‘Bob’ to be subpoenaed in Fulton case

I had mentioned that the new head of MI5 has some locally relevant experience, and there’s an outside chance that we might hear some more about that. The Observer reports that Kevin Fulton lawyers are planning to call Jonathan ‘Bob’ Evans to testify in his case against the security service.

Fulton’s lawyers claim the security service promised him a pension and a new identity. He already has a number of FRU members who have pledged to give evidence corroborating his claims. Last December, the judge hearing the case in the High Court in Belfast ruled that Fulton could call any witness who can provide evidence as to his value as an undercover agent. The Observer understands Fulton’s solicitors will subpoena Evans after their client identified him in the newspapers last week, following the spy chief’s promotion.

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  • Cato

    Do we think that this chap Bob is really going to turn up to court?
    I’d have to say that, despite my knowledge of MI5 being somewhat limited, I would be very surprised if there is not some last minute deal done to keep this out of the public eye.
    For the sake of a few shillings to Fulton, it saves a lot of embarrassment, not least the resurrection of the flash gun story, another instance of the security services sacrificing lives for long-term goals.
    I think this is just brinkmanship by Fulton but a tactic that should pay off for him.
    There’s no way that MI5 did not see this coming when they thought of appointing Bob and for that reason they ought to have a contingency plan which should take care of Fulton one way or the other.
    Oh – and a Bristol man at the head of MI5. Sometimes I do not know to what the world is coming.

  • Cato

    Is there a precedent for the head of MI5 being served with a subpoena?

  • The Dubliner

    No surprise that those who were intimately involved in British state’s murder of its own subjects continue to be promoted. Those that Evans worked closely with in the FRU also did rather well out the murder business. Gordon Kerr was promoted to brigadier and Captain Margaret Walshaw was awarded a prestigious medal at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace by the Queen for loyally murdering a multitude of her subjects via the British agent, Brian Nelson, in the state-sponsored terrorist group, the UDA.

    It’s relevant to point out that the murder business wasn’t engaged in for the oft-proffered apologist line of paradoxically saving lives since, out of dozens of lives murdered by MI5’s Evans and his FRU cohorts, only two lives were saved (one of them was Gerry Adams). As Sergeant Benwell of the Stevens Inquiry which investigated FRU activity in the murder of the lawyer Pat Finucane said “I could only find maybe two cases where the information given by Nelson may have been helpful to the Security Forces in preventing attacks.”

    Incidentally, Kerr is seated right of centre in this picture. Walshaw is standing behind him. The other 34 FRU members in the picture are the murdering scum who comprised Her Majesty’s state murder machine.

    Still, it must give those who support the crown forces in Ireland some comfort to know that a serial murderer, Evans, is watching over them. 😉

  • ingram

    The Dubliner,

    quote Incidentally, Kerr is seated right of centre in this picture. Walshaw is standing behind him. The other 34 FRU members in the picture are the murdering scum who comprised Her Majesty’s state murder machine

    Slow down old boy, I am in that picture along with a few other good eggs,I for one have never murdered anyone? indeed I have done more than most to highlight those wrongs.

    Unless you know different.

    In respect to Adams, his life and the life of his close family members was saved on more than one occassion.


    Mr Ding Ding

    PS. In respect to kevin. I would suggest a day in court would be preferential, the judge has already said it is reasonable to expect the assurances given should be up held.

    The Hawk, might not be that happy,that is if you can stop him squawking.

  • heck

    “Is there a precedent for the head of MI5 being served with a subpoena?”

    Not as far as I know –but if this were the US he would be subpoenaed to testify before congress and would be asked about these issues by senators. If Britain were a real democracy (instead of an elected dictatorship) a hypothetical Senator Durkan and the intelligence committee would be able to publicly inquire about his activities in Nor Iron and to question him on his record.

