Alliance and the way back machine to go forward?

Starts in 1972 (like the party)… and engages with loads of metaphors on traffic jams…


  • slug

    I am more of a public transport guy myself.

  • The couple in that Mini seem to spend their days driving around roundabouts. Seems very long at five mins- presumably some of it will have to be cut?

  • challenger

    Love the clip and the message re Paisley and McGuinness. Pity the party wasn’t as sharp. Maybe if they poll well, they can get those roads straightened out in the New Assembly?

  • Crataegus

    I thought it was fine particularly the part about the cost of division.

    I wish there was as way of attacking the sectarian carve up that didn’t sound like a tired old rant. I myself wouldn’t mention the DUP or SF in an election broadcast especially on something as amorphous. If you can really nail them on one specific thing do it otherwise don’t give them publicity on your PEB.

  • observer

    God, sorry i had to switch over just over a minute in.
    The sanctimonious crap was just too much to bear

  • The sanctimonious crap was just too much to bear

    No sanctimonious crap in the first minute that I could see – it was still in kitch 70s mode.

    Are you sure this isn’t just your reflex comment when Alliance say or do anything, obs?

  • SuperSoupy

    The only two candidates with any media ability IMO came too late – Neeson and Ford. The others seemed stilted, lecturing or overwhelmed.

    The only party, so far, that managed to profile each and every candidate but as a Republican hoping the Alliance vote holds up in Lagan Valley to ensure SF face only SDLP voters for the Nationalist seat, Lunn’s performance (which doesn’t reflect his sound council work) doesn’t inspire me that Close’s vote won’t collapse into the UUP and SDLP – here’s hoping his work at the doors is more polished than on camera.

    I don’t think it did Lo any favours either as while profiling her early on, she was just giving the usual APNI message rather than a hoped for addition to the debate from our first possible MLA with an ethnic minority background.

    The whole car/actor stuff was just hole in the wall type nonsense and everyone loves to hate the real thing nevermind a poor political version.

    Overall, not impressed – only the Worker’s Party one has been worse so far.

  • Rory

    I thought it contained all the qualities of English film making at its very best – that is to say, abysmal.

  • Crataegus


    The only two candidates with any media ability IMO came too late – Neeson and Ford. The others seemed stilted, lecturing or overwhelmed.

    That’s actually a good point. I often wonder the wisdom of giving the candidates a set piece each. Not everyone is good in front of a camera especially when reading out party political dogma. In this context I thought the

    Was I imagining it, or was Naomi Long bright pink in the version which was transmitted last night?

  • Overhere

    I started watching it last night as well but found the two old dears in the car a bit too much. If I was them I would have kept that car going to the nearest Health Clinic to get their skin looked at. They looked at though they lived down wind from Windscale.

    I never really took to the alliance but to tell the truth it is not soley based on their policies but on the Neil Kinnock effect. Remember how the papers here in England savaged Nile Kinnock during the election of 1992. Well Ford does the same to me, it is nothing I can put my finger on, there is just something about him that scares the “bejesus” out of me.

  • darth rumsfeld

    oh Lord no, not another lecture from Alliance presented by people who – I’m sorry to be personal here- most look nerdy or even creepy to a certain degree. I mean if one of them sat beside you on the bus you’d get off at the next stop. Only East Antrim has relatively human-looking candidates, but the rest….

    I mean Steven Farry looks like Peter Weir after he’s been force-fed for six months, Trevor Lunn looks like an elderly mafioso in the Sopranos and Naomi Long just comes across as the strident kid in school who covers up her insecurity by dogmatic ranting to an ever diminishing circle of friends.

    I’m sure they’re all probably very pleasant people- I know personally that Stuart Dickson is extremely civil and competent- but there’s noone here you’d actually want to be in charge of anything. Sure, you might find them a position as a policy wonk in the back office , but their problem is there’s noone who looks remotely ministerial

  • BonarLaw


    “Steven Farry looks like Peter Weir after he’s been force-fed for six months”

    For the rest of the campaign I will have two mental images seared on my brain- Farry as a veal calf only surpassed by a Farry faced goose being plumped for foie gras! In both cases the evil farmer is a (spruced up) Weir.

    I note you give Kieran McCarthy a bye ball. Words also fail me on that count. Let’s just say he makes ex-Minister Foster seem competent and erudite.

