Last Red C Poll result…

Just been twittered by with the results of the last Red C poll before election day tomorrow: FF 38% (+2); FG 26 (-1); Labour 11 (N/C); SF 9 (-1); Green 6% (-2); PD 3 (+1)) Ind 7 (+1)

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  • Brian Boru

    FF-PD: 41%
    FG-Lab-Green: 43%
    FF-PD-Ind: 48% (most likely I think)
    FF-Labour: 49%
    FF-SF: 47%
    FF-Green: 44%

    Conclusion: Rainbow Govt? No Thanks. (No Majority either)

  • Mick Fealty

    You’ve missed out FF-PD-Green = 47%

  • páid

    Mick, you left out the greens.

    Why would the SBP pay for this poll?

  • páid

    Apologies Mick. No you didn’t

  • SuperSoupy

    The full report.

    But why did the SBP commission this in the first place? It was a complete waste of their time.

  • KOD

    Kinda funny to see the bar chart showing Sinn Feins colours as Orange;-)



  • Brian Boru

    Yes but Mick in all honesty who can see John Gormley sitting around the same Cabinet table with Michael McDowell? I’d sure love to be a fly on that wall.

  • merrie

    From my experience of elections, polls just before polling day are much less accurate than ones held earlier.

    Might be proved wrong this time. Exception always proves the rule, etc.

  • IJP

    I can see that actually, Brian! Power corrupts etc…!

    Polls are next to useless though, as noted in 18 Doughty. Let’s just see the votes cast and the preferences totted up!

  • Brian Boru

    Another significant finding of the poll is that the FF-PD govt is favoured over a Rainbow (FG-Lab-Green)by 42-34.

  • SuperSoupy

    The more I think about this the more it confuses me.

    Why did the SBP and RedC carry out a poll and publish it online knowing they wouldn’t be able to use it but all other papers get a chance to carry it for free.


  • Greenflag

    The people have come out in numbers to make sure that Bertie remains Taoiseach ! :).