger part to play even up in the constituency. No doubt that it would have been interesting if Blaney had gone out first as initially the story was that Keaveney’s transfers wasn’t exactly setting the house on fire for Blaney.

  • MÓG

    The electorate in the north aren’t stupid. People know exactly what they want.

    SF’s day will come in Donegal. The usual establishment parties will do little. MacLochlainn can take comfort from gaining another 3000 or so votes since the last election.

    The problem is the popularity of the likes of McDaid and Blaney but they will eventually fade out. MacLochlainn and Pearse Doherty are the future and I hope they both contest again in five years.

  • interested

    The trouble with the ‘your day will come’ theory is that you can only spin that for so long….. Another 5 years closer to 2016 and it gets harder and harder to tell the fellas just to hang on another 5 minutes and a United Ireland will be along on the next bus. Or indeed that a SF gain will come along – yes it may well come in Donegal, but going by recent events it might just be making up for losing one of the seats they’ve only just scraped home last night.

    The beard of course isn’t getting any younger and the fact that he’s now about as much use as a chocolate fireguard in the south doesn’t really give him much reason for being if the big push for SF is going to be south of the border (yes it still exists).

    Who’s going to be the leader taking SF into the next Irish election then?

    Doherty was supposed to be the next big thing of course – that position being left even more open after people stopped laughing at Mary Lou’s defeat. Better get the Conor Murphy style internal memo drafted lads:

    Just remember comrades, this election is neither here nor there (well it was there according to Conor). We’ll just get on with busying ourselves with British politics in Belfast and park this Irish nonsense for 5 years. Tell everyone to move that big united Ireland circle on their calanders back a bit wont you…. we’re not exactly sure how far to move it… We’ll get back to you on that one..

    chucky our wotsits!

  • redhaze


    “The problem is the popularity of the likes of McDaid and Blaney but they will eventually fade out. MacLochlainn and Pearse Doherty are the future and I hope they both contest again in five years.”

    Is there a danger of being viewed as always the bridesmaid and never the bride?

  • MÓG

    I think Ó Caoláin should have been given a bigger role. He spoke well on television about economic affairs which is a start.

    Adams is important to the campaign but I agree with others that he played too much a fronting role. Mary Lou needs to speak more, preferably by herself. Martin Ferris looks like a leader but I don’t know if he has it in him.

    It’s hard for SF to breakthrough certain areas with popular local figures already in office but time will erradicate that.

    The lack of a real economic policy is a disgrace and I’m not suprised the middle-class voters returned to FF or whoever.

    It’s a massive set-back and will lead to snide remarks from SDLP sorts asking: “Are you really the all-Ireland with just four seats in the Dáil”.
    Unionists will be pleasantly happened at the performance, or lack of.

    The party faired very well in Donegal but not enough for a breakthrough in either constituency. More council work and increasing familiarity should allow at least one of them to squeeze through the next time.

    The popularity of Bertie who was unfairly attacked by the media and opponents, lead to a surge in sympathy for the most successful Taoiseach in my life-time. That was the main question- Bertie or Enda.

    The small parties will be back- Greens and SF. The PDs are all but gone. Labour have lost everything they stood for by having a FG manifesto. The next five years will be interesting.

  • Gerry Kelly

    Fianna Fail are the big winners in Donegal as they have absorbed the IFF wing which still has no future. Depsite the colonisation of Donegal by hte likes of Adams and Denis Donaldson, life there has moved on. The Stcikies used to talk about hteir Gweedore man making the breakthrough but he never did and the Stickies are the rump the Provos wil soon be.
    Any decent o idealistic member of Sinn ein should consider abandoning the narco terrorists for a decent la abiding party of their choice. Narco funded politics has hit its high water mark in Ireland. Time for the rats to desert the sinking ship.

  • picador

    The above post is downright offensive and should be removed.

  • eddie

    Picador, does the truth hurt. Of course PSF have been funded from narcos in Columbia and at home, and extortion, blackmail and bank-jobs etc. Come on now,picador, we all know that, voters in the Freestate certainly know it.