    Could anyone imaging someone being appointed as the head of the FBI with there being allegations that he had run agents inside the mob that had been involved in multiple murders and that one of his subordinates had organized the murder of a lawyer because he had successfully defended some mobsters? Could you imagine this happening without senators and congressmen holding hearings? The head of the FBI, the CIA and other US intelligence agencies regularly have to justify their actions before congress. Could one image the New York Times or the Washington post refusing to put huge resources into investigating this?

    I don’t want to take this analogy too far because the US is far from perfect in this regard –especially under the Bush administration and a republican controlled congress—but compared to the British government!!!!

    But this does show the nature of the State to which unionists want to belong. It is one with a sham democracy, the absence of the rule of law and a prime minister who is nothing more that a lying war criminal.

  • The Dubliner

    Martin, I figured you might be the ginger guy in the pic but I didn’t want to bring that up. Besides, the age wouldn’t tally. I figure if you say you are in it then you probaby aren’t – just like that name that has its own page on Wiki giving your ‘real’ name was probably put up there by you. 😉

    I don’t think you can deny that the FRU was a state murder gang when Stevens said only two lives were saved by its activities but dozens were murdered by it, and he sent files to the prosecution service on Kerr and Walshaw (which were not acted upon). The scope is much broader than Stevens looked at… Stakeknife, for example, could add a few dozen to the tally.

    I accept that you were one of the less rotten apples in a barrel full of them. The few rotten apples apologist line isn’t applicable here, since the Stevens team exposed it as false. Kerr did his best to get Nelson off with a light sentence for multiple murders by lying to the judge about the number of lives that were saved by the FRU’s management of the state’s murder campaign and that nasty things must be done in nasty situations in-order to serve a greater good. So impressed was the judge with Kerr’s lies that he remarked upon giving Nelson a lenient sentence that “I give, of course, considerable weight to the fact that he passed on what was possibly life-saving information in respect of 217 threatened individuals.” 217? Try2. As Sergeant Benwell of the Stevens Inquiry said “I could only find maybe two cases where the information given by Nelson may have been helpful to the Security Forces in preventing attacks.”

  • starbuck

    let me guess which one is you in the picture MI

    young buck 6th from the left on the back row with the gormless expression ? ; )

  • Intelligence Insider

    The Dubliner sounds suspiciously like Trowbridge Ford in some of his ridiculous posts above!
    By the way “Dubliner” can we all take it by your allegation of the “British state’s murder of its own subjects” you are recognising that everyone who lives in Northern Ireland is British?

  • paul

    Most trusted/veteran journalists have moved on from Fulton and his lies although many have had their fingers burnt, remember that hole in the ground he pointed out for a sizeable pay cheque (I think that was the Mail). I have read his book and it is full of inaccuracies when cross-referenced with facts.

    It will be interesting to read this book about Fulton and other spooks/criminals/bluffers. Does anyone know whenit will be available.

  • The Dubliner

    Unintelligent Insider, well done on noticing that people living in Northern Ireland are British subjects.

    Starbuck, he’s most likely front row, third from the left (not kidding about being a ginger). The guy with the beard who looks like a mature uni student (left of Walshaw) seems less innocent looking when you know that he was Stakeknife’s hander.

  • starbuck

    if he was that Red Setter at the front ‘spose he wouldn’t look out of place on Tyrone/Donegal border then ; )

  • gerry

    Red setter, nah, the ginga ninja is better.


    BUNCH OF bar stewarts


    theres a good few james connelly lookalikes in that picture.surely surely somebody out there must have seen these spooks trying to mix with us dressed like that.my ma would have spotted them

  • ingram


    You are once more consistent!

    In being wrong.Not a ginger Ninja in sight mate, dark hair and extremly handsome.*smile*

    Stevens said 2 lives in respect of Nelson not 2 lives per se! , although you have to factor into the overall lives saved with Freddies and others tally.

    Ding Ding



  • picador

    I believe that Patrick Mercer MP, the Conservative Armed Forces spokesman who resigned last week after inadverlently revealing his deep-seated racism to the press. And the poor sod didn’t even know that what he was saying was wrong!

    Just goes to show what a bunch of murderous upper-class twits these people really are.

