Sinn Fein PEB: “SF will do the business…”*

This was posted nine hours ago to YouTube… Is this Sinn Fein follows the UUP? Onward with the YouTube Election…

* Deanfaidh Sinn Fein an gno, the slogan repeated throughout…

  • SuperSoupy

    Were SF not using YouTube long before the UUP? I thought you’d noted it along with the Bebo and MySpace sites?

  • Mick Fealty

    True, but fair play to the UU’s, they had their PEB out online before their broadcast… which is how it should be… we may not be the mass market TV and Radio is, but we get everything else early…

  • pragmatist

    Appalling PEB! Simply trying to outrepublican the dissidents.

  • Sinn Fein are opposed the genocide in Africa! Wow! Because, like, all the other parties are in favour of it. I’m gonna a vote Sinn Fein because they’re going to put an end to genocide in… er… wherever it is in Africa that they’re having genocide.

  • SuperSoupy


    Sudan. It was one of the last things discussed in the Assembly. Unionists thought it even more important than collusion.

  • seabhac siulach

    “Deanfaidh Sinn Fein an gno”

    Nach bearlachas e sin…ni feidir e sin a ra as gaeilge i mo thuairimse…

    And what business (gno) are they talking about? Fuel smuggling, perhaps?

    Mr Adams does a good job of mangling the bit of Irish that he uses in the piece…an offensive use of Irish as a cynical party political tool IMO.
    Have to laugh at the nonsense in that film that the Provos got rid of the RUC and the RIR…in the case of the RUC, they got the name changed, in the case of the RIR, it is still there, if in a reduced form…
    They also mention they are the only all-Ireland party, ignoring as they do so, the Worker’s party, Sinn Fein (poblachtach), etc.
    No mention of an end to partition, British rule, etc., etc. Very much a reformist pitch…vote for us to make life more comfortable for you within the UK…

    Sad…but then the ‘business’ that they do these days has little (anything?) to do with republicanism…

  • Crataegus

    Do people actually believe this crap. It is full of inaccuracies and trying to claim credit for what others have done.

    First sentence SF is an Irish Republican Party, ok but some may doubt that.

    Second sentence It is the only all Ireland Party. That simply is not true the Greens are an all Ireland Party and I think the Communists also are.

    The parts that had me choking on my coffee were the parts trying to infer that it had something to do with the Police Umbudsman’s report and the growing economy and that it wasn’t about when the water rates were quietly agreed.

    Liked the background music.

  • gerry

    Why ruane’s voice, why not a northern voice, is the accent out. I heard Gildernew get roasted in Fermanagh today on talk back. They should do what someone on the show suggested, they should drop the mantle of republicanism, and then go about their dirty business.

  • marty (not ingram)

    I heard Gildernew get roasted in Fermanagh today on talk back

    LOL. Sorry folks, but I can’t get the image of Gildernew getting “roasted” in the tabloid sense out of my head.

  • gerry

    marty what did you think of the sdlp election broadcast? I thought it was excellent, tho I am not an sdlp supporter, although I might give it this time, rather than give it to traitors r us.

  • marty (not ingram)

    gerry, haven’t a clue mate, haven’t seen it.

  • bruce201

    Here@s some further links for you all.
    Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson and Nigel Dodds at Press Breakfast Wednesday 14th February




  • peanut lover


    Read the last posting on Nominations Close. I will feel better if I know that you have read it!

  • Forget all this political shenanigans.

    Can I just be the first to pay tribute to the late Aldo Morelli, founder of the famed ice cream emporium, who died today.

    Ironically, he was 99. What class.

  • Crataegus

    NIR Sucks

    Sad news indeed. Morelli was someone who contributed something positive to NI unlike many who are standing for election.

    Bruce 201

    even I find it sad to see and elderly and failing Ian Paisley give speeches. He really should retire and trust to others.

    Apart from that delivery, delivery ,delivery. Didn’t fill me with optimism.

