St Patrick’s Day Sporting feast…

Tomorrow could provide a big boost for Irish sport, or just leave us nursing a Triple Crown… The cricketers appear to be hatching some mad scheme to overturn Pakistan (aye, right). It starts at 14.00GMT. Whilst the rugby team will have to set the pace and not only have to beat a formidable Italian side, but put enough points on the board to get well beyond the French, who play Scotland at home, and stay well clear of the English, who play last and will have to thump Wales in Cardiff if either of the others win. Ireland start at 13.30GMT.

That’s one big ask and a pipe dream. Or is it?

  • Mick Fealty

    For the citizens of Cross, indeed…

  • £22 @ 7/4 says its Irelands Day.
    St.Pat will be there giving us wings on the feet.

  • Ziznivy

    Unfortunately I see this being a damp squib. If the rugby was football there’s no way the games would be kicking off at different times. France clearly have an advantage as they will know exactly what they have to do.

  • Sean

    London in the hurling

  • It may be a big pipe dream, but the best people in this world are dreamers.

    So let’s keep dreaming and pray it comes true

  • ruggerhead

    With the Eddie O Sullivan as manager, you never know which Ireland team will turn up on the day. The mediocre team that turned up against France,Scotland and Wales or the one the turned up against England. A one in four strike rate would sugges our chance of a good performance agains Italy is slim. The facts of Eddie’s under performance is totally ignored by the media, who cosy up to the Irish rugby establishment and are afraid to call a spade a spade. Where are the Eamonn Dunphys and Roy Keanes of the Rugby world when we need them? Listening to Tom McGurk and George Hook, you might as well be listening to Eddie himself. Muppets! We have probably the best talent in 60 years and yet they still go out and put in pedestrian performances. The reality is the current managment have failed to inspire these guys. The same rubbish results occurred two years ago when a very average Welsh team went on to win a Grand Slam! We lost to France at home that year. Ever notice how it takes Eddie 60 minutes before he makes substitutions whether winning or losing. And then of course the same changes all the time! A new prop and a new wing forward – doesnt matter who else is playing badly! His biggest failure, totally ignored by the media, is his dropping of world class fullback Geordan Murphy. Reminiscent of Roy Keane in many ways. Notice how the media were content to blame Murphy for the first french try and yet noone was blamed for the winning French try! And it came directly from a Paul O Connell howler which capped a lacklustre day for him! I wonder where the media took their lead from. Alas we have no Eamonn Dunphy to question that one. Despite the fact the Geordan Murphy could have won the match if the ref on the day had allowed advantage while Murphy was belting for the line. No mention either by the cosy media! And what about Murphys blood substitution agains Wales when he helped drag Ireland out of its slumber and laid the groundwork for our subsequent victory. A sub-standard manager in charge of a world class squad. What a terrible pity !