  • picador

    Sorry, I meant to say that Mercer is in the FRU photo.

  • BeardyBoy

    My God – one of them’s the spit of McCullough, tell me it is not true Ingram – not poor old McCullough?

  • Pete

    Why do people insist in discussing ramblings like this as serious journalism. It’s just another concoction by two of the biggest spoofers that northern Ireland has produced in the last 30 years. And it is not playing the man to point out that the majority of this journalists stories when dealing with issues that are then cross referenced with the prove turn out to be largely flights of fancy.

  • The Dubliner

    Martin, and why should any of the other examples of the FRU’s methodology of state-murder be any different than the examples examined in Judge Cory’s report or the Stevens Inquiry? Stevens wasn’t impressed by your cohorts in the FRU, such that he prepared files for prosecution on fully half of them that he interviewed (none of which were acted upon CPS). Perhaps burning his offices down in an attempt to pervert the course of justice didn’t impress him, eh? Despite the FRU claiming that the murder of dozens of people by its agents saved up to 217 lives in an attempt to justify state murder, the fact remains that the state’s murder campaign saved “maybe two” lives (Stevens Inquiry). Nelson is a definitive example; and until an inquiry exonerates Stakeknife, definitive it shall remain. But you don’t think Stakeknife will redeem the FRU or the state’s murder campaign against its own subjects, do you, Martin? 😉

    You are at a considerable disadvantage here in attempting to proffer apologist’s line that the reader (having read the reports or being otherwise aware of the sordid modus operandi of British state terrorism in NI) should believe your assurance that the hospital operating theatre is to be trusted, despite the manically cackling surgeons hacking at the hearts of its patients with a machete and dumping the mutilated corpses into a skip, and that it isn’t – despite the evidence to the contrary – a bloody butcher shop.

    Whistleblowers who say “it’s just a few rotten apples” are suspiciously useful to their former employers as a means of releasing info that they know will come out despite efforts to hide it: their ‘not completely damning’ damnations serve as a form of damage control.

  • ingram


    Mercer is not in that picture and was never a FRU operator.


    It was me who told Stevens and the world about his offices being burned down in the Sunday Times.

    In respect to Stevens. He only touched upon one case in Hundreds, some good some bad and some well different.It is a bit like a business balance sheet,the overall proffit/ loss is dependant upon who is preparing the accounts.

    It was me writing in the Guardian and in the Irish News six months before Stevens reported that coined the phrase Institutionalised collusion, so I am at no disadvantage in debating this issue with you or anybody else because I was at the heart of the matter and know the truth, the whole truth.Not a Trowbridge version of it.LOL

    Ding Ding


  • While I have made it a point to avoid the pointless discussions on this site, I feel obliged to appear when Intelligence Insider alludes that I might well be The Dubliner.

    I am certainly not he, though I agree with much of what he says, especially about the scum in the FRU, especially agents like Samuel Rosenfeld whose apparent talking about dirty operations to Ms. Margaret Perry, starting with the January 1988 assassination of Provo Anthony Mckernan, led not only to her being beaten to death in 1991 but also the execution of her murderers, FRU double agents Gregory Burns (Perry’s boyfriend), John Dignan and Aidan Starrs the day after her body was discovered on June 30, 1992.

    Rosenfeld ultimately blamed all the murders then upon his handlers, either Major David Moyles or Edwin Bates, depending upon which cover-up one reads – his quashed suit against the MoD or the gruesome letter to The Queen, including color photographs of the dead double agents.

    ‘Martin Ingram’ and Rosenfeld have recently posted maps on bladegal.com of where I live outside of Stockholm – hardly The Dubliner’s residence – hoping apparently that someone angered by my efforts will do a Denis Donaldson job on me. These guys are still working for the dirtiest covert operators.

    And regarding ‘MI’s claims about the FRU saving Gerry Adams on several occasions, no one should believe a word of it.

