Constitutional challenge still hanging over the election…

There’s a number of questions hanging nastily open as the Republic begins it’s electioneering in earnest (a lot faster out of the gates than our little practice run a month or two ago – ed). One, is the question of what Judge Alan Mahon will do this morning about the Quarryville Two section of its enquiry, said to involve further questions about the taoiseach’s personal finances. But as Darragh O’Brien notes, the question of the validity of the electoral boundaries could theoretically store up a lot of problems for whoever wins the election after the fact. Though he clearly reckons it is unlikely that anyone on the High Court or Supreme Court benches will have the temerity to order a re-run.


  • Iano

    Should have reviewed the constituencies a long time ago as they knew they were changing population wise.

  • seabhac siúlach

    The Mahon tribunal has been suspended today…it had been due to continue until May 10th…that is, until 2 weeks before the election.

  • Yokel

    What will Mahon do?

    Try halting the inquiry for about 3 and bit weeks until tehe election is over.

    Whatever decision was made, it will probably look bad for Bertie. The media look to be all over this.

    For all that I call him cheerleader for his, ahem, critical part in the ST AA process, he does seem to be an amiable sort, just a bit fond of cash in cases….

  • Keyser Söze

    live in harolds cross, wasn’t sure what constituency i was in, dublin south east or dublin south central. daithi doolin posters outside my door, so must be the former. but find out its the latter, where aengus o’snodaigh is the SF candidate…….a mistake perhaps?

  • JG

    Obviously SinnFein are the border-free party.

  • The boundaries are perfectly valid per the published 2001 census – the 2006 census does not *officially* exist yet. The government could have asked the boundary commission to adjust constituencies in line with projections while still remaining within the bounds of the 2001 census. However, it could not have asked them to set boundaries which the 2001 census could not support because that would have been unconstitutional.