UUP select in Foyle

Following Mark Dunn in East Antrim and Kenny Donaldson in Fermanagh & South Tyrone, Young Unionist Vice Chairman Peter Munce was last night selected to stand in the Assembly election for the UUP in Foyle.

I used to write and get paid, now I read and don’t.

Former UUP staffer, currently living in London. @mjshilliday

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Is that the same Peter Munce from the village of Articlave, a loyalist stronghold on East Londonderry’s North Coast between Coleraine and Castlerock? He would be 2-3 years older than me, around 24 years old?

  • Tampico

    Rolling out the big guns!

  • bo shank

    spread the word…vote for Pedro!

  • NoShilliday

    Shilliday, what is the purpose of you telling us this?

    It has no blog value.

    Write something stupid about the UUP, like on how many seats your gonna win, or lose!

  • inuit_goddess

    I would have thought the fairly obvious point is to highlight the young candidates the UUP is putting forward this time round – not an unreasonable point to make, given how often the UUP are criticised for their age profile!

    Besides, Munce will certainly liven up the campaign in Foyle, esp if the DUPs stick with their uninspiring old guard in the city.

  • That’ll be ‘liven up’ as in, ‘not get elected, whilst the Dupe does’ then? Still, Munce really can’t be any worse than that spacer cleric.

  • Peter Bowles

    I wish Peter well, but I have to ask, what is the point?

    He will be massively outpolled by Willie Hay, one only needs to look to Earl Storey at the last Westminster election.

    Peter is one of the few young members with talent and ability left in the UUP and to select him in a constituentcy where he will do well to retain his deposit is regrettable. It is a shame he hasn’t been selected where he might have a fighting chance of winning a seat.

    inuit_godess/rebecca – do you intend to stand anywhere yourself?

  • Munce & Spods

    Sentinel headline

    DUP make Munce meat of UUP.

  • Tampico

    Young candidates in winnable seats is one thing, but sending them off to Foyle or Fermanagh for ass kickings is counter productive.

    At least the DUP have sleected several sub-35 year olds for seats they can win. Looks like the UUP will return the same old grey heads, albeit in smaller numbers.

    William Hay had things sewn up in Foyle already. This selection only adds to the DUP domination of Londonderry.

  • Sammy Morse

    Observe the son of Ulster, marching towards the Foyle.

  • Keith M

    What percentage of the vote do you need in N.I. to keep your desposit?

    And what are the chances of the UUP ending in single figures?

  • Rebecca Black

    inuit_godess/rebecca – do you intend to stand anywhere yourself

    I assure you Peter, I am not inuit goddess!!

    I am not putting myself forward for election, not a great time for me to be committing to such things at the minute but I hear you are running in Strangford so best of luck with it all.

  • Ca Va

    In 2002 it was £500 deposit and it needed 5% of the vote to avoid losing it

  • lol @ munce meat

    I thought Bowles missed out for the Strangford nomination to Bob Little and he instead is running in South Down. Any truth in that?

    Is inuit_godess not DC?

    Allen picked up 1000 in transfers in 98 Assembly election and was some 1300 shy of a quota at the last stage in Foyle. Maybe with the unpredictable circumstances of this election we may see a more interesting transferal/non-transferal between nationalists?

    Donaldson from my look at the figures stands no chance – BUT – reading between the lines I would not be surprised to see him in the Assembly representing F&ST in 2008 without the need to get elected 😉

    I would not rate Dunn’s chances either. I think the UUP only have two seats in East Antrim at best and he would stand little chance if his running mates are well established – each having served 8/9 years in office.

  • At least it shows some effort from the UUP to run younger candidates, although things would clearly be better with a higher number of talented female candidates on tickets across the north from all parties. The UUP has quite a high profile young wing- I’ve barely heard of the DUP version.

  • inuit_goddess

    I’m not Rebecca! (The name all goes back to the whole question of where polar bears come from originally. It’s quite the tale, but this thread is possibly not the place to tell it…) 😉

  • tory boy

    I loved the campaign photo’s Peter. Notice that they became password protected sometime between 10am and 4pm today.

