And the winner is..

Apologies in advance for this because it’s not funny and it’s not clever, but it is the BBC’s entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.. as chosen by those wise people, the voting public.. Although it wasn’t the bookie’s favourite.. nor Terry’s apparently *ahem* As with RTE’s chosen entry it’s becoming clear that no-one actually wants to win this year.. they want to compete, and do well enough to get there next year, but win? And then pay for next year’s event? Thanks, but no thanks. ANYhoo.. again, my apologies. Adds According to the BBC report, “Terry Wogan was given the correct information before he announced the wrong winner..” [something on his mind, perhaps? – Ed]
Because I couldn’t inflict that without some soothing balm.. here you go.. some soothing balm of last year’s winner, Lordi..

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  • susan

    Alas, Scootch have met their Waterloo, and it is no “Waterloo.” My earliest Eurovision memory reminds my best. I can’t be the only Slugger reader out there who remembers feeling they would trade in their dog for a pair of Agnetha’s gold boots:

  • susan

    Possibly not including you, Pete.

  • Crataegus

    I want a recount, must have been voting irregularities, need international observers. They stole it!

  • Pete Baker

    They are spectacular boots, susan…

  • Bill

    Of course no one wants to win it. you would have to host it the next year which is costly not not much of a junket to staff.

  • Crataegus
  • On the subject of Abba, how about a cover version of “Take A Chance On Me” by Papa Doc? Anyone who has ever heard that dulcet singing voice at a North Antrim declaration would know that the following year’s Eurovision would certainly be going overseas.

  • susan

    lol….I am imagining a Spoken Word version of “Do you hear the drums, Fernando?” for the ages. Possibly even a duet, with restored Assembly members humming musical accompaniment in the background.

  • Or Big Ian doing a Buck’s Fizz with “Making Your Mind Up”.

  • joeCanuck

    There is that saying that voters get what they deserve. But it’s stretching credulity to the limit to believe that anyone deserves that.
    On the other hand, I’m glad I don’t have to watch the losing entries.
    where’s the Old Grey Whistle Test?

  • Pete Baker

    The Beeb are adamant that Terry was given the correct information..

    “Terry Wogan was given the correct information before he announced the wrong winner..”

  • StarHound

    It’s high time Terry Wogan was retired from this anyway – he looked like a teacher at a school disco on the programme.

  • Bill

    Maybe Terry recognised that Cyndi had more chance of winning/losing the eurovision than Scooch.

  • Hugo ‘George Osborne’ Rudd

    I for one will be going all out to support the cause for anyone who flies the flag (although not for morons who attach them half way up lamp posts or drape themselves in them at election counts) It helps that I have a ROI mobile with about 60 votes worth of call credit.

    Arf arf.

  • Re Scooch, has no one noticed the similarities between their presentation and The High Life, a very camp 1990s sitcom about flight attendands starring a young Alan Cumming?
    I think they even had a Father Ted-style episode where they entered Eurovision with a song called Piff Paff Poff – #Piff Paff Poff, my heart goes Piff Paff Poff, I want to have it off till I cough#
    I didn’t get out much back then.