  • Nevin

    The SF slogan has an agricultural sexual meaning pertaining to the performance of bulls and other male animals. Loosely translated, the slogan can read, ‘Sinn Fein will screw you’.

  • Shore Road Resident

    I can’t be certain if my own prejudices are at work here but from as an objective an opinion as I feel I can muster, that PEB was just laughable.
    Apart from the little shot of a sectarian street sign, which was just sinister.

  • DK

    Loved the way they skipped very quickly over B de B as a minister and went on to spend some time on Martin’s ministerial achievements. Recognition perhaps that she was crap and he was competant.

    They really need to update their music – it’s not the 1800s any more.

  • Pete Baker

    “and went on to spend some time on Martin’s ministerial achievements.”

    Although the reference to the new schools’ building, under PFIs, doesn’t seem to take into account the subsequent findings of George Bain’s Review of Education..

    “there are too many schools in Northern Ireland”

  • SuperSoupy


    You seem to confuse new builds with new schools.

    Well not confuse, just spin. But spinning is your role (self appointed).

  • SuperSoupy

    And SF utterly reject Bain’s conclusions.

    Finance over provision for children, that’s an economist for you.

  • Pete Baker

    Make your mind up, SS.

    Some of those new builds, under PFIs, did include new schools, btw.

  • Crataegus


    Who pays for the schools? Increase the tax on business I suppose. Perhaps we could shave a few pence of pensioners or cut back on Health Care? Limited budget.

    I have nothing against spending more on schools particularly where more resources are needed but I do not like to see money wasted.

  • Wilde Rover

    “Ireland is changing, there is growing confidence. The economy in the north is starting to grow. With your support, Sinn Fein will deliver much more.”


    The notion that the Europhobic neo-Marxists have had anything to do with economic growth anywhere on the island must be in the running for a PEB “Fantasyland” award.

  • darth rumsfeld

    oh dear me no. What are we to make of the fact that the most used image was of…er Downing Street, with assorted Chuckies standing outside all pleased with themselves that they are “real” politicos?
    And did Gerry Kelly put in his 11/1 for that we march along the Queen’s highway at Stormont? Time for a resdients’ group meeting methinks.

    BTW anyone who has heard the squeaky voiced ex(?)Provo on GMU this morning wriggle out of asking people to support the PSNI for Omagh , McCabe etc, should tell the DUP. Time was they would have actually noticed that…er this means they don’t support the police at all, and aren’t fit for government. Bet the silence will be deafening

  • middle-class taig

    Fascinating. Technically much less impressive than previous SF offerings. Little by way of inspiration, but extremely interesting nonetheless.

    Back to republican basics (but in Code – more Gerry A than Gerry K) – we’ve fought your corner, we’ve gotten a tough but good deal, we’ve started uncovering collusion, we’ll keep screwing the brits and the dup, we’ll not be rolling over for anyone, we’ve got southerners among us too, rowdly-dowdly music, we’re on the one road. Also, back to left-wing basics – performance of health and education ministers (remember them?), decimation of fishermen/agriculture, nod to middle east/Iraq, venceremos comrades.

    This is not a PEB for sophisticated Belfast urbanites. This is for the base, for Cross, Cappagh and Dunloy. Sort of Jack Charlton circa 1988. No nonsense, just get it in the box. Strong hand on the tiller, we’ve had to do a difficult deal, but did you really think we turned into the stoops overnight? Basically, we haven’t gone away, you know!!

    So what does this tell us:

    1. It tells us that SF doesn’t fear the SDLP in this election. If it did, it would have been haunting Enya, soft focus shots of Mary Lou looking fragrant and empathetic, Gerry with Clinton, rather than with Nelson.

    2. It tells us that SF do fear the dissidents. Can’t imagine that’s because they think they win seats. I assume it’s fear of them costing SF seats.

