Luntz on the southern parties…

Frank Luntz makes for fascinating television, which may not be the most reliable indicator for the Republic’s general election, not least because of the editor’s cut. Check out Vincent Browne for a critical view of this kind of TV punditry. But it looks like in the very south of the country, Sinn Fein scares people more than they trust them. Nevertheless, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin’s segment got him in major approval on health. Things change…

  • Nevin

    Mick, can you check out your Luntz link, please?

  • Nevin

    Frank Luntz, the Week in Politics, Feb 4.

  • Why on earth would Free Staters be scared of, let’s say, Marty McG? Wild guess: all dem people he murdered? No, no? Ah c’mon.

  • James

    SF came out of it pretty well actually. it really highlighted people’s daftness in the south as to the fact that 90% of them say they wouldn’t vote for SF, yet on actually finding out their policies, or what they stand for, re-think their opinions.
    O’Caolain basically just said what most people down here want to hear about the Health System from a politician, as exemplified by the audience reaction gauge, which hit 100% at one stage, something i’ve never seen for any other politician in these Luntz specials, and O’Caolain’s support was consistently high throughout the segment.

    not that any of this makes any difference in th grand scheme of things. it serves absolutely zero use in guessing how the Irish public are going to vote, and given the fact that it’s all editted from over 2 hours of polling, it can be made look however it wants.
    not least as Luntz’s wording of certain questions no doubt lead to ambiguity and confusion.

    the most hilarious part of it was prior to the O’Caolain speech when he got support of everyone in the audience, they asked who would vote for SF, 1 member put up his hand, and said that SF, Labour and Fine Gael would go well together!!

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  • Bill

    As the Free State has not existed for 70 years it has nothing to fear from M McG