Upper Bann’s runner’s and riders, according to ‘Wiggy’…

One man’s guide to the candidates who have taken the time and the trouble to post information through his letterbox…

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  • jeep55

    This blog is absolutely brilliant. Please read. Wiggy – the right sort of Christian!

  • Crataegus

    I enjoyed that. Light hearted.

  • John Farrell

    Quite funny in an obvious way.
    Quite agree with him about The Green Party Candidate Ms Corry. As a matter of political correctness do Women politicians actually mind that they are appealing to ….er us on a very er basic level. Phew what a scorcher Ms Corry.
    Actually Ms Corry is the second best looking woman in the Election…second only to the leather clad lady in SDLP pics (Blairs Babes and Durkans Dollys).
    But both of these ladies cannot hold a proverbial candle to Cecilia Linihan (Alliance Party, North Down 1973)……sigh I was a callow youth of 21.

    But I suspect the average age of the UUP candidates in this election (Hatch, Savage, Gardiner) is around 103. Significantly one of their posters is outside Crozier House Old Folks Home in Banbridge…….the residents are probably younger.

    Wont comment on the blog further as Im scared of lawyers in a way that Wiggy does not seem to be.

  • James

    Dude I love your stuff – keep it coming. Republican Sinn Fein. What a joke.

  • Picador

    Good man, Wiggy. But for the real low down on Upper Bann (and West Tyrone) we need the one and only Sammy Morse. Come on Morse. Get your finger out. You can save your leader’s seat later!

    dot dot dash

  • Picador

    Correction: The Morse file on Upper Bann is now available and is as informative and readable as ever. It surely can’t be long before there are three nationalist seats in this particular constituency.

  • middle-class taig

    Now that he’s (finally) gotten around to Upper Bann, if Sammy Morse would get the finger out and do West Tyrone I could get on and finalise my betting this year.

  • sam maguire

    MCT to save you the wait 1 DUP, 1 SDLP, 1 UUP 2 SF as the certs and then take your pick between Deeney and, judging by SF vote management, Pat Doherty

  • middle-class taig

    match-batting Sam, match-betting is where the action is at!!

    are SF really risking Doc? Good – show some balls going after the third seat!!

  • interested

    I feel a bit weak after reading his views on Sammy Gardner.

    The mind boggles!

  • Now that he’s (finally) gotten around to Upper Bann, if Sammy Morse would get the finger

    You cheeky sod, MCT!!! 😉 It was always supposed to be one a day, finishing on Friday 2nd March. West Tyrone will be up before I go to bed tonight, although Sam Maguire’s summary version can do youse until then!

    I feel a bit weak after reading his views on Sammy Gardner.

    Say what you like about Sammy but topping the poll in Lurgan in a great election for the DUP is no mean feat.

  • All 18 done now. So less of your lip, MCT!!!