“There’s just not enough love to go round”

If you missed Captain Planet’s on and only (cheesey) visit to Belfast, Alan In Belfast has it chapter and verse… It’s so bad, it almost hurts…


  • Jesus Christ

    CIA propaganda. The dissidents should have whacked him. Also, three Prots and only one Catholic. Plus one of the Prods looked like Michael Stone, the artist. Maybe if we whack a few Yanks instead of paying them to make Sesame Street propagands we can all ive happily ever after.

  • Skeletor

    i hope Michael Stone didn’t get any image rights from this…

  • Yokel

    Ya gotta love this. If I saw this correctly though I think it doesnt exactly provide an even handed account. For example, I don’t remember seeing any graffiti for the UVF or INLA….

  • Windy Shepherd Henderson

    ‘you want to have a good loyal name…like john.’ brilliant

  • scipio

    Cheers Mick

    A stunning insight into the need for better community relations, but what is the camel doing in the middle of it all?


  • Mick Fealty

    I noted that too: seriously freaky!!

  • Pugachev

    Hmmmm …… not as unintentionally funny as “The Punisher” hits Belfast & there is a “Spiderman” one that makes Belfast look like post-bomb Hiroshima complete with US-style troops & half-tracks.

  • Aha … Captain Slugger’s the reason the massive spike in hits! Thanks. Now, back to my baking …

  • Bill

    hmmm, if that was a truly accurate depection of Norn Iron, the episode would have ended with David Vance arriving to wipe out captain planet and his ‘leftie eco-nut’ sidekicks!!

  • Penelope

    I’m sad to say that far too many Americans think along these lines. As a California girl making plans to move over this year to be with my fiancé I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to confront the shock and “Aren’t you afraid of being blown up?” comments by those who cannot fathom that the reality of Belfast today is much different than that at the height of the Troubles. When I clue them in how things really are I often get “Oh I thought you said Bhagdad!”


    It’s almost funny if it weren’t so sad…

    My partner grew up here. I’ve made several visits this past year, often for weeks at a time. I read Slugger and other NI websites on a daily basis. I know what I’m getting into. Do you really think I’d move halfway around the world if it was really like that stupid cartoon?? Hardly.

    Sent this clip onto my partner who was just dumbfounded… and he also mentioned Michael Stone look alike !!

    The camel just added to the surrealness of it all… must be there in order to give the local sheep some relief !!

    Oh! Look!! A new bakery… anyone fancy a warm muffin?

  • Cromwell

    The scary thing is when you link to youtube, the next clip is of a yank who’s living here & writes a blog called; letter from Northern Ireland or somesuch, enthusing on how amazing & realistic it is & if only people would watch it & learn from it!
    I thought I’d actually imagined the camel but possibly that graffiti in West Belfast saying; welcome to Beirut, wasnt so far out after all!

  • Sean Osterbeck

    Over simplistic american moralizing but then thats what they are good for

  • Just for the record Cromwell – I was joking.

  • Penelope

    Cromewell and Sean… do you not recognise sarcasim when you see it??

    Jett Loe’s video response had me rolling… it was drier than dry!!!

  • Cromwell

    Penelope & Jett, yes, normally I do recognise sarcasm, I can also spell it! As for Jett, sorry, but I’ve just heard too many Yanks coming off with that simplistic crap for too long. Good for you anyway, I stand corrected.