Wot, no Sinn Fein blog?

Not sure what is happening with the Sinn Fein election blog. We picked it up on a few days ago, and duly added it to the election panel. However, since then we’ve discovered there is only one category and, it would seem, just one blog entry: a constituency report from Derry. Hmmm… The UUP blog seemed to have a similarly slow start, but is now picking up a head of steam. Clearly time is precious, particularly when with the lack of clear headline issues means everyone is desperate to get out on doorsteps. But, you do wonder why they launch the blog in the first place, if they are not going to use it. There’s not necessarily a problem with the blog being written by an election worker, so long as s/he then goes on to narrate a longer story. The UUP have gone for a group approach, with candidates telling their own stories.

‘Slugger’s tip’: if a blog isn’t going to enhance and strengthen your communication strategy – don’t do it!


  • mickhall


    Did the SF blog have a comment section, if so and there was any critical comments that paragon of democratic values Gerry Adams would have had it taken down.

  • John Farrell

    Darned good thing that theres no Blog. I would ban all blogs er except mine of course…..which is available on …..
    I dont think the craze for “blogs” is anything more than the political anoraks cyber pet craze or whatever Tamaguchis or whatever they were called.
    All this YouTube, My Space, Beebee Booo Boooo, webcam, citizen journalist, send us your mobile phone pics to GMTV and press the red button on your Skycontrol if you think we are talking about anything vaguely interesting…..not to mention phone David Dunseath, Stephen Nolan, Jon Gaunt, James Whale and any number of men of the people who are radios equivalant of those Victor Melldrew types who begin every sentence with “Why oh why oh why….” and end with its all “political correctness gone maaaaaaaaad”.

    Greater detail on this fad of crazy bloggers is available on my blog “CrazyBlogger”.

  • qubol

    Yeah in one sense I can agree with John – there does seem to be an huge push to get people blogging, on YouTube, MySpace whatever. The big problem it’s all for show, fashion – none of the political parties have really sat down and thought what can we *really* use the net for? (beyond corporate / manifesto information)
    In fairness its a difficult thing to do – many of the internet industries most established players or developers still don’t get it – the very same people the political parties pay for advice.
    Mick’s right though – no blog is better than a half arsed attempt – If I was in Sinn Fein I would accept that the election in the north is too soon to bother with on the internet front and start tinging about the southern elections.

  • John Farrell

    Pathetic really when political parties go for the “yoof” vote.
    Can it really be that Sir Reg will start wearing a baseball cap back to front.
    will Nigel Dodds appear on youtube as a rapper.

  • darth rumsfeld

    memo to Michael Shilliday

    what we really want to read on the UUP site is Lord Ballyedmond’s election blog- the doors he’s knocked, the people he’s met in South Down, the amusing stories of nubile young women stepping out of the shower to answer the door to him, how he’s wrestled a 9th preference out of some ould farmer by swapping anecdotes about characters down the livestock mart. And then a quick fish supper in Kilkeel before home to bed