The Rot at the Core of Stormont

Patrick Murphy asks, “Have our politicians created a culture in which honesty, decency, respect and trust are regarded as weaknesses? […] the most important questions relate to the nature of our wider society. How can our children be taught to respect authority when those who wield it are seen to abuse it for party political purposes? Who will tell our children that their education system was not planned for their learning and development but for the political gratification of Ian Paisley? Who could teach them now that it is wrong to hold out until you get your way? How will we explain to them that taxes, such as water charges, are nothing to do with water or taxation and all to do with secret political deals between Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams? Paisley and Blair claim a common interest in religion and Gerry Adams feels it important to preach in Clonard Monastery. Has it occurred to them that the style and content of their leadership might have implications for the moral and ethical behaviour of those whom they wish to lead?”