A surreal interlude..

File under ‘because it’s Friday’. Via the Big G’s Organ Grinder.. where there are more delights.


  • susan

    hello, Dali, well hello Dali….brilliant!

  • Pete Baker

    “Are you a performer?”


    Indeed. Heh.

  • Doctor Who

    grazy gleaner, toed of sparrow breast.

  • susan

    “You know you’re reading a Swedish policier when an elderly man disappears and the investigating officer immediately suspects suicide.”

  • I wonder…

    David Vance, often defended on this site has
    lost the plot. He has offended all blogging protocols, banninfg all opposition. Please ban this insane person.

  • Penelope

    Thanks for this blast from the past!!! As a small child I used to watch “What’s My Line” with my mother all the time.