    I also love that you predict that Munce will struggle to keep his deposit – as if you’ll get more than 500 votes in Strangf….sorry, South Down.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Peter Bowles asks what’s the point. That is a very good question! I’m not that unkind though.

  • darth rumsfeld

    “And what are the chances of the UUP ending in single figures?

    Posted by Keith M on Jan 23, 2007 @ 07:26 PM”

    absolutely none- they’ll get at least 15 votes in NI LOL

  • darth rumsfeld

    .. oh and yes concerned loyalist, that is indeed he

  • BonarLaw

    young Munce should have ignored this suicide mission and tried for an East Londonderry nomination. The two duffers the UUP have at the moment won’t be around for ever and next time around there will still be at least one UU seat there.

    There will never be UU representation above council level in Foyle again.

    Good luck to him but I foresee disappointment and recrimination.

  • Sammy Morse

    What percentage of the vote do you need in N.I. to keep your desposit?

    In Assembly elections, the amount of votes needed to get the deposit back is a quarter of the quota at the point of elimination, i.e. around 3.6%. Shouldn’t be too hard, even for the UUP in Derry. I think it’s £150.

  • darth rumsfeld

    as usual, Bonar Law is as right as the man who’s name he has appropriated. Of course Munce will have been frozen out by Hillis and McClarty in base self-preservation who have reactivated the useless arrangement of 2 Coleriane candidates and 1 from Limavady-basically whoever they can get there- for two seats at best.

    It reminds me of an unnamed alleged anti-Agreement UUP candidate who tasked all his supporters to vote for the useless wet candidate as their number 2, explaining it on the basis that he wanted a useless running mate as the best bet to ensure his own vote held up in the election.

    Young Muncey is worryingly evangelical about the UUP for someone under ninety, and the inevitable chinning the Londonderry electorate will give him will be a true test of whether he is a sticker or a quitter in the great quest of all YUs-to get the chance to be another Cecil Walker, and moulder on the backbenches at Westminster for 20 years. Youthful ambition, eh, how inspirational!

  • Ziznivy

    It is encouraging how many young candidates are being selected, although the cynic in me wonders whether this is the older generation stepping aside to allow others to get a chinning. Hopefully North Antrim can follow suit and select at least one of the younger candidates on Saturday.

  • Nellie Bly

    I am aware that NI politics is a cynical and highly twisted business but one behalf of those unionists who don’t live in majoritively unionists areas, and those who inhabit the wider wilderness outside Belfast, i must say that its disappointing how you all seem to have discounted us. Do we not deserve the chance to be represented by living candidates with views relevant to a modern day NI?
    And may I also ask Mr Bowles what position he is in to judge the talents of YUs. If memory serves he jumped to ship (to a hole filled raft) and now runs a policy of not communicating with his former colleagues? Doesn’t sound like he is in any kind of position to assess.

  • The Clockwoman

    Peter are you the former UUP officer who left the UUP over the link with the late David Ervine to join a party who had secret talks with the IRA whose leader once said that any contact would repulse him … OK, i see your point NOT

  • Dear old Clockwoman, a Trimbleite to the bitter end. But surely, pace “a party who [sic] had secret talks with the IRA”, there must be some lie Gerry Adams could tell that you wouldn’t believe?

  • Percival

    LOL @ Muncemeat

    “Donaldson from my look at the figures stands no chance – BUT – reading between the lines I would not be surprised to see him in the Assembly representing F&ST in 2008 without the need to get elected ;)”

    Oh please! Are you seriously telling us that the UUP are going to run Tom Elliot for Europe? I can se Allister quaking in his boots at that thought!

  • The Clockwoman

    And what are the DUP but Trimbleites but by another name Karl… As was reported in the Sunday Life by one of Paisley’s ‘friend’ (sic) his church may split.
    Either you never share power with Sinn Fein/IRA or you do! In several months we may face the prospect of Sinn Fein (note how the DUP have dropped using the slash IRA) having a first minister. What joy!

  • Percival

    Ahhh…poor we Trimbleite!!! Bless!

  • NoShilliday

    The young selection of UUP candidates is poor, apart from one perhaps.

    I certainly would vote for them.

