GAWA does St Patrick’s Day

The London NISC became the latest addition to this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade in London.

  • Dec

    “For year, Northern Ireland football and Northern Ireland supporters were ignored and we’re not going to be ignored any more”.

    Vintage MOPEry from Kate Hoey. Thankfully she didn’t spoil what was otherwise a great day out.

  • Ulster McNulty

    Mopery or not it is good to see it – roll tricolours on the 12th.

  • Ulster McNulty

    ..roll on..

  • slug

    Glad to see that St Patricks day is being enjoyed by all. Didn’t hear any stories about the parades in Belfast, I assume it went well?

  • GavBelfast

    “… roll tricolours on the 12th”.

    In a true and UNITED (not just joined or forced together) ‘Ireland of Equals’, it will go without saying. 20% of the population would be hard to ignore!

    But the Twelft has bugger-all to do with yesterday in London – why shouldn’t supporters of the founding IRISH FA team embrace St Patrick’s Day and be embraced back, and have fun into the bargain?

  • james

    Was it a ‘no surrender’ bus !!

  • Apparently Newsline will be covering this story this evening. Good on the London NISC.

  • GavBelfast

    Troll James,

    Just for you.

    Close the door behind you.


  • james


    football for all ???

    I suppose the n.i supporters were ‘up to their necks in fenian blood’ at yesterday’s parade.

  • Yokel

    Yeah James how dare those evil sectarian bastards get involved in a St Patricks parade. How dare they get involved in your saints day.

    They better not have had gays walking there as well…

  • john

    Unrelated topic

    But could this be the end of Glasgow Rangers in europe.

    The club was fined last year and warned about sectarian & racist singing.

    After crowd trouble in Spain last week & more sectarian chanting will FIFA now tackle them face on

  • Dinger

    I guess the Slugger fellas must put up GAWA posts with a heavy heart ‘cos they know it’ll bring the trolls out of the woodwork and degenerate into the usual mudslinging about b1gotry by s**t-stirrers who I really wish would leave us all alone (desperately searching for video evidence of b1goted behaviour by supporters of the international team you don’t like on youtube??!! – get a grip!!!) …anyway, hope the GAWA had a cracker day and good on ‘em for showing that expressions of Northern Irishness are as valid as any other displays of Irish identity – sorry if that upsets the embittered diehards of both persuasions. Anyway, Paddy’s Day kinda died for me with that very questionable France try against our Scottish brethren…wish I cared a bit more about cricket…ho hum…

  • Realist…otball-for-all/

    I hope the London NISC enjoyed celebrating our Patron Saint yesterday, and look forward to meeting with them in Vaduz at the weekend.

  • GavBelfast


    Ireland blew it in Dublin a month ago, against the French, though ironically with similar carelessness to Saturday there. Brian Moore gets up our noses, but he has a point.

    As for trolls like James – Northern Ireland supporters who cherish their team and want to celebrate their Irishness, which they are entitled to do as anyone else with a stake in this island, are here and aren’t going away.

  • Ziznivy

    Re. the rugby team, agree entirely that the last minute lapse of concentration against France was the killer. I also suspected that some of the kicks O’Gara should have got would end up costing us dearly. Conceding the last minute try was a symptom of the gung-ho attitude which Ireland displayed and which actually carried them into a strong position. A more cautious approach would have yielded a much less high-scoring result. If Ireland had broke away and scored another try in the dying seconds we would have hailed that bravery. Of course in retrospect the ball should have been cleared, but everything becomes clear in hindsight.

    An excellent initiative from the London NISC again. Best of luck to them and to the Black Dog supporters club who will be completing a sponsored walk prior to Saturday’s game for charity.

  • Ziznivy

    Comments from O’Gara on were about the Italy match btw.

  • BP1078

    Well done London NISC, great initiative and hope you enjoyed the day.

    (And hope Vaduz starts warming up for Saturday-minus 7 evening temperature predicted-luvvley!)

  • Greágóir O’ Frainclín

    Good to see the NI soccer folk out in London celebrating St Patricks Day. About time too! NI flags were flown along with Irish tri-colours, and everyone got along fine. Twas the same at the cricket, celebrations all round from the supporters from all quarters of our island.

  • Realist

    The Vol Martin Doherty Republican Flute Band (from that great Irish town of Govan) can’t have participated in the same parade as members of the GAWA before?

  • james

    The IFA are quite fond of bands themselves.

    They hired an ‘kick the pope’ band for the pre- match musical entertainment during the CAS cup final at Seaview last year.

  • Ziznivy

    “The IFA are quite fond of bands themselves.

    They hired an ‘kick the pope’ band for the pre- match musical entertainment during the CAS cup final at Seaview last year.”

    That is a lie.

  • George

    I thought that myself when I heard of that band in the parade.

    Wasn’t Martin Doherty the doorman of the Widow Scallan’s pub in Dublin who was killed while stopping loyalist terrorists from getting inside to carry out a massacre of the patrons?

    Don’t know what the Govan link is.

  • BP1078

    Also an IRA *volunteer*, according to An Phoblacht anyway.

  • PeaceandJustice

    Well done to London NISC. It doesn’t matter who else was or was not on the parade – many diverse groups take part. They were there representing Northern Ireland and the supporters club. Good show!

  • stue

    Kick the pope bands hired by the IFA for music at finals.

    Minutes silence for the leader of the UVF/PUP at Glentoran.

    Ian Paisley & the DUP electioneering on the pitch before Ballymena United game.

    No movement on sunday football(only league in the whole of Europe).

    Sectarian singing the whole way through last nights Linfield game.

    No movement on unionist Anthem & flag.

    Continued ‘no surrender’ chants and other party tunes at n.i games.

    n.i flags flown with uvf/uff flags all over unionist areas during the 12th period.

    ..Football For long as you’re unionist.

    Ohhh. and no taig games at ‘our’ new stadium.

  • PeaceandJustice

    “stue – n.i flags flown with uvf/uff flags all over unionist areas during the 12th period”. The Republic of Ireland flag has been used in similiar circumstances on the other side of the fence. The military Soldier’s Song is used to represent a multicultural Republic of Ireland. We can all pick examples …

    Northern Ireland football is moving on – ‘Football for All’ – it’s a pity some other people can’t move on too.

  • Niall C

    Well done London NISC, glad to have you on board!!!!
    Good luck to both the island’s teams this weekend!!!!!