Election post round up…

Mamam Poulet notes the launch of the Gay Vote website, but complains it is almost devoid of content, and provides some content of her own. Mairtin reckons Sinn Fein’s stated target of ten seats has to be an underestimate. Green Ink asks, when is a blog not a blog? Answer when Rock the Vote give it over to the party leaders. Sarah Carey, a scion of Fine Gael on poster wars. Harry McGee, blogging from Lisbon with fat fingers on a tiny phone. Politics.ie notes Bertie taking a punt on himself. Last word to Copernicus:

It is not the job of “politicians” (not a monolithic gang of punters believe it or not) to make politics interesting, although they could have the decency to be a little less transparent about avoiding the nurturing of a culture of citizenship. Not even politicians like politics; they like the cut and thrust of interacting with and outmaneouvering other political actors and the pats on the back from their pimps in whatever is the industry or special interest of the moment.

Even if it were their job, they’re not going to do it, not even if you fold your arms and tap your foot impatiently while looking really quite cross indeed. So there’s no point in adopting that particular course of action.

If younger people want an affordable housing market, they should be a visible presence at the polls. If an affordable housing market hasn’t been established, it means young people haven’t voted in sufficient numbers to require politicians to address their demands ahead of the competing demands of those who have their ear. They’ve no one to blame for that but themselves ultimately.

Adds: Sharon’s advice – don’t rock the vote, spoil it!