BBC Gaffes…

Given our major gaffe of not being here when he action was happening it ill betides us to sneer other’s minor slips Reader Dáithí notes:

· As usual, superior coverage from the BBC covering today’s elections. However some delicious slip ups and gaffes which is making the marathon broadcast all the more enjoyable. I’m trying to keep a record of all the ‘Electionballs’ over today and tomorrow. Add below if coverage on UTV (and incidentally live on RTÉ until 1800 this evening) gives more opportunities for mirth.

· The election of Ian Paisley Senior in North Antrim being credited to his son’s picture continuously on BBC’s coverage. At one point an on-screen graphic announced that the DUP leader had been elected replete with a pic of Baby Doc smiling at everyone.

· Mark Carruthers crediting Alex Easton in North Down with winning 4,946 SEATS instead of votes.

He adds one we’ve also made in the recent past:

Bríd Rodgers continuing the fallacy that Sharon Haughey is the ‘youngest candidate in the field’, aged 26, and ignoring the fact that Dáithí McKay and the young guy in Foyle for UUP are younger than her.