Eats, shoots and leaves..

The SDLP has been placing half-page adverts in papers asking voters “Can you afford not to vote?” But Lynne Truss would not be amused by the apparent typo in the version carried yesterday by the Irish News. A pedant [another one? – Ed] must have pointed out the erroneous comma to those responsible.. Today’s version has been emended. Just don’t take the education ministry, eh? *shakes head*From yesterday’s Irish News, with text detail below

followed by today’s version, with today’s text detail

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  • Shouldn’t that be “amended”?

  • Rory

    Does the SDLP’s promise to protect its constituents from water indicate that it is now pitching its campaign towards the great unwashed?
    James Larkin would not be amused.

  • Bog warrior

    Surely a deliberate mistake by PB?

  • lib2016

    Politics for slow learners, anyone?

  • Briso

    >Shouldn’t that be “amended”?

    >Posted by NIRSucks on Mar 06, 2007 @ 02:41 PM

    No, it’s quite correct according to “”.

    e·mend /ɪˈmɛnd/

    –verb (used with object)
    1. to edit or change (a text).
    2. to free from faults or errors; correct.

  • joeCanuck

    # verb: to make better
    # verb: set straight or right

    verb: make improvements or corrections to

  • smcgiff

    Maybe they were trying to attract the votes of the Hydrophobic?

  • J_K

    The SDLP just can’t to get it right with adverts in the Irish News.

    Also has anyone noticed the irony (as in “Irony in politics is just hypocrisy with panache”) that the SDLP are now promising to reinstate the link between Water Charges and Rates given the fact that it was Mark Durkan and the SDLP who broke the link in the first place – also the promise to protect us with a ‘revenue commissioner’- is that a promise to protect us from the . . . SDLP

  • The panda

    I wonder what Lynne Truss would make of Bob McCartney’s repeated use of the apostrophe in St Andrew’s (sic) in his literature!!!

    Elementary mistake for such a clever man!

  • Mike

    Sinn Fein’s leaflet in South Belfast says the party wants an “ant-racism charter” for politicians?

    Is Gerry Adams going to proclaim that red ants are better than black ants or something?

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    I don’t think Slugger is in any position to criticise.

    At the time of writing, the ‘About’ page is full of grammatical errors 😉