    Take the one about the doctored ammunition, for example, where 20 bullets were fired, and Adams was hit four times, as I recall. They penetrated the man’s body, and if the shooting had not been stopped, and Adams rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, he would have died. Furthermore, the leading assassin John Gregg never mentioned any doubts about the ammo, only regret that he had not killed Adams.

    As for ‘MI’ being in the photograph, it depends upon which version of the story you choose to believe. I recall once where he claimed that his presence had been cropped out.

    In sum, how these disinformers can continue to be believed by posters, much less the British media, just shows how willing they are to the conned.

  • The Dubliner

    Trowbridge, Intelligence Insider mistook fizzy pop for champagne, presumably due to his obsessive-paranoid disposition and whatever howling demons hound his inner constitution. My limited knowledge of intelligence shenanigans is, of course, the mere fizzy pop to your Dom Pérignon.

    In respect of the FRU operations saving the life of Gerry Adams, that was put about by the Stevens team but not mentioned in their reports. I don’t know what basis they had for that, but perhaps it was simply Ingram’s statements to the inquiry (which he later withdrew). Ingram probably has his own agenda in that he later used it to sew seeds of suspicion among republicans (along with his ‘Fisherman’ claims about McGuinness) which he hoped would result in the assassination of Adams and McGuinness, as did the revelation about Dennis Donaldson (who pre-emptively outted himself knowing that he was about to be outted by the security services in a dirty tricks operation aimed at destabilising the fragile political situation at the time). I suspect he knows now that that aim will no longer come to pass. But he knows less than he would like others to believe: as he hedges his bets about why Adams and McGuiness were ‘protected.’ He was certainly threatened with violence by his cohorts in the FRU and gagged repeatedly by the British government. Why does he continue to spread disinformation as though it is his full-time job? Probably because it is his job… or because of psychological factors: who knows with him? If you’re a spook, you’re sociopath; and if you’re a sociopath, you’re a pathological liar.

    But if you look at Donaldson, you see how people in the shadows use and abuse others with impunity. Donaldson, a British agent, was at the centre of an operation that resulted in the collapse of Stormont in 2002. This is dirty tricks right at the heart of democracy, working to undermine it. But to who’s agenda? That can’t have been the British government’s agenda since they were working to make Stormont work. It supports the ‘rogue elements’ theory (that the security services have a vested interest in a conflict, even if it is low level). Other incidents point to direct British government involvement: not least if the FRU did save Adams, since to do so would show that the FRU were directly serving a British government agenda and not operating as ‘rogues.’ Pat Finucane confirms this since his murder by the FRU/UDA directly followed pointed references lawyers by the British government and by the Chief Constable, as Judge Cory commented in his report:

    “A few weeks prior to his murder, the Home Office Minister, Mr Douglas Hogg, stated in Parliament that “some lawyers are unduly sympathetic to the cause of the IRA.” Statements were also made by an ex-Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) belittling the integrity of Patrick Finucane and implying that senior police officers had briefed Mr Hogg before he made his statement which was, in effect, confirmation of the police view of Mr Finucane. Yet there is nothing in the RUC files which indicates that Patrick Finucane was a
    member of PIRA, the IRA or the INLA.”

    I hold the same conclusion that Pat Finucane’s son arrived at, commenting on the ‘spin’ of the Stevens Inquiry, “This report is widely believed to be some sort of ‘systems analysis’; an examination of what went wrong in Northern Ireland and how that can be prevented in the future. On this level also, Stevens’ work is flawed. Nothing went wrong. The ‘system’ worked exactly as intended and, in the British government’s eyes, it worked perfectly. The policy in Northern Ireland was—and may yet be—to harness the killing potential of loyalist paramilitaries, to increase that potential through additional resources in the shape of weapons and information and to direct those resources against selected targets so that the government could be rid of its enemies.”

    Regarding “the pointless discussions on this site.” For those of us who are not experts on NI politics, they’re helpful in working-out an understanding of the detail. Does discussion serve any purpose in NI? Probably not, since the agenda has never been set by its people but by factors which are beyond their control – and much of that control is in the hands of Evans and his ilk. Worst of all, the people seem to like it that way.

