SWP candidate running close…

Richard Boyd Barrett will make it close to the end of the reckoning. Not bad for a member of the Socialist Workers Party… It’s likely to be a tight scrap between him and sitting Green TD, Ciaran Cuffe, though Ciaran should nose it relatively easily on transfers…


  • I wonder if we would’ve got so many votes if he had run under the SWP banner. This is the SWP which defended the O’Connell Street rioters last year.

  • Valenciano

    Is the Sinn Fein candidate there the same Eoin Ó’Broin who previously posted to Slugger and who was a former Oldpark councillor?

  • slug

    Val – the very same.

  • Valenciano

    Thanks Slug.

    Back on topic, the Greens have just overtaken Barrett on FG transfers with more FG transfers still to come. Looks like its in the bag for them.

  • sammaguire

    Hopefully the Greens will win it. Nothing irritates me more than upper middle class “socialists” with double barrell names.

  • pondersomething

    Well done to Richard for running it so close – shows the extent of anti-war sentiment and the desire for a fairer society extends even to Dun Laoghaire!