New SDLP Website…

It’s very impressive looking (and it abandons the lower case logo, for more substantial blocks). Though I’ve still to do any tinkering in the background just to see how interactive it actually is… just one thing… Do you know something we don’t guys: Help us win on the 4th of May?

  • Yokel

    4th of May eh….cough..nudge nudge….


  • Alas it seems to have disappeared again. It really did need overhauled though, not least because the existing one was an absolute nightmare for staff to update. Presumably the new one will have some sort of VPO facility which can be readily accessed from any location, unlike its cumbersome and obsolescent predecessor.

    The new logo looks better- was never overly impressed by the previous lower-case one.

  • J_K

    Conspiracy or stupidiy.

    Was the last election on May the 4th? – are the SDLP fighting battles that they have already lost?

    Talk about a silly own goal.

    Almost on a par with being sued by McQuillan for the lies from Durkan in the Irish News

  • AvalonSunset

    Interesting that they allow you to read the full “storey” at the bottom of the article – surely this should be story or are they talking about the DUP’s Mervyn Storey? :o)

  • J_K,

    That, surely, is a conflation too far??

  • Po

    Well that’s two of the parties with brand new sites for the campaign – UUP stuck their new site up yesterday ( – was blogged here yesterday)

    Looks like the DUPs and Sinn Fein are sticking with their old (and now very dated looking) sites or has anyone heard anything different? The DUPs in particular haven’t had a revamp for years, they still have cartoons from 2002 on theirs!

    By the way the SDLP link is down it says “Virtual Directory doesn’t allow listing of contents”. But I like the UUP’s one, it’s clean and easy to get around and its nice to see them taking an interest in real politics and not just flag-waving. And it was clever to put the video up on you-tube.

    The real question is how much websites really move public opinion during elections? Or is it more just something “nice to have” in the background?

  • Yokel

    Nah, Bobby Storey…..

    Who’s yer woman on the far right of the picture?

    I honestly can’t say I recognise any of the rest in the picture other than the black coat/jacket wearers on each side but she looks familiar…that Tranny in the middle stands out a mile though….should have worn a wig that lad…

  • Queens Unionist

    Whats with the commie red blazers?
    Keep the ref flag flying?
    I see that they have been very active.
    Especially with some confernce or other called “event heading here” 3rd Jan 07

    I no, its petty, but im bored 🙂

  • J_K

    The new UUP site does look good – and shows what can be done with a bit of imagination. Does anyone know what these things cost to design and run?

    P.S Mick I know I thick but what do you mean by ‘That, surely, is a conflation too far??’

  • Queens Unionist

    I suppose it depends on whether you have someone who can design and upkeep websites in your party headquarters. Sometimes people can do it as well as what they are trained in, If you catch my drift. That would definitely be benefitial as opposed to paying outside people.
    But as for monetary terms je ne sais pas.

  • AvalonSunset

    I quess whoever designs it also reads Slugger as they have taken it off air and the “New” SDLP website will be launched soon – hopefully with the right dates etc

  • SCW

    I’m assuming they’re having a few technical problems as it says…

    “new website launching soon”

  • J_K

    Is this first time that bloggers have forced a website to be withdrawn and sent back to the drawing board – victory to the bloggosphere.

  • Queens Unionist

    Goodness never spotted that,
    lets see how else’s we can get taken offline due to errors

  • Probably me being too clever. One does not in the least equate with the other.

    Re. the site I suspect we came across it when it was being alpha tested. I doubt we’ve actually closed it down. 🙂 That would be too much power!!

  • Nevin

    Why has the SDLP gone for the mark of the beast, 666, as its symbol? 😉

  • JD

    “Help us win on the 4th of May”

    I didn’t know the SDLP were planning to stand in the twenty six county elections.

  • Queens Unionist

    Mick I do recognise the fact that pointing out a few spelling mistakes and a few dodgy dates doesnt exactly merit a withdrawal from cyberspace.
    The co-incidence is humorous however.

  • beavor

    It must be about time the PUP got their site sorted, its displayed the same message for over a year now!

  • qubol

    i couldn’t see the new SDLP site but if you type,


    It kind of reminds of the inside of a spar shop. too much red and green – i know you need to reinforce branding and everything but thats taking the hand. Why was the lettering of the SDLP changed from lower case to the more imposing uppercase lettering? i dont think it works. Rights ideas but the design could be better i think.
    As for the UUP site – looks like it was thrown together quickly in photoshop and then sliced. Unfinished work and uninspiring.

  • Well spotted qubol. On first glance I think it looks great.

  • pup

    @ Beaver (19)

    pup site is coming very soon….that message will be no more.

  • pup

    sorry beavor 🙂

  • eranu

    saw this on the UUP website

    ““I would also urge the United Kingdom Government to raise the current threshold for stamp duty which would improve affordability for first-time buyers. The current threshold set at £1200,000 does not reflect today’s Housing market.”

    bloody hell ! house prices really have gone through the roof !

  • erunu-

    Maybe that’s what they call Big House Unionism 😉

  • eranu

    must be 🙂

  • beavor

    “pup site is coming very soon….that message will be no more.”

    Good to hear, I do have the address saved on my bookmark for a while now!! I look forward to the new website 🙂

  • hellojojo

  • webspotter

    You will beavor, trust me….

  • Elvis Parker

    The trouble with websites is that largely you have to get techies and anoraks to do them for you – the sort of people who arent interested in politics and dont understand that at the moment the SDLP doesnt have any MLAs.
    The NEW site still contains a list of the MLAs from the last Assembly

  • That UUP site’s disgusting. Also no way to contact your candidate. Disappointing overall.

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