A scientific interlude..

We’ve been neglecting our science remit recently [what science remit? – Ed] so to redress the balance I thought I’d just point out the recently released spectacular images from NASA’s Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) mission. A variety of images, still and moving, can be found here.. and heresusan suggests, in the comments zone, that an audio track should accompany the moving images and points to Lemon Jelly’s ‘Space Walk’

although I’d also point to this classic Orb track

And here’s another solar moving image to marvel to [3Mb mpeg] – courtesy of NASA Science News

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  • susan

    Stunning images, Pete, but they need audio. Have you heard Lemon Jelly’s “Space Walk”? It uses actual audio from one of the Apollo missions. I don’t have an mp3 of it, but I just found it on YouTube, inexplicably accompanied by video from some guy’s walk to work in San Francisco:

  • Pete Baker

    Audio.. now there’s an idea.

    Hadn’t heard the Lemon Jelly track until you pointed to it, susan. Good one.

    Although I’m also tempted by this old favourite..

    And here’s another recent, December 2006, movie begging for audio [3Mb mpeg]

  • Only audio for this should be Pink Floyd’s ‘Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’…

  • susan

    The Orb! Seems like yesterday.

    I’m sure I’ll get red-carded for being too bloody obvious, but what about the opening seconds of the Police’s “Invisible Sun” for that 3Mb mpeg?

  • Only red carded if you don’t mention the Therapy? cover version…after all it was on a ‘Peace’ ep and had no obvious NASA connections…unless played backwards while conducting a Black Mass

  • Pete Baker

    “The Orb! Seems like yesterday.”

    It was yesterday… wasn’t it?!?

    And The Police.. marching into Croke Park soon..

  • Here comes tortuous references to the ‘alleged’ subject of the topic – ‘Killswitch Engage’ are playing Belfast on June 8th, so if all goes wrong at NASA they know where to find the switch to end the mission…but Downpatrick’s finest are The Answer and if all goes wrong they might ask what is the question the STEREO mission wants to know…May 11th for The Answer….damn this is getting well off topic 🙂

  • Pete Baker

    “damn this is getting well off topic :)”


  • we can but try Pete…was going to post about Jackie McMullan being Catriona’s Special Adviser but this seemed more relevant 🙂

  • susan

    Too woozy to make out what your post meant last night Jonny but as expected it all makes perfect sense in the morning. :o)

  • Weird thing is it makes less sense to me this morning…especially after having a scientific interlude about our sun and then BBC announces ‘discovery’ of earth-like exo-planet…claims that DUP and SF are seeking to extend electoral mandate on this exo-planet are as yet unsubstantiated…

  • susan

    Do you realise you are the first life form anywhere in the known or unknown universe to worry about the SF/DUP mandate in the orbit of Gliese 581? I’m not sure that’s a good thing, mind, but it is a first.

  • abucs

    Although i have heard them both refer to the other as coming from different planets. :o)

    Could be quite spectacular on the big screen.

    I wonder if it’s given Richard Branson any ideas ??

  • Susan, ’tis the unfortunate trait of a public affairs professional to think of implications of all stories in trying to blag/lobby for changes or drink opportunities (UDA are planning a social club on Gliese 581…licensing loophole means they can stay open througout the day) therefore for the sake of my liver I may avoid the Gliese 581 lobbying opportunities.
    As to Mr Branson and Gliese 581 I believe that Virgin trains are shortly to announce services have been delayed on the Gliese 581/Leeds route, but Virgin Airways Gliese 581 servive now has bed bunks for the 22.5 light year journey time (please remember to ensure you have visa clearance)

  • susan

    for the sake of my liver I may avoid the Gliese 581 lobbying opportunities.

    This one isn’t about you, Jonny. It’s about the galaxy. Slugger’s think tank on Pete’s new thread has already determined that the planet is ORANGE, but the little alien men are GREEN. THis is no gig for the soft lads, Jonny, and I’m afraid you’ve got to go. Thanks to Pete’s brilliant exegesis, there’s only one thing I know for certain… there will be teabags.


  • Rt

    There are a lot of QUB PhD graduates working on both these missions. Good to see we are getting coverage from the press back home. And look who is coming to visit next week


  • susan

    Rt, all of you who are a part of these missions have great reason to be proud. Keep looking up. And let us know how it goes with the visitors. :o)

  • Alex

    At last you realise that the world circles the Sun!