Bertie’s big day, and MLAs’ big payday…

BERTIE Ahern is addressing the British Parliament at the moment on BBC2 – we’ll have his words later. Meanwhile, members in another house may be in for a second pay rise in a year, as Assembly members get their salaries reviewed.

  • Les Djinns

    And there are further calls for Ireland to rejoin the commonwealth:

    The Irish politicians would love that. Jetting to a meaningless conference for a meaningless organisation in Fiji off the tax payers back.

    Bertie must be a bit wrecked today. He was out pressing the flesh around Glasnevin last night.

    And why shouldn’t the nordie politicians get a pay rise. Sure they were getting paid for doing nothing, so you can hardly expect them to get the same wage when they’re doing something now can you? Their initial wages were ‘respiration fees’.
    Maybe the sight of the filthy lucre was enough for big Ian to go from No, Never, to taking friendly strolls around a field at the Boyne. Rumour has it that when himself and Bertie left the field their was more bulls**t left lying around the place than was in it originally. Should help increase FF’s vote around the area though, with the price of fertilizer these days.

  • Les Djinns
  • smcgiff

    ‘our two island nations, yours and mine.’

    That’d be Ireland and Britain, loike!

    Actually, a fine speech – It had a good balance between unapologetic Nationalism and an understanding of unionism.

  • kensei

    Well, it stands to reason doesn’t it? If they get paid x for doing nothing, then they need paid more for doing something….

  • Ridiculous. They are a pack of wasters. I mean, do the good people of Cumber REALLY need all that money spent on two offices on either side of the street?

  • Animus

    They have the option of saying no. I hope they take it. For some reason, I thought they earned more than £41,000. No wonder Patricia Lewesly went for the Commissioner job.

  • pith

    Bertie addresses the Houses of Parliament – a great day for British-Irish relations.

    MLAs get pay rise – a great day for both sides of the community.

    And the icing on the cake of this great day? UKIP has expressed its support for the new administration.

    Tell me if I’m getting carried way.

  • Cahal

    “There are over 100,000 British citizens in Ireland now”

    Jeez Bertie, I thought there were more than that!

    Good speech from Bertie today. I’ll bet a few eyebrows were raised in England when he described himself as an Irish Republican.

  • circles

    any idea if the transcript of the spech is available anywhere anybody?

  • Gréagóir O’ Fráinclín

    Check out the Irish Times today, it has the whole speech.

  • circles

    Thanks Gréagóir – but I’m sitting in Niamey, Niger and the local newsagent just sold his last copy 🙁
    Any sign of it online?

  • Betty Boo
  • circles

    Thanx Betty 😉
    If anyobody comes across the fullthing giz a shour please!

  • Circles,

    The speech is available at the Department of the Taioseach:

  • spellingbee


    The link in post 2 above will take you to the full text of the speech

  • circles

    Thanks all 🙂