Sinn Fein support joining PSNI

“If young republicans, or indeed any age of republicans, want to join it that’s their right and we would support them doing that,” Gerry Adams said.

  • Henry94

    I see this positive development gets no response here.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Indeed it should have.

    This is a very positive move forward, albeit many years to late.

    It will give the DUP much to think about as we move towards the 26th March.

  • mushy

    Why shouldn’t Gerry call for republicans to join the psni, after all most of his leadership are already agents of the state with J118 heading up MI6, section.

  • jimmy

    OK, Sinn Fein are now in the position the SDLP were in in 1974. What was the thousands of deaths for? They deserve and will recieve no respector support from me.
    Seeing as that are no real different from the SDLP I will vote for them now.
    now that Sinn Fein are now consolidated as a constitutional Nationalist party, whats the point in voting for them?.