  • Thanks for the reply, The Dubliner.

    My speaking about the pointlessness of discussions was in no way intended as a rejection of what you post – as I have spoken most positively about them, as I recall – but what results from them by other posters who generally seem unable to get beyond what the various hacks, either in the media or in some kind of uniform, tell them.

    As for the FRU, Simon Hayward, ‘Steakknife’, Finucane, Stevens, etc. have done and said, you might find this anonymous article by me of some value:


    John Young made it anonymous just to suit his ‘cloak and dagger’ mentality, and declined to post its successor which appeared under my own name on informationclearinghouse.info about how it all finished off that most reckless ‘Iron Lady’.

  • ingram


    quote Yet there is nothing in the RUC files which indicates that Patrick Finucane was a
    member of PIRA, the IRA or the INLA.”

    You are talking about one Agency in NI, the others may have had some other Intelligence which indicated otherwise? or they may not either way one thing is for certain.

    You dont know.

    In respect to Mr Adams. Mr Adams himself knows that he was saved, he has recently asked the Ombudsman to make inquiries into one attack upon himself.

    Either way the Times and myself have a letter from HMG treasury solicitors prior to my arrest about this disclosure which makes it clear that they admit the substance of allegation is correct.



    PS. Trowbridge, do you still think I killed the former swedish prime minister Olaf Palme **** big smile******


    would you like to appologise.

    PPS. Parcifal. payment sent to mick.

  • cheers martin,
    was going to suggest give it to the “Free Gerry McGeough” campaign , but I see he’s out today.

  • I only said from the beginning, ‘Martin Ingram’, that you were the assassin, it seems, of statsminister Olof Palme if you were also Captain Simon Hayward, Ops Officer of the 14 Intelligence Company’s South Detachment (June 1985-March 1987).

    After the longest inquiry – which resulted in my seeking out the BIRW’s Jane Winter about who you really are, calling the Herald’s Neil Mackay about your not being Hayward, and pursuing The Guardian in the PCC about the same when you published an article in it – I finally concluded that you are only covering up for this scum bag, and all your FRU associates.

    I owe you no apologies, and am quite prepared to go to court about who you, Samuel Rosenfeld et al. really are, and what you have done over the past generation or so.

    So, get real, Marty!

  • The Dubliner

    quote Yet there is nothing in the RUC files which indicates that Patrick Finucane was a
    member of PIRA, the IRA or the INLA.”

    You are talking about one Agency in NI, the others may have had some other Intelligence which indicated otherwise? or they may not either way one thing is for certain.

    You dont know.

    If there was evidence that Pat Finucane was a member of a proscribed organisation, then it he should have been charged with the offence by the British state rather than being summarily executed for it. Did no-one explain the basic ABCs of human rights to you or how a legal system and a democracy are supposed to work, Martin? The state is bound by its own laws; and must not conspire to murder its own citizens. If you make a claim, support it with evidence. Otherwise, I’ll have to accept it as true that you are a mostly female hermaphrodite with a menstrual cycle stretching 365 days a year because I don’t have any evidence that you aren’t.

    There is no such evidence, of course, because Pat Finucane was not a member of the IRA. Both Judge Cory and Stevens dismissed this claim outright. The statement is not mine; it is Judge Cory’s: “A few weeks prior to his [Finucane’s] murder, the Home Office Minister, Mr Douglas Hogg, stated in Parliament that “some lawyers are unduly sympathetic to the cause of the IRA.” Statements were also made by an ex-Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) belittling the integrity of Patrick Finucane and implying that senior police officers had briefed Mr Hogg before he made his statement which was, in effect, confirmation of the police view of Mr Finucane. Yet there is nothing in the RUC files which indicates that Patrick Finucane was a member of PIRA, the IRA or the INLA.” That claim was used to justify the state murder of a prominent human rights lawyer by those who planned to murder him as an example to others; and it was used again after his murder to malign his reputation with the express purpose of providing apologist’s propaganda that would exploit the mentality which excuses violations of legal process on the grounds that the victim “deserved it.”