    Someone makes an interesting and valid point above, think Karl Rove. They would all make ideal Cecil Walker representatives. Sit and do nothing.

    If this is all the UUP have to offer their doomed.

    Another reason to vote DUP.

  • Michael Shilliday

    What is your experience of the candidates? How do you know them?

  • Percival

    Look boys, a pissing contest about “we have more young people than you running in the election” or “our young people are better than yours” isn’t very productive.

    Lets just say that Mr. Munce would have been more likely to get elected running in East Lodonderry and the fact that he isn’t probably reflects on the greed of Hillis and McClarty as much as anything else. I mean lets face it, it wouldn’t be hard to have more talent than either of them would it?

    Although I know Mr. Shilliday would never admit it, the loss of Bowles was a massive blow to the YU’s.

  • NoShilliday

    What have they got to offer the electorate?

    What experience does Munce have within and of the constituency of Foyle?

    Did they all support the PUP-UVF link?

    How are they worthy of a vote?

  • Percival


    Q.1. He studied there.
    Q.2. Yes.
    Q.3. Because Reg says so. Now sod-off evil Paisleyite!

  • Michael Shilliday

    So you know nothing other than your own rhetorical questions?

    Peter Bowles leaving the UUP was a massive blow to his own political career, which he hasn’t seemed to have worked out yet as rumour has it he managed to lose the Tory selection meeting in Strangford and is now running in South Down as some sort of consolation. The UUP selections in both Strangford and South Down were very competitively contested, and I understand that South Down has managed to “replace” if that’s the right phrase Peter Bowles very well.

  • Percival

    They are not my questions. Check out the IP address if you wish.

  • The Clockwoman

    Ahhh…poor we Trimbleite!!! Bless!
    Posted by Percival on Jan 24, 2007 @ 12:16 PM

    Never knew you were one Percival. It answers alot. Vote for a reunited Ireland, vote DUP!

  • Percival


    Who with? Plead G-d not Eddie Rea!

  • Percival

    So Trimbleites stand for a United Ireland then?

  • The Clockwoman

    Are we not on the DUP watch here? I have no idea what the agenda of the Neo-Trimbleites are but its obvious with the omission of the Sinn Fein/DUP tag that they are preparing the grass-roots for power-sharing. Would you not agree that all parties with the taste of power become corrupted?

  • Peter Bowles

    Crikey, you come on to wish someone well and all you get is abuse, I am glad I didn’t say I hope he sinks without trace.

    For the record I have never sought selection in Strangford so perhaps before the various pseudonyms start spouting their black propaganda you would check your facts.

    The UUP have selected John McAllister to run in South Down, putting out a press release on Tuesday after they could not decide whether to run one or two, but they decided on one after meeting Reg on Monday, the selection meeting was on Friday night from which they turned away the photographer as they could not decide how many to run. John narrowly beat Cllr Robert Burgess.

    Finally Michael, I am not in politics for a “career”, I am involved in politics because I enjoy it, so if it is doomed then so be it, all I can do is put myself before the electorate.

  • After those unpleasant revelations about Mount Vernon, are the YUs still pleased to have had their party associated with the UVF?

  • The Clockwoman

    The DUP have decided to run four sitting Lisburn Councillors while the UUP has decided to run two. Presuming that those elected will not want to forgo their MLA salaries for council work and the legislation prescribing dual mandates is adhered to Lisburn City Council will be looking for new councillors soon.

    *Norah Beare MLA was not lucky enough to get selected for the DUP (all boys’ club).

  • wadda ya think?

    do the uup have an association with the uvf?

  • Julian Robertson

    At least there are new people coming forward, that has to be good?

    Nellie: at least you’re not bitter then.

  • unionist

    I wish the UUP all the best in the forthcoming election. I think they will hold on to all their seat’s..maybe picking up an extra one or two..

    They could well get three in East Belfast – their presence on the ground there is now huge…

    The DUP office in East Belfast is useless, yet costs more money to the tax payer.

  • Julian Robertson


    Ref your inside knowledge on our selection processes @ No11, I’m afraid you are wrong again no matter how much you pretend to know.

    Anyway, nice to know we are still the subject of discussion within the UUP!

    Have a nice election everyone!

