Tribute to Vera McVeigh…

I WAS saddened today to learn of the death of a brave woman of quiet nobility; Vera McVeigh, the mother of Columba, one of the ‘Disappeared’ who was murdered by the IRA and whose body has never been found. When, three or four years ago, I heard Vera talk of her need to bury her son before she died, it was incredibly moving. To learn that she never got to do this is something that makes my heart sink. I hope she is at peace now.

  • slug

    Agree very much.

    Vera McVeigh’s life was ruined by the disappearance of her son. It is terribly sad that she has now died without the closure that she wanted. I agree that my heart sinks that she never got her wish.

    We must remember Vera’s suffering.

  • jake

    hang on! according to miss fitz we must put the past behind us and look to the future – so will you please remove this posting as it is a reminder of things that happened which no longer do happen – and if you don’t remove it then i will get the new dispensation thought police (headed by jim gibney) to shut you down!!

  • susan

    Yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of Michael “Mickey-Bo” McIlveen, a teenager who somewhere found the strength to survive the most savage, sectarian beating imaginable just long enough to find his way home to his mother one last time.

    Today Vera McVeigh has died, a gallant woman who spent every day of the last thirty two years working, longing and praying to bring her son home one last time. All for naught.

    Sometimes there are no words for the gallantry or the cruelty of this world.

    Condolences and prayers to the family; with all my heart I hope and pray that Mrs McVeigh has found the son she sought at last.

  • pat cox

    deepest sympathies to the family. The IRA need to get this lads remains back to the family. Shame on them. I just hope the issue of the disappeared is brought to a close and long suffering families are allowed to finally lay their loved ones to rest.

  • avonmore

    Both pf these were offered up on the sacred altar of the vanity of Yes First Minister. That Miss Fitz seems fitz to denigrate them is a good indicator of what lies ahead. Jesus will never wash their scarlet sins away.

  • jimbo

    i think it was very thoughtless of vera mcveigh to choose this moment to die, just when we were all celebrating the dawning of a bright new era – her selfish death reminded us of something that we shouldn’t be reminded of, which is that the practice of disappearing people and forgetting where their bodies were put was sanctioned by a group of men, two of whose leaders were present at stormont yesterday to usher in the new glorious age and one of whom is now in charge of our government – can i remind the now deceased vera mcveigh that these two men are now statesmen and it was extremely rude of her to remind us that they are really unconvicted mass murderers!

  • ingram

    Very sad but in fairness to the Ra if they knew, he would have been returned by now.

    Gonzo, It is very sad to hear of her passing away without being able to have closure.


  • avonmore

    Ingram makes it sound like Colomba McVeigh was a lost set of car keys. He was a young man brutally murdered by self serving social climbers and buried in an unmarked grave like a stray dog.
    One of hte statemen, pictured laughing hysterically with Ian Paisley samctioned far worse. They deserve what they did unto others.

    Orwell said revolutionaries were social climbers with bombs. The Orwellian SF/DUP mob are certainly that. Their sins stink to high heaven.

  • sarah

    Re: Comment 6 from Jimbo…
    You are so disrespectful! I am in shock at the comment you have written about a caring and lovable woman who spent the majority of her life mourning her disappeared son. Vera did not ‘choose’ to die and I find it offensive that you refer to her as thoughtless and selfish! Ypou should learn to have some respect and compassion!