Bangladeshi man on blanket protest

The BBC is reporting that a man arrested for possession of a false passport, Mohammed Hussain, did not appear in court this morning as he is on a blanket protest and refusing to wear clothes.

  • parcifal

    dya think he’s taking the piss 😉

  • hi

    i only hope for his sake he doesn’t end up with danny morrison and gerry adams negotiating with the brits on his behalf!

  • gerry

    They aren’t stupid these immigrants are they? Ship ’em out.


    them dissidents will recruit anyone these days.i wonder is he a (real)bangladeshi????????

  • Aaron McDaid

    What exactly is he protesting for? Is he trying to claim asylum or something?


    he s not really protesting,(just pissed off he got caught)apparentally he had an irish passport in the name of nic maguinness