Cowen’s joint university initiative…

BRIAN Cowen has admitted smoking cannabis at university, causing minor controversy down south after the Finance Minister’s Hot Press interview. In this post-Clinton era, such admissions are fairly de rigour, and unlikely to raise eyebrows in a way they once did. Meanwhile in the same issue of Hot Press (not online yet), Green leader Trevor Sargent – one of the few Protestants in the Dail – admits to reading the Bible every day, and fancying Cameron Diaz. Naturally, it’s her mind he’s attracted to.

  • smcgiff

    ‘Trevor Sargent – one of the few Protestants in the Dail’

    How many Protestant TD’s are there? Going by population % you’d expect 7 or 8, but even with proportional representation it’d be hard for Protestant’s to get elected based on their low numbers.

    Off hand I can think of only two – Sargeant and Jan O’Sullivan. Any other Protestant TDs.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    A calculated attempt by the next FF leader to increase profile with the ‘yoot’. Did he say he likes the Arctic Monkeys as well?

  • Todd

    Well Seamus,

    If he’s like the protestants around E Galway, then he’s more Irish than most of us, and no one can tell who’s who, well on on the hurling pitch anyway…:)

    They do have one similarity though here, I think most of them vote for the West Brit party, historical I suppose like FF.

  • Nathan

    Minister Cowen has nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Nathan

    That seems to be how many people look at it. For others, it is wrong, but not a hanging offence any more.

    And why should it be! It’s a drug that causes less harm than alcohol.

  • Wilde Rover

    He inhaled, but did he bogart?

  • Aaron McDaid

    “Going by population % you’d expect 7 or 8, but even with proportional representation it’d be hard for Protestant’s to get elected based on their low numbers.”

    Eh? That only makes sense if you think Protestants should only for for Protestants, and non-Protestants for non-Protestants. You can be sure most of Sargent’s electorate is not Protestant.

  • smcgiff


    It’s an indicator. Of course most of Sargent’s electorate were not Protestant. I wonder how many even knew he was Protestant?

    I doubt it’s much of a factor.

    Gonzo pointed out that Sargent was only one of a few Protestant’s in Dail Eireann.

    I would like to know if Protestant’s are under represented – One way would be as a proportion of their percentage in the general population. And of course if it were a religious thing then there would be ZERO Protestants in Dail Eireann. But, seeing as BG brought it up, how many are there?

  • Aaron McDaid

    Out of 8 Presidents of Ireland, two have been Church of Ireland. Hyde (the first President) and Childers in the 70’s.

    I don’t know how many Protestant TDs there are now. It might be a good sign if nobody knows for certain at the moment, because it would mean we all have more important criteria than religion.

    There may be many Protestants in the Dáil that nobody noticed before. They could be almost all Protestant for all I know, because off the top of my head Bertie is the only candidate whose religion I’m certain of!

  • Iano

    “I wonder how many even knew he was Protestant?”

    I wonder how many care?

  • The Third Policeman

    This all goes to prove that the southern elections are just a half hearted micky mouse affair. Sure they don’t even bring sectarianism into it down there! How are we expected to be able to count heads!? A pure joke.