BBC Gaffes…

Given our major gaffe of not being here when he action was happening it ill betides us to sneer other’s minor slips Reader Dáithí notes:

· As usual, superior coverage from the BBC covering today’s elections. However some delicious slip ups and gaffes which is making the marathon broadcast all the more enjoyable. I’m trying to keep a record of all the ‘Electionballs’ over today and tomorrow. Add below if coverage on UTV (and incidentally live on RTÉ until 1800 this evening) gives more opportunities for mirth.

· The election of Ian Paisley Senior in North Antrim being credited to his son’s picture continuously on BBC’s coverage. At one point an on-screen graphic announced that the DUP leader had been elected replete with a pic of Baby Doc smiling at everyone.

· Mark Carruthers crediting Alex Easton in North Down with winning 4,946 SEATS instead of votes.

He adds one we’ve also made in the recent past:

Bríd Rodgers continuing the fallacy that Sharon Haughey is the ‘youngest candidate in the field’, aged 26, and ignoring the fact that Dáithí McKay and the young guy in Foyle for UUP are younger than her.

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  • sms

    those in glass houses etc. the nineteen year old seán Mitchell in west belfast is the youngest candidate in the election

  • Mick Fealty

    Good spot. I note he polled better than the Workers Party too!

  • Gabriel Beecham

    I noticed the BBC’s on-screen graphics found it hard getting to grips with some SF candidates, such as “DaithÃ~ McKay”. An exotic spelling for sure, but not quite on the button.

  • Valenciano

    The RTEs pictures of constituencies look suspiciously like the new ones recommended by the boundary commission for 2010 rather than the current ones. South Belfast is the real giveaway.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Noel Thompson reported that Dawn Purvis had added 1,000 votes to David Ervine’s.

    It is actually 55.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Nor has Nelson McCausland been eliminated in North Belfast.


  • sammaguire

    Mark Carruthers interviewed representitives of the four main parties in the North a few nights ago. For some reason he seemed to be on first name terms with the unionists (Gregory and Sir Reg) while he was more formal with the nationalists (Mr Adams and Mr Durkan). Any reason for this? Some new BBC protocol or something??

  • Reader

    sammaguire: Any reason for this? Some new BBC protocol or something??
    You have to be deferential when you are dealing with ‘big house’ nationalism.

  • Aaron McDaid

    I have a BBC page with a pair of pictures of Ian Sr and Martin McGuiness, the caption:

    A father and his sons leave a polling station on Rathlin island – click to see more” [My emphasis].

    It was since been fixed, but I’m keeping that window open to give me a laugh.