Ards DUP MLA resigns….

Looks like George Ennis MLA has resigned the DUP whip… hardly a surprise to Slugger readers, but along with Terry Williams’ defection, it loses the party overall control on the local council… H/T to Intelligence Insider. Not auspicious news ahead of tonight’s sign off meeting for the party’s election manifesto…

Correction: as BL below notes, we do not have any MLAs at the moment so Ennis is not actually currently an MLA…According to the Ark Election site the 2005 council results were:

DUP: 13,897 (52.4%), 12 councillors
UUP: 6,493 (24.5%), 7 councillors
Alliance: 3,733 (14.1%), 3 councillors
SDLP: 913 (3.4%), 1 councillor

  • Crataegus

    A good news story for everyone but the DUP.

    Has he made a statement? I assume he is standing as an independent.

    I am not convinced that the DUP monolith is as cohesive as they like to think. It is a pity that its bonds will not be properly tested until after the election.

  • BonarLaw


    er, he’s not actually an MLA anymore.

  • Tampico

    Isn’t it astounding how less than a month after deselection Ennis suddenly discovers he can’t remain in the DUP. Is there a connection? Surely not!

  • According to my local paper he said ‘My decision has not been an easy one and has followed a period of prayer and reflection
    I assure you, that in the future, with God’s help, I will continue to remain true to the electorate at all time’

  • local

    Ennis used to be best mates with Iris but she suddenly turned on him, this has been coming for months, him being de selected was the last straw.

    Wonder if he plans to run for MLA.

    Not a good week overall for Iris, what with her particularly dim witted attack on the integrated education sector.

  • and calling David McNarry a ‘buffoon’

  • family robinson

    The late Tony Banks once said of a particulalry inept tory that he was living proof that a bladder on a stick could get elected.

    Never could a truer comment be made about so many of our NI politicians.

    Iris on R. Ulster was the living representation of sucha bladder and unfortunately she is only the emobodiement and relfection of the electrorate who seemingly will troop out and vote for any talentless cipher that unionist parties put forward in elections for the last eighty years.

  • Diluted Orange

    [i]Never could a truer comment be made about so many of our NI politicians.[/i]

    You speak sense but I would also apply the label to most Nationalist politicians in Northern Ireland too, not just Unionists.

    It is true that the electorate get what they vote for and although I really hope it works out the cynic in me realises that a DUP/Sinn Fein coalition emerging from this year’s election will prove to be a disaster.

    Why is that since the 2 polar extremes started to attract more votes that the UUP and SDLP couldn’t have stuck to their guns and remained loyal to their more middle-grounded approach instead desperately trying and failing to imitate the Super Prods and Super RA philosophies of the other parties. The day that Trimble and Hume shook hands at the U2 concert – despite being a very cringeworthy moment – seems like a very distant bygone memory now.

  • Eddie

    David McNarry might be many things but he’s certainly not a buffoon. Iris Robinson is flying too close to the sun. And you know what pride comes before…

  • Bruce101

    You’re right McNarry is not a buffoon. Buffoons would not steal their opponents speeches and try to pass them off as their own. Poor McNarry got caught on. Fancy using a speech – word for word – that Iris Robinson made months before in the House of Commons.
    Instead of apologising he had the temerity to lie through his teeth and claim he wrote it himself.
    Yeah! We are expected to believe he just happened to use the same words and the same sentiments as IR months before.
    Liar, Liar, Pants on fire David.

  • Crataegus

    Diluted Orange

    the cynic in me realises that a DUP/Sinn Fein coalition emerging from this year’s election will prove to be a disaster.

    I have the same foreboding. I doubt the ability of many of those that will be elected on the day to day issues ie real politics and I just don’t seem to get the feeling that any of them are seeking election to run the place. You get the feeling that reality is beneath them. It is more about outdoing the UUP or SDLP. It is the politics where you attack most fiercely those that share your aims rather than those who don’t. It has become a parity of politics some strange perversion, a Greek tragedy.