  • World without end, and Trimbleites without sense: if all you can chuck at the Paisleyites is, “you’re just as bad as us, you too are willing to cut a deal with SF/IRA”, it ain’t going to fly. Not least because all the DUP have to do is produce a deal fractionally better than the one Trimble, Reg et al did (and allowing, as the Unionist electorate plainly will, that they can’t recover very much that Trimble has already lost us). Or to put that another way: number of times Republicans blinked while the Turtle was in charge: zero. Provo blinking today? Go and look at some of the very unhappy green threads on this site to see what’s happening to them.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I don’t accept much of what you say Karl, but one thing I will say is that the DUP have not produced a deal fractionally better than 1998, they’ve pulled off a much much worse deal.

  • Percival


    You know that isn’t true.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Irish Langauge Act? Less control over North/Southery? Potential SF 1st Minister? I know it is true.

  • runningscared

    Mr. Bowles,

    Is there any young person in NI Tories with any quality? Except of course yourself.

    Rumour had it that the Tories at Queens were going outnumber the Young Unionists on the Student Council. I heard not one got elected. True?

    I also heard that the YUs at Queens more than doubled their representation on that body. That is a far cry from a few years ago for the YUs.

  • Ca Va

    Notice HE of “the bargepole fame” is not standing this time around . Like him or lothe him he always was good a knowing which way the wind was blowing

  • Shillers, I’ll leave it to others to dredge up past threads where we’ve each made predictions about how unionists will go to the polls. Riddle me this tho’: have I ever been wrong, have you ever been right? Uh huh, uh huh, that would be “no” then, wouldn’t it? And so it goes for Paisley’s stewardship of the wretched “process” as compared to the Turtle’s – when people vote on this, the DUP’s vote will go up and the UUP’s will fall. You, like last time, no doubt won’t accept this verdict, and will instead squeak, ‘faster, Reg, faster, this time the bus will make it through the wall’. What a tragedy though (are you still wearing black?) that your great mate Davy Ervine isn’t still with us. Perhaps when the UUP sheds yet more seats, that’ll be the reason why – oh if only Dictionary dave was still here to sell smack to the kids, er, I mean, drag in all of those garden centre-types. Seriously dude, your excuses this time round are going to need a lot more work than the excuses after the last 2 elections. Put the work in now, it’ll pay off in the end.

  • I imagine this is the same Peter Munce who was in the Cunning Plan bunker in the 2005 election?

    The Young Unionists used to be one of the better bits of the UUP. They were sharper and frankly brighter than a lot of the Cecil Walkeresque deadwood elsewhere in the party. Yet one only has to look at those Ervine threads on its blog, which went far beyond fair condolences into some dodgy areas, to see just how far from mainstream unionism the present YUs have drifted. Right now there is no one – no one – who could grab that party by the scruff of its neck and turn it into a serious challenger to the DUP.

    The only thing Reg can do is to keep the damaged boat afloat in the hope that someone frankly better than him comes along before the whole vessel sinks.

    As Karl has pointed out, Michael, how many times have you been wrong in your predictions and how many times have we critics been proved right?

  • “Shillers, I’ll leave it to others to dredge up past threads”

    Karl, there’s a wonderful thread on the YU blog about how Michael McGimpsey was going to win South Belfast in 2005. Whoops …

  • graduate

    Sf 1st minister- in your dreams! Don’t try & scare the electorate.
    Best of luck to the younger candidates in North Antrim on sat night. They’re going to need it- the average age of members up there is about 90. Why do you think the trcky vicar (Coulter) is always on about old age health provision- he does have a core audience to target!!
    As for younger DUP, don’t need a separate youth wing- they believe in integration and power-sharing, don’t they?

  • Porlock

    Someone in an earlier post has hinted that young Donaldson (Lord Maginnis’ glove puppet) would inherit Tom Eliott’s Assembly seat in 2009. Sadly, that is the intended plan. Jim Nicholson and Lord Maginnis have decreed that Tom should be the UUP’s Euro candidate next time round. And Maginnis has also informed people that Kenny should be the next leader but one of the UUP.

    Guess who the leader before Kenny would be? Yes!!! Good old Nicholson.

