Chief Constable on [some of] the potholes ahead

It’s not yet[?] online but the UTV interview with Chief Constable Hugh Orde, complete with a three years extension to his contract, is worth noting. The brief report summarises most of the more interesting comments, UVF should fully decommission and the Provisional IRA army council should disband – ‘if you don’t have an army you don’t need a council’ was the gist of the argument, but he suggested this move was a matter of timing and internal management. And he insisted former terrorists would not be allowed to join the police.. others have less stringent rules on who is involved.. He was also, properly, sceptical of the UDA.. although, in the clip I saw, I didn’t hear any references as to why his senior officers prefer to talk to “those with influence”.. rather than arrest them.. or why the Criminal Justice Minister prefers to hand out postcards..