  • slug

    Is Ennis planning to run for the assembly?

  • slug
    All the Newtownards Chronicle reports is that he will represent his constituents within the council( Ards) outside the structure of the DUP.

  • slug

    What I found interesting about the article in the Ards Chronicle was the final line

    “(Ennis and Williams) who are currently unaffiliated to a party.”

    Leaves it all sounding very open…

  • Diluted Orange


    [i]I doubt the ability of many of those that will be elected on the day to day issues ie real politics and I just don’t seem to get the feeling that any of them are seeking election to run the place.[/i]

    You see 90% of everything that ever comes out of the mouths of the DUP and Sinn Fein is something related to the retaining of/dismantling of the Union or some other stick with which they can bash the other side with or, as you pointed out, an attack on the UUP or SDLP for not being as Super-Prod or Super-RA as they are.

    They need to move on – the Union question is not something that we will have to deal with in the foreseeable future so why discuss it at length is my opinion. But you see these guys are completely incapable of engaging in real politics, as you put it, because they have never had to deal with it before.

    Northern Ireland’s electorate votes for the parties with the best sound-bite and the sound-bites that have always been in vogue are the ones that promise,”Ulster Says No” and “Not an Ounce. Not a bullet.” etc. “We don’t want water charges!” doesn’t have the same nationalistic feel about it does it? but if we are to move on in this country those are the sort of issues we will have to start dealing with instead of the tired old tribal slogans.

    For a man who once called the Pope a b#stard and the former CEO of IRA inc to sit down together in government seems too good (or bad) to be true and I can’t see it lasting too long.

  • Truth and Justice

    Its amazing every time a Councillor or MLA is deselected from any Political Party they resign and stand as independents, Ennis is a nice man but it just looks like sour grapes. In the last three months we have seen 2 UUP Councillors join the Conservatives, one join UKIP and one join the DUP. ” 3 Sinn fein MLAs deselected, four SF Councillors leave, two DUP Councillor resign, and four MLAs deselected deslected, it looks like every partys having its problems!

  • slug

    According to the Newsletter yesterday, Ennis is to run for the McCartneys UKUP in the forthcoming election in Strangford. Cedric Wilson of the NIUP is also reported to be running as well as the four DUP candidates and three UUP candidates. Could get v messy!

  • Poor Pete

    “2 UUP Councillors join the Conservatives”

    Actually only one, Peter Bowles is a councillor, he was and remains their only elected representative in Northern Ireland. Bowles was supposed to be running in South Down but not according to the Torys website. Pity if he isn’t, had he stayed in the UUP, he would have easily got the selection to run as the UUP candidate in South Down which would be much easier to win than trying to run for the Tories.

  • Crataegus


    I agree we need to move on the constitutional nonsense is facile. It will be decided in some future referendum and in the mean time we should endeavour to make some progress on other matters and try to build a bit of trust for no matter what the outcome of the referendum that is beneficial to both sides. However division suits some and the Assembly has institutionalised sectarianism and division. There are few incentives to encourage politicians to endeavour to widen their appeal outside their existing camps.

    Poor Peter

    South Down which would be much easier to win than trying to run for the Tories

    There is a safe UUP seat in South Down, but if you don’t want to run for the UUP and have decided to move on then it is not an option. Perhaps a better way to look at it is that Bowles has turned down a safe seat and has taken a principled decision and one has to respect that.

  • SAD

    George Ennis like so many others before him has had to be removed as he was better liked than the sitting MP in the area who happens to be one of the we take in £750,000 – £1,000,000 a year Robinsons. I hope Ennis does run for that way we will have a chance to vote for an man we can trust

  • Loyal

    if Ennis runs will he be for or against the Agreement? I for one feel that Alan Millar got it right on another page when he said that the DUP had become the which it can be said of a vote for the DUP is a Vote to put SF IRA into Government.
    If Ennis is against the deal to put the IRA into Government I would give him my VOTE.

  • NotSoPoorPete

    Poor Peter,

    I see Mr Bowles is running in S Down.