SNP plans reduction in Scottish Executive

If they succeed in forming a minority government, the SNP plans to reduce the Scottish Executive to 6 ministries, with a ministerial team of 6 full ministers and 10 junior ministers. This would be a reduction from the previous administration’s 11 departments and 21 ministerial positions. With the future structures of the NI Executive under review, could it prove a useful model?

  • slug

    There is something to be said for having 5 big ministries and two ministers (a senior and junior) in each. It would cut costs and allow two parties a hands on role in each ministry.

  • jaffa

    It might also be replicated in local executives at the department/super-council level and provide jobs for the 42 MLA’s we should get rid of.

  • jaffa

    You’d have to admit it would be neatly symmetrical – 66 MLA’s and supercouncils with 60 councillors + each an executive of 6. Do you think the neatness is an Omen?

  • pondersomething

    Yes, we have too many MLAs, too many Ministries and too lavish a governmental structure – far too much money spent on unnecessary layers of government and not enough for schools and hospitals.

    I hope our new government will make it a priority to slim down the lavish Stormont gravy-train – an Assembly of perhaps 72 MLAs with 6 departments would be more than enough for a province this size, without overly impacting on the need for diverse representation in the Assembly.

  • jaffa

    I’d prefer a more refreshing and honest nomenclature though, something in keeping with the bluff Ulster international brand and we might as well recognize the rampant producer interest. How about ministries with the same duties as the Scots but we call them;

    Ministry of Politicians
    Ministry of Police & Lawyers
    Ministry of Doctors & Social Workers
    Ministry of Farmers, Engineers and Builders
    Ministry of Tax Officers & Accountants
    Ministry of Teachers

  • jaffa

    Tax Collectors might be better. Smacks of biblical times like our FM.

  • IJP

    Speaking personally, I’ve long supported the Scottish “Deputy Minister” idea, and fewer departments.

    What about this model?
    Centre (OFMDFM)
    Department of Health and Services (DHSSPS)
    Department of Environment and Development (DoE, DRD, DSD, DARD)
    Department of Education and Technology (DE, DEL, DCAL)
    Department of Enterprise and Investment (DETI)
    Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP)
    (Department of Justice and Policing)

  • jaffa

    Nearly the same as mine Ian but it sounds posher. Probably needs bigger offices too!

    Anyway I think we should keep “departments” for our frenchyfied super-councils.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Great idea.

    They have ambitious plans concerning scrapping tuition fee’s and the council tax. Less ministries = less cost hopefully. People always like to see politicians cutting back.

  • jaffa

    You have to state your suggested ministry titles your highness. What was the title you preferred again?.

    I’ve another idea! What about a consumer, rather than a producer bias

    Ministry of sick and poor people
    Ministry of criminals
    Ministry of students
    Ministry of tax avoiders
    Ministry of people who eat and drive
    Ministry of people who want to be ministers

  • barnshee

    Sadly there will be no impetus for reduction and thus no reductions.

    The MLAs on the gravy train will not give up the money and the opportunities for self aggrandisement they currently have.

    Think of the internal dissent in each party as MLAs are told –er -we don’t need YOUR seat anymore.

    Watch you rates explode as the community funds this self serving unprincipled ratbag of 11+ failures and economic illiterates

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    While reduction in waste by avoiding ministries for their own sake is probably a good thing, it’s worth noting that any minority administration at Holyrood will have fewer MSPs to call on as potential ministers anyway – fewer ministers should equal fewer “good egg in the party but couldn’t organise a brewery boozeup” appointments.
    On the other hand, fewer ministerial briefs means a ministry for a junior coalition parter is more of a sacrifice.