Flannery still calling it close…

Frank Flannery is tipping Fianna Fail to get 76 seats. As an aside he’s assuming Padraig MacLochlainn for Donegal NE and O’Snodaigh get in to allow Sinn Fein to keep five Deputies. Technically, if his Fine Gael party could sow together an alliance of any and everyone else (including doubtful converts like Jackie Healy Rae and Beverley Cooper-Flynn), they could give Enda the ‘Taoiseachship’. That would leave them at the same figure. Vincent Browne says the simplest way out for FF is to a deal with Labour.


  • Valenciano

    Would Labour go for a FF deal? They got badly burned in the 1990s when they jumped into bed with them.

  • Mick Fealty

    Vincent’s thesis is that the leadership is ‘old and desparate’ (paraphrased of course, but not far from what he actually said) and this would be their last chance of a decent job in politics. Rabbitte heard him (I think) and didn’t seem keen to firefight it.

  • SuperSoupy

    Some of us (many) have said FF/Lb was likely. I now think FF/Gn/Ind is most likely. Why dilute the power? They had a mouthy junior partner before. Either way, unless it’s a majority we’ll go again within months after Mahon.

  • Mick Fealty

    Why not the rump of the PDs, or make them and offer of merger and give Mary back her job at Health? They owe her something, surely?

  • Brian Boru

    Flannery is deluded. Transfers between FF candidates are far more solid than those between Rainbow candidates of 3 different parties.

  • Brian Boru

    BTW Healy-Rae has held on and Bev Flynn may aswell.

  • Yokel

    The decision will be made purely on Fianna Fails final numbers. While they’d like Labour they’d it wouldnt be easy and there are obviously other options.

    Fianna Fail at 80+. PDs and Independents more likely although I suspect some in Fianna Fail would drop the PDs but Bertie’s inclinatiuon would be to keep them. The easiest coalition to form.

    Fianna Fail 78+, Greens and Indos. Harder to call espcially working out what the Green’s price is. have no doubt it may be a pain for FF to deal with the Greens’ price.

    There is also the minority option. Bertie would get voted in as PM, SF would just abstain as would a few others possible and he’d be home and hosed.

  • Yokel

    Bairbre De Brun of SF is currently being eaten alive on RTE radio after coming up with a story that it was Fine Gaels failure to persuade people that they should be leading the next government that resulted in SF not doing very well. Fine Gaels failure is gaining near 20 seats..SF’s failure is standing still or losing one.

    Pure genius by Bairbre.

  • páid

    Vincent would say that wouldn’t he?

    A tired old 70s hack pushing a tired old 70s party.