    The RUC set the murder up. The Chief Constable (as Cory reported) set Finucane up as the target, and a member of the British government, Douglas Hogg, was briefed by the Chief Constable who set Finucane, later playing his part by saying that “some lawyers are unduly sympathetic to the cause of the IRA.” This was the warning shot over the bows of catholic lawyers. The shots of a more tangible nature came when 6 bullets were fired into Finucane’s head in front of his wife and children and a further 3 into his neck, and 5 more into his chest just for good luck. The head of the UDA at the time of the murder, Tommy Lyttle, confirmed that the RUC’s Special Branch set the murder up. The FRU’s Brian Nelson knew of the plan as did the FRU and they all played their role in it.

    Pat Finucane, of course, wasn’t the last catholic lawyer to be murdered by the British state. Uppity Catholic lawyers became uppity once more and another lawyer was later dispatched by the British state, Rosemary Nelson.

  • The Dubliner

    Trowbridge H. Ford, thanks for the link. I’m off to read it now.

  • Watcher

    Flash !

    Liam Clarke has a piece in todays Sunday Times, this piece does name one of Fultons handlers,
    New MI5 chief named in probe over murder of policewoman,

  • susan

    Thanks, Watcher.

    It amazes me that fragments of this story have been appearing in the mainstream press at least since 2003, yet it never seems to quite go anywhere.

    I suppose if was ever proven true, it would be a very inconvenient truth to too many inside players. Dunno.

    Glad Liam Clarke still has it on his radar. Wasn’t Stevens looking into some of these charges last year? Did anything ever surface from that?

  • So what is your reaction to my articles, The Dubliner, about the assassinations of Francisco Notarantonio,those on The Rock, James Pratt Craig, Pat Finucane, Joe Fenton, etc., ad nauseam, and the fall of Margaret Thatcher et al.?

  • The Dubliner

    I’m still working my way through them. I’ve browsed codshit.com a few times over the last few years, along with cryptome, informationclearinghouse, indymedia, et al. There is a merciless clarity to your description of some bloody awful state shenanigans which is very matter-of-fact, but I’m often left wondering, ironically, about the fact. For example, where did you get the info that Johnny Adair and Brian Robinson shot Pat Finucane in addition to Ken Barrett? Not that it is a fatal criticism, since the truth is usually found somewhere betwixt the subjective and the objective in these explorative narratives.

  • Regarding your question, the involvement of Johny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair and Brian Robinson in the assassination of Pat Finucane seems most likely.

    Adair, a follower of John McMichael, must have been most upset over his assassination because of C Company’s failure to kill ‘Steak knife’ when Hayward’s appeal here in Stockholm for drug trafficking was in recess – what resulted in the FRU’s Sergeant Margaret Walshaw aka Heather Weissand seeing to the murder of Francisco Notarantonio instead.

    Adair certainly wanted to make amends for McMicheal’s killing, and the Finucane one was perfect for that – getting rid of the next best person to ‘Steak knife’ when the opportunity arose.

    And Adair recently went out of his way recently, of course, to deny that he was involved, blaming B Company instead.

    As for Robinson, he was the FRU’s most vulnerable asset, especially when it came to the revenge-seeking Hayward when he got out of jail in Malmö in September 1989. Robinson apparently helped set up Hayward in Ibiza for drug trafficking in March 1987, being, it seems, the “Brian” who got him inebreated while his brother Chris’s Jaguar was stuffed with drugs. (For more on this, see Hayward’s Under Fire: My Own Story, p. 68ff.)

    Well, when Hayward returned to the UK, it was obvious that he was going to settle scores with all those who set him up, from the corrupt drugs police to agents in the FRU, and Robinson was the most exposed.

    To prevent all this before Hayward even reached London, the FRU assassinated him on September 2, 1989 after he and another gunman killed innocent Catholic Patrick McKenna – what was conveniently used to silence him while appearing to placate nationalist opinion for its having colluded with the UDA all along.

