“I personally blame Lordi.”

Terry’s trying his best to laugh off his mishap, but that was before the BBC insisted he had been given the correct information before announcing the wrong winner [RealPlayer video] of the BBC’s Eurovision entry competition., “Terry was given the right name down his earpiece. There was no technical problem.” In a related story, as the Guardian’s Paul McInnes put it “It’s a bit like learning that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real.” – a potential quote of the day from one of the losing entrants, Big Brovaz – “We entered Eurovision because we thought it was about credible acts, but it isn’t.” *shakes head*

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  • LOL – Hawkins fit of pique was even more amusing, claiming fans banners were taken off them, when Scooch (also mired in a miming conroversy over hidden backing singers) had theirs to the fore! On his Myspace site Hawkins said the voters were either “stupid or rascist”.
    But, your Lordi reference is worthy of comment – rather than a Eurovision abberration, last year’s result was also because of an online campaign on many rock and metal websites to make sure Lordi won (whether this was because of metal fans deep ingrained sense of irony is as yet unknown \m/)

  • Pete Baker

    Blame Terry Wogan for the Lordi reference, Jonny.

  • I blame Terry for a lot – he was bemused by Lordi, but I can forgive his ageing Radio 2 soul for that – he obviously needs a little heavy metal to lighten his mood after the announcement disaster…

  • Pete Baker

    That is, of course, Sir Terry to you and me, Jonny ;o)

  • LOL – I forgot the obligatory doffing of the cap to Sir Terry – though of late he has been declining my offers of headbanging down the front of various metal gigs in Belfast…must be his advancing years, or his belief that heavy metal has not advanced the peace process despite it’s much (un)heralded contribution….

  • Bill

    “stupid or rascist”

    It was eventually decided on stupid.

  • I demand that Cradle of Filth represent UK in next year’s Eurovision (or failing that SLF…)