It looks like Hay for Speaker

Willie Hay, DUP MLA for Foyle, is expected to be appointed the new speaker of the Assembly with Sinn Fein’s Francie Molloy to be a principal deputy speaker.

  • The Wordsmith

    I think he is a good choice for speaker, and look forward to may the 8th to see him in action.

  • McBurney

    Why not Jim Wells? Shafted, perhaps, for daring to speak his mind in a supposedly democratic party?

  • Sarkozyforpresident

    Finally someone with a bit of sense, Eileen Bell and Alderdice were woeful, felt embarassed just watching them!

  • bruce

    Wise up McBurney. A democratic party is not compelled to pick the most dense of its members to be speaker.

  • Jonathan

    The Allaince Party is woeful

  • mchinadog

    Why Not Jim Wells?

    This is the type of sours grapes you get from UU and Alliance bloggers.Cannot be constructive just negative all the time.

    Congratulations to William on his appointment as Speaker it could not have happened to a nicer person. He is very fair, and will act with enthusiasm and decorum in this role. The DUP have picked a gem for speaker. Well done!!!!!

  • Michael

    Whistling Willie for speaker eh? Does that mean he will be giving up his seat on Derry City Council? His new role will require him to be in Stormont quite a bit. When you combine this with Peter Robinson’s suggestion on Friday that up to six senior DUP MLAs will give up their council seats – which looks likely to include Gregory Campbell – then the make up of the council in Derry will be radically altered and two of the area’s unionist big hitters will be gone from local politics.

  • Butterknife

    Well is the duel mandate rule not going to made unlawful anyway?

  • T.Ruth

    What an excellent choice. A man of great ability,integrity and character . WH is widely appreciated for his sensitivity,sense of humour and fair minded approach to all situations.He has the ability to win respect of all those genuinely committed to the democratic process.I know he will be outstanding in this position and the honour bestowed on him is small enough reward for his courageous service to Unionism and the wider Northern ireland community as a public representativeover many decades..

  • Paul O

    Poor Alban…

  • darth rumsfeld

    “A democratic party is not compelled to pick the most dense of its members to be speaker.”

    So why did they?

  • Shight

    Bob Mc Cartney would have made an interesting speaker if he wasn’t so electorally repulsive that he failed to get re-elected.

  • Jim Wells ?

    My memory might have faded, but did he chair a DUP meeting at Queens circa 1978/79 in what was the room beside the bottom bar (before re-branding) with Rev Beattie as guest speaker. Chairs were thrown, flags were brandished, songs were sung.
    Sounds like ideal experience as a new speaker, or perhaps not in this new era

  • They are all a pack of wasters but Hay is a particularly poor choice. It’s like Poots getting a ministry. I’m glad he got the job but only because it makes it easier to criticise the process.

  • darth rumsfeld

    “Sounds like ideal experience as a new speaker, or perhaps not in this new era

    Posted by ex alumni on May 02, 2007 @ 12:42 PM”

    tut tut
    unless you have a multiple personality you are an ex-alumnus/alumna. Doh! BTW the meeting was 1980-1. Someone went for Alan kane with a chair. Happy memories.

  • ex-alumnus

    I must apologise for my Latin, I only studied it to third year.

    You are right about the year. Clearly I have lost all memory of starting and leaving Queens.

    It all “kicked off” as a result of the appearance of a Tricolour, which the DUP tried to seize, but then led to a reprisal raid on the Union Jack on the platform.

    I believe the chair thrower is now a respected “professional”

    The flag is in an attic with old football scarves and other memorabilia.

    Happy days indeed