    What a complete and utter shower of excrement.

    All we need now is Basil “please take me seriously” McCrea (although he may be in for an unpleasant surprise quite soon) as President and Michael “I must be right one day” Shilliday as Chairman.


  • Sammy Morse

    They could well get three in East Belfast – their presence on the ground there is now huge…

    Who said that the drugs don’t work?

  • Michael Shilliday

    Executive Committee AGM is soon. You can nominate me Porlock.

  • the sparrow

    “Jim Nicholson and Lord Maginnis have decreed that Tom should be the UUP’s Euro candidate next time round.”

    I wouldn’t vote for Tom Elliott to be my bin man never mind a councillor, MLA or MEP!!

    He is an illiterate fool. He would need someone to translate his drivel into English! lol

    Perhaps the DUP ought to run 2 candidates.

  • BonarLaw


    given Lord “I saved the RUC” Maginnis’s recent embarassing performances over the Ombudsmans’ report I would have thought that any endorsement would be a kiss of death.

    I wonder where Nicholson finds a seat with which to discharge his leadership role? Westminster is out so will one of the muppets standing for winnable seats be asked to step aside for Jim in 2009? Bad news for the Nicholson bank balance though- even at Mark Robinson levels the MLA expenses are a pale immitation of the Euro gravy train.

  • Thomas Neill

    I do not see a melt down in the DUP vote but I do sense a chasm within the ideology of the Free Presbyterian: i.e. the DUP at prayer – this being discussed here on/off for several years. Then it was called Paisleyism v Robinsonism but its quite evident that by quoting O’Neill (Ulster is at the crossroads) Paisley is seeking a good reference for St. Peter when he appears before him at the gates of Heaven. Therefore maybe it should now be Alistair v Paisley for the latter has taken a lifetime brain-washing Loyalism into never accepting power-sharing with the SDLP so why do it now when they have dropped the requirement of the photo for guns etc even and dropped the tag so rightly mentioned earlier from Sinn Fein (/IRA).
    Even if the DUP vote holds it will be interesting to know what the church breakdown is for I have no intention of being represented by Calvinists. I say this for i know in Lisburn the DUP MLA wannabes are mostly belong to the cult of FP.

  • Sf 1st minister- in your dreams! Don’t try & scare the electorate

    Nope tis quite a possibility. Under the Northern Ireland Act Assembly members had to designate themselves Unionist, Nationalist, or Other. The First Minister was therefore elected by the largest community. However, this has now changed to a situation where simply the largest party regardless of designation would have the right to nominate the First Minister. So lets say in the unlikely event of the sdlp losing a further 6 seats to the shinners and the dup falling back a couple then Marty would become FM, regardless to the overall number of Unionist MLA’s.

    And yup the DUP failed to do anything about changing it, in fact the even failed to back a notion calling for an amendment. Hmmm methinks they’re looking for something to stick in their March manifesto… after all they must be struggling after they’ve lost 90% of their material from 2005.

  • The Clockwoman

    Another DUP fair deal.

  • darth rumsfeld

    a word of advice to my old friends watchman and karl. You’ve done your bit. Noone can fault you for being right 100%. But please exercise some restraint now. Because just when I thought the comedic potential of the UUP had been squeezed dry, I read Porlock’s post 9, and a whole new vista of pleasure opened up in front of me. JimmyNick as UUP leader.

    Now lads, do we really want to jeopardise the chances of this happening by getting the YUs et al to wise up? Should we not sit back in the Reform Club with a Cohiba (before health fascism steps in) and a large glass of Bowmore on election day, and watch as Reg makes his concession speech after being outpolled by Alliance, and JimmyNick is pushed forward by the shellshocked children in Cunningplan House to the cameras; he clears his throat, and says “I have never been a quitter..”, and the journalists dash to his cuttings file to reprint his marital history…Do we REALLY want to miss that?

  • R.Schuman

    Look, it doesnt matter what anyone’s personal preference is for the next UUP MEP candidate, it will have be a democratic decision by the party. Anyway there isnt a vacancy.

    The smart money is on Alex Benjamin I believe.

