It’s a little tongue in cheek, but I felt the urge to post this cartoon that was sent to me when the IRA first started the process of decommissioning. I don’t know who originally drew it, but I can take credit for the alteration! Although there has been a broadly positive political response , there is also a lot of noises off about the lack of completion with the moves the UVF made. If nothing else, this should remind us of where we once were, and how far we have now come.

  • And your point is? Should you get a Nobel nominaiton for this? What is your point?

  • miss fitz

    Lighten up Seamas, its a cartoon. And any point I was making is contained in the post. We’ve been here before, and we need to allow the process to unfold and take place, accepting that any organisation coming to its end needs the space to do so.

    People are flocking to view the cartoon on Flickr, so someone must be getting a laugh

  • It is a cartoon that belongs in Punch, The Daily Mail or any otherribadly anti Irish publication.

    Good to see the sheep are flocking. It was all a big laugh so, was it? 3,000 dead bodies is a big laugh. Will you put thier bodies up on Flickr “fo a laugh”?

  • miss fitz

    I am sure too sure where you are coming from in your comments, or how you can make such a leap from a cartoon on decommissioning to your proposed disrespect for the victims of the Troubles.

    It wasnt all a laugh, indeed only yesterday I wrote that making sense of the past 40 years is going to be a challenge that may or may not be met.

    In terms of putting ‘bodies’ up on Flickr, the obvious answer is no, but I have created a group for commemorative monuments to the Troubles, and I continue to capture as many of these as I can.

    Not all humour will appeal to all people, and this one has gone over your head, so lets leave it there.

  • merrie

    >> this one has gone over your head<