Liverpool lose Champions League Final

AC Milan have avenged their 2005 defeat with a 2-1 victory over Liverpool in Athens. Warning: I may be rather tetchy for the next few days.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Me too.


  • Billy


    How exactly were Liverpool robbed?

    Goals win matches.

    AC Milan took their chances and Liverpool didn’t take theirs (although they had more).

    Milan are worthy winners.

  • páid

    Ah well, no-one died (this time).

  • againtthehead

    thought the tactics were well off, did okay first half, but clearly needed big changes at half time. couldn’t believe bellamy was left out in the cold, and crouch only given 10 mins. kewel and zenden were shocking. that said, tremendous to achieve 2 finals in 3 years.

  • Dec

    Just reward for Milan after the fiasco of two years ago.

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    Just reward for Milan?

    This corrupt organisation should not have even been in the competition in the first place, only getting an entry because of a UEFA loophole that has now been closed.

  • Yippee!

    “Robbed” Scousers? Ha ha ha!

    No, sorry, seriously, hard luck n all that…

  • Roger

    As a Liverpool fan I don’t think we were good enough to deserve a 2nd European cup in three years regardless of how much I personally wanted it. Out of the title race by September and early exits from both the Carling cup and FA cup tells its own story.

    Kuyt clearly is not good enough and Crouch never has been, Kewell has never been great, Zenden was horrendous and while Pennant got a lot of praise he was relatively ineffective.

    We need an out and out goal scorer like Robbie Keane and its time to let Bellamy and Crouch go.

  • BP1078

    Excellent finish to an (almost) perfect season…

  • Cap’n Bob

    24 months late Steve Finnan joins the list of John Giles and Jim Beglin.

  • Ziznivy

    Keane? Wise up. Bellamy? Useless. He would have done fuck all.

    Liverpool lost last night because, despite dominating the game, we didn’t have the quality wide or a top goalscorer up front. Pennant and Zenden got plenty of the ball, but their delivery was poor. Look at the ball Pennant fizzed back at thigh height to Gerrard in the first half, under no pressure. That typifies his contribution. Zenden is too old and slow even though he can be trusted to track back where Pennant can’t.

    Benitez was spot on tactically last night, but just didn’t have the personnel in those positions.

  • francesco


  • pete

    Rubbish match, 2 mediocre sides. And these were 2 sides who have been able to rest players for the last month because they couldn’t win anything else!! As strong of an argument as any that only the champions should be playing in the champions league. There were certainly no champions in this match. If these were the two best teams in Europe then I’m Humpty Dumpty.

  • Eoin

    There is no doubt that Liverpool looked comfortable and I doubt that milan would have scored at all if it were not for that freak goal.

    However we never really looked like scoring from open play. Pennant played well in many respects but his crossing was terrible and Zenden was as bad as expected. Any time we did manage to get the ball into the box only Kuyt and Gerrard were there.

    We didn’t deserve to lose but did we really deserve to win?

  • Ziznivy

    “We didn’t deserve to lose but did we really deserve to win?”

    I’m not sure if Liverpool deserved to win, but Milan certainly didn’t.

    I can’t help thinking the defeat was inevitable. It was the payback for that glorious night in Istanbul. As soon as the freekick was given, especially so close to halftime, I was convinced it was going in.

    When Gerrard stormed through and failed to beat Kaka I said to my girlfriend that it wasn’t going to happen.

    It was just that kind of night. A night where it wasn’t meant to be.

  • Tue Pict

    Andy Gray and Martin Tyler were more blinkered than any NIPPLE and that takes some doing.

    Milan always looked more like scoring than Liverpool.

    Indeed Rino Gattuso set up all Liverpool chances Milan were that dominant.

  • Dec

    I’m not sure if Liverpool deserved to win, but Milan certainly didn’t.

    Not sure about that. Milan’s first goal was flukey but the second goal was a clinical finish. Add in the ridiculous offside decision given against Kaka early in the second half and Kuyt’s offside consolation and the result was a fair one. Liverpool still over rely on one player and when he inevitably struggles, so do the team.

