And now, the end is near…

BOTH a caller to Talkback and Mick have already noted that the UUP has been canvassing in republican Ballymurphy – an encouraging sign of progress. Has anyone else had any ‘unexpected’ visitors? Did Sinn Fein’s unionist outreach officer – Martina Anderson – manage to do any unionist outreach in Foyle, for example (surely the least she could do)? Another topic on the Dunseith show was the fact that the election count stops overnight, and, as any politics junkie knows from the general or US elections, half the fun of a poll is sitting up half the night watching the rolling coverage. Since the reason for the hiatus was the threat of trouble during our darker days, isn’t it time that those counting the votes broke out the Pro-Plus?!

  • interested

    I suppose I congratulate the UUP in West Belfast for heading to Ballymurphy – havent been seen much in the unionist parts of the constituency though.

    All reminds me a little of Earl Storey launching his Foyle campaign in 05 (I think) in the Bogside. Didnt get him very far in the end.

    Reaching out to previously untouched voters is very laudable (and could be a growth market) but it only works if you dont forget about those people who have always voted for you, or are at least more predisposed to voting for you.

    Martina Anderson – Surely not a case of a Sinn Fein stunt to get some publicity for a candidate with absolutely no follow up!

    NO!… say it ain’t so!!!

    As for the election counts – would be fantastic to see Northern Ireland results at General Elections declared along with the rest of the UK. At Assembly elections its probably unrealistic to count through the night of polling day as you’d be there till morning, but definately start at 9am morning after polling and count through as long as it takes – bound to be all but the most protracted delcared by some stage late that night.

  • interested

    And Votail DUP! 😉

  • sean

    the UUP did`nt canvass the Murph folks. They simply sent election material through the post.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Ah well, and there was me thinking that the barriers were coming down.

    Shoulda known better, I suppose.

  • Elk

    I thought SF were taking the piss by making Ms. Anderson Unionist Outreach. Mad craic! Best of luck to her I say. 🙂

  • The South starts its counts the morning after the polls close – makes sense for a long and complex STV count. The whole thing could be done a lot quicker if EONI was funded to employ more counters, but one sign of progress is the Belfast count moving out of the cramped City Hall. Lots of atmosphere in the Dome of Delight, but the counting rooms were just toooooo small.

  • Valenciano

    Pity the archives aren’t there as we had the debate back in 2003 about how unfair it was on all candidates (of whatever party) to leave their livelihoods hanging on a thread because of overnight recesses. There is absolutely no justification at all now for not continuing to the bitter end.

    The overall organisation of elections in Northern Ireland leaves a great deal to be desired any way. Witness the ongoing debacle over the parliamentary boundary commissions long overdue proposals for a classic example of that.

  • wu

    Actually the UUP has been canvassing in a number of non-unionist areas this election in different constituencies, including West Belfast and Foyle.

  • willowfield

    the UUP did`nt canvass the Murph folks. They simply sent election material through the post.

    Doesn’t election material from all candidates get sent to all electors?

  • noel adams

    The timing of counts can be worse than next day. In2005 westminster results were out on friday but council results were counted on monday.As a labour worker i remember council seats beeing done on the same night,to drag things out for so long here is unfair on canidates and workers.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Still waiting on any sighting of UUP stalwart Lord Ballyedmund on the stump in South Down for his eminently anonymous candidate- I’ll even accept anyone hearing him driving the Bentley with the loudspeakers playing the sash through the Flying Horse estate “pour encourager les lumpens”- as Reg is likely to sing to the shaving mirror on Friday

    “..Whenever I’m down
    Whenever my troubles are steady
    Beneath the stars,
    I’ll play my guitar-
    just like Eddie.”

    Oh, and remember, In east London’y and North Antrim- VOTE CUBITT!

  • nmc

    There were a few UUP ads in the Andytown spoof. Was quite surprised at that. We got all the bunff through the post as well…

  • Robinson George

    Oh, and remember, In east London’y and North Antrim- VOTE CUBITT!

    That was a party election broadcast by Darth “I’m not from Limavady and I’m not called Brewster” Rumsfeld

  • darth rumsfeld

    you got it in one george- oh, you deserve a high preference vote too- the harder line the unionist, the higher the preference :0)

  • sean1

    Vote Cubitt? The East Londonderry one had to eat more humble pie when his first preference votes were reduced by 100 (the lads at the count said they were tired and got them mixed up).

    Excellent result for DUP taking an extra seat while Cubitt thought he’d take a sit off them. He got 1/2 of his council ward vote for full East Londonderry area.

    Tosser – that will be the end of him in council as well. Stupid Cubitt.