Good use of flickr…

From SDLP Campaign. I should point out that the flickr group does not just contain stuff from the political parties, but they are in the mix. The SDLP get some fictitious Slugger prize or other for this wee gem, pointing out the massive up sizing of MI5 (and concomittant downsizing of Special Branch) in Holywood.


    This is worse than the Alan-Partridge-esque SDLP ones.

  • Redmo

    They are at least a lot more interesting than this string of rubbish from the shinners:


    This is the only Shinner with a shadow. And probably a reflection.

  • Cromwell

    Who ya gonna call……The SDLP!
    Doesnt quite have the same ring to it!

  • I guess the parties ought to realise that in this election they are always on show. And probably that the standards are going to be set by Joe Public.

  • Yokel

    Thats not bad humour for politicians…

  • Cromwell

    That photo of Billy Quisling on flickr looks like he’s been sharing a sunbed with La Hain.

  • IJP

    Is this the same SDLP whose leader said yesterday it was time for “no more stunts”?

  • Stunt politics yet again from the Stoops.

    I can remember the SDLP’s “Stop the DUP” campaign with Durkan looking like a muppet with his lollipop stick.

    Can any of the stoops on this board remember how well the SDLP did in that particular election?

  • SuperSoupy
  • What’s wrong with Alan Partridge?

  • Some Shinner or other needs to tap Claire McGill on the shoulder and tell her to get a new hairdresser. I’d humbly suggest the one Michelle O’Neill visits might do some good.

    Abd with the obvious exception of Geroid, all the men’s suits are hideously cut – the jackets are far too high and the space around the tie far too narrow. And they all look like they were got on sale in Top Man. Don’t you have any gay men that could give you some sartorial advice?

  • Cromwell

    Oh get her! & not a whiff of Donegal Tweed to be seen anywhere.
    I just wish they were still wearing camoflage, then we wouldnt’ve been able to see them.
    Is Billy Quisling wearing his coat the wrong way round? Get him to turn it…….again.

  • not a whiff of Donegal Tweed to be seen anywhere

    In a formal election photograph? Darling, stop it, you’re killing me! Tweed belongs in the country.

    Perhaps we might see Gearóid is a fine piece of tweed the next time he visits the country cottage? Does he still smoke the pipe? That would complete the Harold Macmillan “hunting shooting and fishing look”. Terribly Nouveau Shinn Féin and all that.

  • SuperSoupy

    There is no Tweed in the DUP.

  • Cromwell

    You are probably right sweetie, I suppose we’ll next see him down Saville Row since he’s now part of the Establishment, nice navy pin striper, pair of brogues.

  • Redmo

    Dry your eyes Chris – how does a few decent photos constitute stunt politics?

    Or maybe you’re just relying on your esteemed leader’s reasoned response to the issue of increased MI5 presence in Ireland?

  • I suppose we’ll next see him down Saville Row since he’s now part of the Establishment, nice navy pin striper, pair of brogues.

    He crossed that particular rubicon years ago.

  • sean

    DSont know what the fuss is about. Alex and somebody just got lost in Holywood and were looking their way back to Belfast. No stunt – just lost.

  • tim

    I wonder if the SDLP had to hire a private company to put up its M15 sign.

  • Danny Bhoy

    This is funny stuff from the SDLP and it’s made all the more so because of the response by the treasonous shinners trying to belittle them! You know it’s hit a raw nerve when they can’t bring themselves to ignore this “irrelevant” party!

    Cheer up Shinner bhoys, one day you’ll have a sense of humour. Your day will come!

  • SuperSoupy

    Simple question to the SDLP strategists and canvassers – How many doors has this issue been raised at?

    Yet again you can’t campaign.

  • Redmo

    SuperSoupy. I’m not an activist, so don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m a Nationalist and I’m glad to see the SDLP make some noise on this issue. Sinn Fein want to cover their tracks and bluff the people.

    Once again you can’t tell the truth.

    Once again the people don’t matter a damn when they stand in the way of Sinn Fein’s political ambitions