Canvass response competition!!

Canvassing may be cold, tiring and boring, but between times it can have its rewards. One reader sent us a selection of their best doorstep responses so far…. Feel free to challenge them with your own: either by adding them below, or sending them to me directly at the email address above!

(C = canvasser, R = respondent)


C: Would you consider voting Alliance?

R: My wife’s Alliance.

C: Well, um, what are you?

R: I’m Church of Ireland.


C: Have you voted Alliance in the past?

R: I voted Alliance last time, and of course I’ll be voting Alliance
again this time. I’m Greek Orthodox, you see.


C: Might you vote Alliance this time?

R: Yes, I’ll vote Alliance this time. I voted Green last time, but
this is a proper election.


R: Sorry I can’t answer the door. I’ve lost my cat, you see.


R: You know, I was just reading about you in the paper. Are you the

C: No, that’s not me.

R: He looks like you.

C: I’ll ensure he takes that as a compliment.


C: Are there any issues of concern in this area?

R: Can you do anything about the neighbour’s burglar alarm?