Five to become six?..

The BBC reports that Hazel Blears is expected to announce [not necessarily this week though – Ed] that she will join the over-crowded field of candidates for deputy leader of the Labour Party.. and there’s an interesting line included in the report

The source said the deputy leadership contest would eventually boil down to three or four candidates. Some of the declared runners had gained too much exposure too early, while “a lot of people are keeping their powder dry, waiting to see what the field will be”.[added emphasis]

Who do they mean?.. btw a belated Happy Birthday to the Secretary of State for Wales etc.. Thanks for the reminder, Art Hostage.According to the report

Ms Blears, Labour chairman since last May and considered a loyal Blairite, will address Labour’s national youth forum in Glasgow on Friday, calling on the party to “reach out” to young voters.

She will add: “We won their support because of New Labour – a modern Labour Party in touch, on their side, and led by a Leader who they knew shared their instincts and aspirations.

“The idea that we win a fourth term by distancing ourselves from that leadership or by dismissing our own successes is dangerously misguided.”

Ms Blears will also say: “And if we made the mistake of a lurch to the left, the result would be David Cameron.”

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  • Observer

    I think she was always seen as a runner.

    Brown could well get a clear run at the leadership, but a contest may infact benefit him.

    However if Brown does become PM, Cameron will no doubt play on the ‘West-lothian’ question.

  • Ms Blears will also say: “And if we made the mistake of a lurch to the left, the result would be David Cameron

    I find this a bit rich from a party thats has lurched so far to the right Attila the Blank would not join the Labour party for it is too right wing.

    Post 9/11 the Labour party, led by neo-con christian/catholic Primate minister Tony Blair have become so detached from the public that David Cameron does indeed look like a leader lurching to the left.

    However, Tories, like Leopards, don’t change their spots.

    9/11 inside job, gaining momentum in the mainstream media, how long before someone breaks rank and exposes the neo-con conspiracy that was the contolled demolition of the Twin Towers and building seven.

    Hopefully time for the American/British nationalistic demon to be returned to the cellar.

  • Bill

    She should never have left the backwenches.