  • The Clockwoman

    The smart money would be on Bob McCartney running ex-members of the DUP against the neo-Trimbleites of the New DUP. I see Paisley is now acepting ‘blood money’ from the South – sorry that’s old DUP…

  • Has Nicholson opened a constituency office yet? After all, he’s only been an MEP for, oh, 18 years. Anyone know where Euro expenses can be found?

  • darth rumsfeld

    Mr Schuman
    if the smart money is on Benji, I’d hate to see where the stupid money is going. No wonder you never meet a poor bookie

  • Disgusted at Paisley’s Hypocrisy

    I would love someone from or who supports the DUP to tell me just where the fair deal I was promised has gone?

    In their 2003 Manifesto they stated that Martin McGuinness would only be Deputy First Minister if the Ulster Unionists gained more seats than the DUP – that was the fear put about by the DUP.

    How come now, in 2007, the DUP will be the very ones who will deliver Mr. McGuinness as DFM to the aghast of the wider Unionist community.

    Remember the DUP outcry when under the UUP, Marty became Education Minister.

    The hypocrisy of Paisley, Robinson and Company is staggering beyond belief.

  • north

    When are we expecting the UUP nomination in North Antrim?

  • Peter Brown

    Tonight but someone who is still a member will have to bring it to you (and me!)

  • Uninterested observer

    Truly disgusted last night to see a culchie loser selected in N Antrim. Someone who commanded 260 votes in the council election. Utterly shameful decision from the senescent old coots of North Antrim UUP.

  • rj


    Who is the culchie loser? And who is the other, presumably urbane and successful, candidate?

  • Uninterested observer

    The other winner is certainly not urbane. Rather he is an ancient presbytarian minister. Coulter and Swann.

  • BonarLaw

    Swann? Roderick Swann? No way !!!

  • David

    Threads like these always make me chuckle, if I was Michael Shilliday, I simply wouldn’t broadcast who my Party’s candidates were in this way. Let’s face it, this site, me included is made up of partisan political anoraks. There isn’t goiing to be a soul outside of Ulster Unionism who’ll give Peter Munce or anyone else selected by the UUP a fair hearing.

    The people who matter in all of this are the voters and they’ll give their verdict on what’s put before them soon enough.

    I would however take my hat off to Mr Munce and all other people who put themselves forward for election because to do so requires balls. Sometimes you run in an election, knowing you’re screwed from the off but it’s about offering the voting public an opportunity to either give the politics you promote, the thumbs up or the thumbs down.

    I wonder how many other contributors on this site would have the balls to put themselves before the electorate. Oh yeah that’s right, most haven’t even the courage to attribute comments to themselves, most hide behind silly little pseudos, playing games with themselves and their little buddies.

  • ballymena anorak

    Rumours have it that the DUP in North Antrim are celebrating the result of the UUP selection meeting in North Antrim.

    The two UUP candidates are an unknown young farmer who could muster less than 300 votes in his own backyard in the council election and a 77 year old geriatric reverend. If this is the best the UUP can find in North Antrim their days are numbered, though I did hear there were at least 3 councillors in the race, so much for them.

    Will the 4th DUP candidate they held back be announced very shortly………………?

    Thankfully the UUP up in North Antrim will never learn to select winners only clones of the farming community who fill the membership, last time Curry this time Swann, soon they will have no MLA’s to worry about and the DUP will have 4 seats.

  • Sammy Morse

    Swann? Roderick Swann? No way !!!

    No way indeed. I presume this Swann is Robin Swann, unsuccessful UUP Council candidate in Ballymena South in 2005 rather than former Antrim councillor Roderick Swann.

  • BonarLaw


  • rj

    I am sure that Sammy M is correct. Roderick Swann and his wife have been candidates in all three wards of Antrim Council, sometimes even Councillors, but not ventured northwards.

    Robin Swann is significant in the Young Farmers organisation (president?) and was a not very successful candidate in Ballymena South in 2005. His home is in Kells, ie within Ballymena South, but about as peripheral as you can get to North Antrim.

    DUP could just manage four as a result of this, holding UUP to one and picking up Farren’s seat.

  • ballymena anorak

    I have checked the person is Robin Swann from Kells together with the Rev Robert Coulter.