Republican Women

Suzanne Breen profiles two Republican women battling it out in the elections over policing in this week’s Sunday Tribune: A tale of one city: two women on either side of the republican divide Peggy O’Hara and Martina Anderson are both standing in the assembly elections in Foyle. Peggy O’Hara is the mother of INLA hunger striker, Patsy O’Hara, and opposes the endorsement of the PSNI. Martina Anderson was part of the IRA bombing team behind Brighton, and spent 13 years in jail; she is now Sinn Fein’s ‘head of the department for unionist engagement’ and supports their current policy. Interestingly, Sinn Fein would not let her be interviewed: “Despite several requests to speak to Anderson, Sinn Féin said she wasn’t available for interview to the Sunday Tribune.”