    3. It tells us that SF are fairly confident that they can hold their recently-won middle-class taigs, and are afeared for their base.

    4. It tells us what SDLP strategy should be. House prices, water rates, good schools and nice middle-class stuff. Get back the garden-centre taigs.

  • Levitas

    Forget about the opinions of the wackos who always knock Sinn Féin…As a simple and effective PEB I think it was very effective indeed, and will appeal to a broad swathe of nationalist opinion…Whatever the various ‘political hacks’ and nitpickers who log on to Slugger think, the average Joe or Josephine will find the broadcast straightforward and positive in its approach…a definite vote winner.

  • gerry

    But spinning is your role. (self appointed)

    tee hee. Thanks for cheering me up.


  • Greengflag

    It’s clear from this offering that SF candidates and members have been to ‘smiling class’. have you ever seen so many people smiling ?
    But on reflection and having seen the UUP offering I have to admit that SF come across as the more positive . But for honesty I’d have to give the UUP the edge .

    No one in the political debate seems to care about where the ‘opposition’ if any will come from after the great sectarian Assembly carve up ?

    From the one Party oppositionless UUP State to the two party DUP & SF state may look like progress .

    Greenflag recommends all South Belfast voters to help rescue whatever is left of the tarnished Belfast image by voting for Ann Lo -a brave Chinese lady who is an Alliance candidate 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    Not sure that is going to Anna much good GF… 😉

    Very interesting post MCT… I’ve said from the start there is not much actual ground going to change hands in this election…

    I make it a possible two to SDLP… and one of those likely to come from Alliance, and the other partly through a recovery of its own vote in Newry and Armagh, and helped by some of the discontent in and around Davy Hyland.

    You’d wonder too about Catriona getting such a prominent part (often a sign a candidate needs a local boost): are there some concerns about South Down? Can’t see her losing myself, but I guess there is an uncertainty they don’t want to risk to chance.

    Interestingly Sinn Fein could make a gain (S Antrim) as well as a possible loss from the Alliance Party. The media consensus seems to be that Maskey is safe in South. The numbers do throw some doubt on that, although it is Lo who has to make the running for that happen.

    And yet, I don’t think this campaign is about seats. It’s more about vote levels. The real damage of the dissidents is to the party machine, and their legendary capacity to get the vote out. That may have made them worth targeting directly with this PEB – to persuade them to continue voting down past the dissident names. Or even just to get out of the house…

    As I argued on CIF last November, local vote levels will count in future contests… If Sinn Fein haemorrhage significant votes now, they will be difficult to get back in future… And if there is a shift in percentages towards the SDLP in places like Mid Ulster, FST and W Tyrone, then the next (council?) elections could be a much closer contest on the nationalist side…

  • MCT,

    I agree totally with your four points above. Very perceptive. Also your definition of the base as Cross, Cappagh and Dunloy and not Ardoyne, Andytown and the Markets was, without intending to be, very perceptive about where the Shinners are having most trouble with their base.

  • middle-class taig


    I think SF’s base is made up of at least two components. Urban, embattled republican communities and traditionalist, rural areas which were at the heart of the struggle. Like the British labour party having a base in Welsh mining towns and in inner city areas, or like FF playing equally to traditionalist rural communities as to marginalised areas of urban decay. I guess the real distinction for this election is that the urban base is safe and the rural base needs tending.

    From an Anna Lo/David Ford perspective, you boys must be loving this greenward tack.

  • I guess the real distinction for this election is that the urban base is safe and the rural base needs tending.

    Exactly. The dissidents don’t even have a *%!# candidate in North Belfast, which I still haven’t quite got over.

    From an Anna Lo/David Ford perspective, you boys must be loving this greenward tack.

    I don’t think it is doing us a button of harm, MCT!

  • Yoda

    Terrific post, MCT.

  • Nickyg

    I was reading the first page of these posts in exasperation. The usual Sindo SF basher types doing thier thing. Was going to post a few salient observances then, kaboom!..