  • Marcus Aurelius Maximus

    I wonder if its possible to push all the Alliance candidates in the mini and send them back to 1972…..

  • fair_deal

    The party that advocated power-sharing etc now complains about it because they don’t like the people in the key positions. Hmmmm.

    “The couple in that Mini seem to spend their days driving around roundabouts”

    They must live in Craigavon. As darth says I’ll get my sash.

  • On the BBC, the Alliance PEB ran just minutes after Newslines coverage of the Rev Billy feature and the crediting of the Greens’ innovative use of the web.

    I must say the contrast was striking.

    I am sure the Alliance PEB must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Crataegus


    There is something about the Alliance Party that I can’t put a finger on that is simply slightly repellent. They are a bit sugary and seem to belong to the past. Why I have that image I am not sure.

    For numerous reasons I would like to see them do well, but can’t just bring myself to say yes these are the ones for me.

    You may be right about the Kinnock effect but it is not Ford but the party.


    Ford in another Party and you would say OK a bit of that fair enough and the same for the others. Maybe it is because the party is small and the available pool is limited and there is no strong charismatic type leading the Party to deflect attention from the rest. If you were to examine the proposed MLAs of most of the Parties there are quite a few simply average and lots who are truly horrendous.

    What strikes me about the Alliance candidates is they are fine, the guy next door type. They are the types of characters that would appear as minor roles in the Archers. Good sensible fair middle ground types who don’t do anything to outrageous and why should they they are the middle ground, Mr and Mrs average. There is a lack of zeal or passion or something that none of us seem able to quite put our fingers on.

    The fattened goose will be a lot thinner by the time polls close, judging by posters and canvassers Greens and Conservatives are very active in N Down. It will be a fierce competition for the last 3 seats.

  • IJP


    Posters don’t win elections. You have to put the work in on the doorsteps etc (and no harm having put it in for a few years previously either!)

    Perhaps the PEB is itself outdated?

    There’s a very interesting topic for another thread.

  • Sooty

    “There’s a very interesting topic for another thread.”

    But why not now on a thread dedicated to the discussion of the Alliance PEB

  • Crataegus


    posters and canvassers Though I will concede the Conservatives are weak in that they have no councillors and are starting from a low base.

  • Sooty

    They have one councillor – Peter Bowles but yes they are weak on the ground here and the few they do have can be, Bowles aside, how can I put this, less than in touch.

    The Tories have enormous potential here but they need to do a bit of self examination of their image and how they go about things.

  • Rory

    “…the Conservatives are weak in that they have no councillors and are starting from a low base.

    Amen to that, Crataegus. Despite New Labour trying their damnedest you still can’t get much baser or lower than a Conservative. Why they make the UUP appear positively angelic.

  • Bob wilson

    I thought Alliance were middle of the road! Now I’m not sure.
    In the clip of the motorway traffic towards the end the traffic is on the WRONG side of the road .i.e. on the right not the left.
    Is this Alliance policy I think we should be told?

  • tony

    that is awful absolute garbage…at least they tried something different but it didnt work…..worst one yet and the DUP and SF offerings were simplistic fear stoking.

  • toryboy

    Will the Tory PEB be appearing on u tube Bob?

    It gave me a great laugh while stuck in traffic earlier!

  • Crataegus

    Pulled this one out of youtube which the local Greens could have used!

    The Vietnam photo is a bit naughty, but be advised don’t view it if you are sensitive or after diner it does not pull any punches. A PEB that should carry a government health warning but interesting to compare the Green flexible approach to this media with that of Alliance.

  • The funniest election poster I ever heard of, was Northern Ireland Tory, Terry Dick’s.

    He ran on the Conservatives’ national (UK) slogan.

    So his election posters read: ‘DICK – Don’t let Labour blow it”.

    I humbly apologise in advance of Pete’s post.

  • Crataegus


    Perhaps it say much that is good about Dick that he didn’t pick up the obvious seedy suggestion.

  • darth rumsfeld

    you’ll soon be telling us about the Bristol City fans whose campaign to get rid of their manager Alan Dicks faltered after the terrace chant “Dicks OUT!” got them funny looks. Apparently Derby County fans had the same problem when trying to oust Arthur Cox….