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The buying and selling which has characterised The Process™ continues as March 26th approaches.

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  • Nevin

    It seems our approach to restorative justice is not on offer across the water:

    “Lord Trimble (Crossbench)

    My Lords, is it the Government’s intention to contemplate in England and Wales, as they appear to do in Northern Ireland, restorative justice schemes administered by double murderers?

    Baroness Scotland of Asthal (Minister of State, Home Office)

    My Lords, absolutely not. We have found that restorative justice conferences have been healing for those who have participated. I have had the benefit of witnessing some of these conferences, and they have been one of the most enthralling and uplifting things that I have been privileged to see.

  • David

    With the greatest respect to Lord Trimble he is wrong to present the issue of Restorative Justice in such a form. The schemes are often run by former prisoners. Is Trimble seriously trying to say that Northern Ireland’s troubles have not created a unique situation. If he is why did he sign up to a political solution to what he must view to be a crime wave.

  • Nevin

    David, I don’t think our form of restorative justice would be acceptable in the RoI either. Can you imagine folks in Donegal, for example, being enthusiastic about CRJ schemes there being run by Derry republicans?

    As for the other David, I presume he wanted Unionists to have a slice of loaf rather than no loaf at all.