    The Brits are always one step ahead in all this killing and their cover ups, as Mark Urban demonstrated when he attributed Robinson’s assassination to the 14 Intelligence Company, making it look as if Hayward’s former colleagues had done it. (Big Boys’ Rules, p. 243.)

    Actually, they only acted when he was on the scene, killing those three robbers in January 1990 when he was in Northern Ireland to settle scores with another Brian, Brian Nelson , the UDA’s misdirector who ruined the plots Hayward so desperately wanted.

    Perhaps, you will still not find such explanations helpful in accounting for British collusion in sectarian murders in Northern Ireland when ‘Bob’ apparently aka Joanthan Evans was running the program, but it is the best one can do until the murderous gangs start being forced to admit what they have done.

  • Since no poster seems interested in plumbing the dirtiest bits when it comes to MI5-FRU plots, I will comment directly on ‘Kevin Fulton’s aka Peter Keeley’s plan to call Jonathan ‘Bob’ Evans in his case against the Security Service for failing to give him his due for his undercover work, especially trying to prevent the murder of the RUC’s Colleen McMurray in Newry in March 1992.

    ‘Fulton’ contends that he was being handled by ‘Bob’ when it occurred, and he went on to find flash detonators in America for the Provisionals.

    Now these claims seem to be just a pack of lies – what ‘Fulton’, ‘Martin Ingram’, David Shayler and Annie Machon manufactured during that famous brunch in London just a year ago, what it seems ‘Bob’ or someone else from MI5 photographed just to enhance their disinformation about such affairs.

    If one reads that strange book that Machon wrote with Shayler: Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers, it seems that ‘Bob’ and quite probably ‘Fulton’ himself were working in London at the time.

    Machon, in discussing Operation Broom to catch Sean McNulty who was helping carry out the bombings in North Shields in June 1993, discusses a fellow operator, fictional name William Perkins, who sounds just like ‘Bob’:

    “He looked much older than his age, 38, as he was almost totally bald on top and had a Zapata moustache, which also dated him….In short, he was a bit of an ex-hippy” (p. 98)

    Perkins had been called into the operation from the south because his rare service knowledge of Provisional operatives, and sometime in 1994 he was posted to Northern Ireland after having broken his wrist – a double misfortune. Also, during Operation Broom, a transcriber on secondment from the British Army in Northern Ireland, sounding much ‘Fulton’ from Newry, was able to determine that McNulty’s father Bernard had referred to his son’s having a gun on a recorded message. (p. 102)

    So, neither of them, especially ‘Bob’ was in the province when McMurray was murdered. The claim is apparently some more lies for ‘Fulton’ to get his gongs, glory or gelt, and the Security Service can lead the ignorant public even further away from what really happened.

    P. s. It was apparently fear of my adding this to my two reviews of the crappy book on the Irish Republican Bulletin Board – what claimed, for example, that the Brits had nothing to do with capture of the Eksund, and Colonel Gaddafi downed Flight PA 103 over Lockebie – that led to my being banned earlier this week from that site, and my posting this on this one.

  • ingram


    Good old Trow, LOL

  • Under the circumstances, ‘Ingram’, anyone would expect you to say a good word about ‘Good old Annie’, especially since it was you who urged me repeatedly on the IRBB to buy her book, and to review it – what I did, and, of course, got no feedback from you et al. afterwards.

    And I can discuss many more complaints if you are interested about what King David told her, and what she saw fit to pass on to us.

    Acknowledging nothing seems to be FRU sop when caught out in its complicated lies. Shutting me up on IRBB seems to have been a first, however.

  • In case anyone missed it, ‘Bob.’ posted a message right before my last one – something about my ‘dog-shit filled brain’ for posting the earlier one, but once he noted my reply, he simply scrubbed his, making the exact content of his crude putdown somewhat debateable.

    Do certain posters have the discretion to delete their posts if they have serious second thoughts about their adviseability?