  • Ziznivy

    Dec if Mescherrano had been on the pitch at that stage he would have closed down Kaka and the ball would never have made it into the area. At that stage we were having to press the game, Crouch came on and Milan were able to capitalise.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Bizarre to see the Bot and other Belfast hostelries crowded to the doors with pseudo-scousers last night.
    Still, my deepest sympathy to Liverpool, the only club in England founded by an Orangeman whose first manager was an Orangeman, from Scotshouse, County Monaghan, as i was informed last evening by a tearstained Red. Perhaps “You’ll never walk alone” is some subliminal homage to the Twelfth. And there was me thinking they’d nicked it from celtic.

    I’ll get me sash

  • The Pict

    How do you know that Mascherano would have closed down Kaka?

    It was Carragher’s job at the time and he pulled a John O’Shea.

    In fact you could say he did an Andy Gray!

  • Ziznivy

    Clearly I don’t “know” that he would, but as he’d closed down everything in that area of the pitch before the substitution I think its fair to speculate that had Milan not got a spawny deflected goal and had we not needed to chase the game and make that substitution, that Kaka would have been closed down by the Argentinian in that situation.

    It was an avoidable goal and one that probably wouldn’t have come about had the Liverpool line-up not needed to change.

  • Dec

    substitution I think its fair to speculate that had Milan not got a spawny deflected goal and had we not needed to chase the game and make that substitution, that Kaka would have been closed down by the Argentinian in that situation.

    Bit of ‘If’ and ‘Andery’ there Ziz. However the Kaka incident occured early in the 2nd half with the score at 1-0. There was no need for Liverpool to be chasing the game at that stage.

  • páid


    Crowd love him. Honest, hard-working, gives 100%.

    No cutting edge.

  • Ziznivy

    The second Milan goal was the “Kaka incident” which was preventable had Mescharano still been on the pitch.

    Mescharano was substituted 3 minutes previously to be replaced by Peter Crouch.

    The goal was scored with about 8 minutes to play.

    Naturally it is speculation as Milan did get the deflected first goal, Liverpool were forced to chase the match and the most influential midfielder defensively had been replaced whenever AC went 2 up. However I was responding to the assertion that Milan deserved to win because Inzaghi took his goal well. He did, and it was a good through ball from Kaka, but had Mescherano still been on the pitch I believe Kaka wouldn’t have had the time to play the ball.

  • The World’s Gone Mad


    ‘Perhaps “You’ll never walk alone” is some subliminal homage to the Twelfth’

    Thankfully, the historic affiliations of Liverpool and Everton are well buried. But just for you Darth (as you are giving us your deepest sympathy) here is an old Reds song from the terraces – Poor Scouser Tommy – the second part of which is to the tune of the Sash..
    (YouTube video at the bottom)

    Before anyone blows a gasket, to even things up here’s a modern classic…

  • Pounder

    AC Millan wheren’t half the team they where against Man U at the San Siro. If Millian had have played against Man U they way they did last night it’d have been an all English final.

    I was impartial watching the match, I support Chelsea, but even so it was frustrating to watch Liverpool squander chances and posession. When Stevie G is off the boil the whole team follows suit.

  • Dec


    We’re talking about different incidents it seems. I was referring to when he was blown offside in the Liverpool penalty area with only Reina to beat, despite being at least 2 yards onside.

  • Valenciano

    The begrudger in me is happy that Benitez failed to win a second CL (it also avoids stick from my reds supporting family) but it’s a shame it was lost to cheaty Milan, a team who shouldn’t have been in the tournament and were only there for reasons of money and political clout.

    It’s obvious again that Pools failings are up front and Rafa needs to get a proven striker in. Our own David Villa has been linked to them. I’m fervently hoping he doesn’t go as he’s already playing for a top level club but it depends on the financial power of the new board at LFC.

  • Eoin

    As Benetiz has said, the game highlighted the need for new players over the summer. We need a lot of new players- cover in central defence (having missed out on Distin), a 1st choice right winger (simao/Alves), 1st choice and backup left wingers and two goalscorers such as Villa/Torres to partner Kuyt and Crouch (so 4 strikers in all).

