On the incongruence of the Mullingar Accord…

Richard Waghorne has at last got his blog back up and running, and adds his Saturday column in the Irish Daily Mail. In it, he dissects in the ideological incongruence of the Mullingar Accord and argues that though Kenny may have brought his party back from the dead so to speak, post election Fine Gael “will need to put distance between the party and Labour, while taking on the thorny question of what the party is about”. That, Richard argues, may require a replacement of the very man who brought them back out of obscurity.


  • Aquifer

    Enda did look a bit hopeless against comptroller general bertie on TV. With their stuffed shirts and american style posters FG are in a very wierd place right now. It seems that FF and their builder buddies can smother the republic in tarmac and bungaloids, gridlock the place, and get away with it.