    The voice of sanity!! MCT got in there with it first, and I’m glad he did! Knock out blow to the self righteous brigade, imo!

    Some of the careerist, stoopy types don’t seem to fathom that SF are attempting to manage the very real potential of a major split, and doing pretty darned well tbh.

    All in all, and in a subtle way, this back to basics PEB was ten times more sophisticated in it’s execution and intention than any glitzy, hollywoodesque effort.

  • gerry

    MCT I agree with you re the SF base and what it is composed of, but is there room for any more growth. I don’t think so. Last election they boasted they would take the fifth seat in WB, it didn’t happen. IMO they SF have gone as far as they can go, I believe it to be the case that the dissident vote will hamper them in any growth they may expect in this election. They aren’t going to go much further, and their vote is going upward in the republic. I think its a matter of holding on and retaining waht they have got. They’ve got their work cut out, since the threat is not from dissidents par se but from people who have supported them in the past but who may refuse to do so again this time round because of policing. the national question is not parked, only the other evening on utv ken reid believed the national question was going to be very big in this election.

  • gerry

    sorry should say downward in the republic

  • nickyg

    Gerry, I don’t think anyone seriously expects SF vote to drop in the 26 counties. Most estimates have them doubling thier seat numbers! Don’t pay too much attention to the polls coming out of Dublin 4!! One minute they’re down the next they’re up.. polling is mental in the Dublin media!

    I think you are right about being essentially squeezed on a new flank, but lets put this in perspective:

    Previous large shifts throughout centuries Republican history have resulted in bloody schisms. To hold the vote, or increase it slightly, avoiding major turmoil in the ranks would be(and should be recognised as) nothing short of a spectacular success.

  • Sean

    I think many of the Sinn Fein disparagers have failed to grasp that they just arent the way out there republican party that only die hard republicans can support, anymore.

    They will easily retain there middle ground voters and gain more because they have proven themselves to be a strong middle ground party

    that is by no means to say they have become establishment yes men just that thye are willing to take their strong republican traits and work with in the structures to achieve what they want

    I think you will see a bleed back to the UUP of the votes captured by the DUP especially if they do not deliver devolution. The hard liners may do all the shouting but its the soft support that gets you elected.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Not sure that is going to Anna much good GF… ;-)’

    Greenflag’s ‘massive support base north of the border ‘ 🙂 will see Anna make it -you just wait and see 🙂 .If the people of Co Clare could elect an Indian to the Dail, then I don’t see why the good people of South Belfast can’t elect Anna Lo to the Assembly . After all she’s neither orange or green but yellow:) She’s probably paled out by now the poor lady in that awful NI climate .

    The more Alliance and centrist candidates that get elected the better -IMO

    China and India together make up 40% of the world’s population so it might help to have somebody with that cultural background in the milieu as it were . Also it would give heart to other immigrants in NI to take part in the electoral process . In time that might even shake up the stale orange/green stand off .

    One can only hope .

  • Diluted Orange

    As if SF weren’t patronising enough, trying to make me believe that Gerry, Martin and co are beloved peacemakers etc, they go and dub over the video with a God-awful Irish folk tune that you’d expect to find in some 2nd rate Hollywood film on Ireland.

    They are so full of bullshit. Gerry trying to speak in Irish gets me in hysterics every time. I will concede one thing however, despite my Unionist leanings, if they promise me that if I vote for SF that they will decommission Catriona Ruane (and I don’t need photographic evidence dear God!) my vote is theirs!

  • Greenflag


    ‘Gerry trying to speak in Irish gets me in hysterics every time.’

    As one who has heard Irish being spoken by native speakers I can categorically state that Gerry does a better job of it than our Bertie . When Bertie has a go as Gaeilge even I cringe 🙁

    But as Bertie’s an ex accountant shure what can ye expect