And the winner is..

Apologies in advance for this because it’s not funny and it’s not clever, but it is the BBC’s entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.. as chosen by those wise people, the voting public.. Although it wasn’t the bookie’s favourite.. nor Terry’s apparently *ahem* As with RTE’s chosen entry it’s becoming clear that no-one actually wants to win this year.. they want to compete, and do well enough to get there next year, but win? And then pay for next year’s event? Thanks, but no thanks. ANYhoo.. again, my apologies. Adds According to the BBC report, “Terry Wogan was given the correct information before he announced the wrong winner..” [something on his mind, perhaps? – Ed]
Because I couldn’t inflict that without some soothing balm.. here you go.. some soothing balm of last year’s winner, Lordi..