    Out- Hypia, Zenden, Kewell, Gonzalez, Bellamy, Fowler, plus I’d be happy if Alonso is sold to provide the money needed. Great passer but his tackling is poor (witness the free kick that AC scored from) and we have plenty of other great centre midfielders- including Lucas now.

  • Ziznivy

    Agree with the with the exception of Alonso. He’s a player I think we will miss if he leaves. The midfield is a much slicker unit with Alonso in it. He may not be the greatest tackler, but the accuracy of his passing is far above Stevie Gerrard’s.

    Certainly we need cover for Carra and Agger, because Hyppia is simply too old to provide it for much longer. Wingers have been a problem for years and every solution (Kewell, Zenden, Pennant, Gonzalez) seems to fail. I’d like to see Wright Phillips arrive possibly with either Simao or Alves.

    Either Villa or Torres will arrive. I don’t think both will. I’m sceptical about Koronin. He’s 27 and has not yet made an impact with a top team. He’s been in Germany, Italy and Ukraine. To me he sounds like a journeyman, and hardly good enough to be one of four quality strikers.

    Lucas sounds like an interesting signing, but we’ll have to have a look at him before judging him a possible replacement for Xabi Alonso.

  • Darren

    ‘I’d like to see Wright Phillips arrive possibly with either Simao or Alves.’

    Wright Phillips at Liverpool my arse, Rafa Benitez needs his head seen to if he even considers signing Wright Philips. What a balloon.

  • young newt

    What Liverpool need is a natural goal-scorer who can produce on the big occations -step forward a certain Mr. David Healy.

  • ally O

    Healy is under-rated at club level and I agree he could make the step-up to the first team of Liverpool-

    The Liverpool Bar at Belfast Docks, that is.

  • Dr Strangelove

    I heard a rumour during the day yesterday that Zenden might play… I nearly shat when I saw the teamsheet and his name was on it… jesus wept and so did I. He was a complete passenger a nd to replace him with Kewell !! Looks like Bellamy is on his way out.

    Have to agree with earlier comments that as soon as the free kick was given at the end of the first half, a goal seemed inevitable.

    Kuyt looked very pedestrian last night and a bit of a donkey, somehow you cannot see him getting the ball, gliding past three men and lifting it over the keeper into the corner.

    The only plus from last night was that at least we did not lose to Man Utd.. that would have been a bitter pill.

    Darth, I think you will find that there are plenty of teams in Northern Ireland where you will find more modern echos of your love for all things Orange.

  • páid

    For the crack,

    in descending order…….

    Green Orange

    Albion Rovers Airdrie
    Celtic Rangers
    Hibs Hearts
    Dundee United Dundee
    Everton Liverpool
    United City
    Villa Brum

  • Pounder

    I always thought Everton fell more on the Orange side myself, considering a lot of the teams staff and support are members of the Orange Order in Liverpool.

  • Pounder

    What does Liverpool and Olivia Newton John have in common?

    They both got fucked in Greece. 🙂

  • darth rumsfeld

    Villa Brum?
    Do tell us more

  • Pounder

    I used to be engaged to a Brummie and thats pretty close to the mark. Though it’s not as bad it it once was.

  • darth rumsfeld

    why, though pounder? All the other towns had the Irish immigration which Birmingham also had of course, but unlike Liverpool or Manchester I wasn’t aware of any Orange lodges or history of sectarian violence

  • Pounder

    Birmingham is more a hub of racism at the moment and I’m only going on what my ex’s family told me. Apparently Villa had some ties witht he Catholic Church in it’s creation, much like Man United, or Newton Heath as they where called when formed. Funny to point out most of the so-called orange clubs on the mainland seem to play in blue.

  • Mark

    Satan, Akuma, Baal, Beelzebub, Old Nick, Steinbrenner!

    Your team was justifiably beaten because you weren’t good enough.

    Gerrard forgot to do in the 37th minute what he did in the Catastrophe of Constantinople.

    No spawny disallowed Milan goal either.