A waste of negotiating space..?

DUP politician Peter Weir has accused his former party leader in the UUP, David Trimble, of using the Good Friday Agreement negotiations to obtain knighthoods for current UUP leader Sir Reg Empey and Sir John Gorman – a bit of a waste of political leverage. Trimble also apparently demanded that Labour should organise in Northern Ireland, something that Tony Blair continues to oppose. Weir contrasts that with the tougher negotiation technique of the DUP, which he argues is working better.

  • Alex S

    “a bit of a waste of political leverage”

    Is Peter really suggesting that getting a knighthood for a man with a long distingished career (Gorman) and Trimble’s righthand man in the run-up to the GFA was seen as a really big deal by Blair, even by Weir’s standards this really is a non story, anyway what about Eileen’s peerage, what was it in return for?

  • True, the DUP seemed pretty keen to get into the Lords. And there have been other DUP sweeteners too, haven’t there?

  • danidiot

    “The DUP refused to enter an Executive with Sinn Fein until decommissioning had occurred, paramilitary and criminal activity ended, support for police and the rule of law was demonstrated, and accountability measures were put in place to control republicans in Government Departments and on North-South bodies. ”

    1 Can Mr Weir show us the photos which can confirm decommissioning…as demanded by the DUP?
    2 Is Mr Weir prepared to state that paramilitary and criminal activity is 100% finished…as demanded by the DUP?
    3 Can Mr Weir state that he is 100% satisfied that Sinn Fein will support the PSNI on all occasions without reservation?
    4 If Catriona Ruane makes a decision off her own bat, will he guarantee that the DUP can stop it being implemented?

  • I wrote some time ago part of the UK State’s long game for the GFA
    is to have the British LP and a Conservative and Unionist Party organize in the north, as the front man for the said state in the north Trimble was always up for this, whether he is being realistic is another matter.

    G Brown is far more unionist than Blair. [with small u]

  • Truth & Justice

    Mr Weir would be better working on the ground in North Down instead of looking at the past to try and make himself more popular, its no wonder his vote has gone down.

  • interested

    The overall DUP vote in North Down has steadily increased since Weir’s arrival. He seems to have done the sensible thing and ensured there is proper vote management, ensuring 2 DUP elected in 03 when it was by no means certain and giving 3 seats a good shot in 07.

    Big personal votes aren’t everything.

  • Intelligence Insider

    What are Peter Weirs views on homosexuality? I understand the FreeP/DUPe view is that its a sin. I’d like to hear Peters view on sodomites.

    I’d then like him to explain what he thought the new DUPe members of the House of Lords did to deserve their peerages.

  • Aquifer

    Seems as unlikely at Peter ever getting one.

  • Truth & Justice


    From what i have been told Weir split North Down up giving himself 2000 more votes than the other two candidates, as a result of his greed the results in North Down back fired and they lost the chance to get three DUP elected. It is also rubbish to think that Weir has increased the DUP vote since 2003 there are others that do the work in North Down and work alot harder than he does, it is sad that he seems to take the credit for others work but thats politics for you.

  • willowfield

    Sounds very much like Mr Weir is trying to justify to himself his opposition to Trimble and move to the DUP.

    When he jumped ship, surely he can’t have imagined that the DUP would sign up to the very deal he so detested as a UUP member.

  • Smithsonian

    Truth & Justice
    Why are you spinning against Peter Weir? If Peter Robinson is to be First Minister in four years time he will need the support of a united DUP (not just the original members). The support of Donaldson and Weir will be critical.

  • Truth & Justice


    Im just like the truth to be told and i agree Donaldson is important, Weir to a much less extent.

  • Smithsonian

    Truth & Justice
    Well OK, Peter isn’t in the same league as Jeffrey but why are you spinning against him. Surely he is only having a pop at Trimble? Jeffrey does much the same thing given half a chance.