Irish News launches ‘IN.TV’

The Irish News has launched its online video news channel, IrishNewsTeleVision, or ‘’. It has a lot of goodies and has upped the ante for online news delivery. Very impressed. One for the bookmarks. The Sunday Business Post has some background on the move, as does the Press Gazette.

  • I can’t get it to work for me at all.

  • Yokel


    Securocrats have sabotaged it….

  • John, you probably don’t have your ‘flash player’ updated on your computer, do a google search for this and first reply will direct you to the download site.

  • While you’re talking about developments in online news delivery, Lá Nua, (Lá, Ireland’s Irish language daily, was relaunched last week), features Ireland’s only daily podcast by a newspaper and a PDF edition.

    The Irish News, which lost out to Lá Nua in the competition for an Irish language news publication, has cut back on its Irish language coverage, from two pages daily to just one.

  • I followed the instructions to download and install the flash player on this page, but I still can’t get it to work. I tried both IE and Firefox and in both I get an error that looks like their web site is down. (Not, but

    I’m giving up for now.

  • peter fallow

    “The Irish News, which lost out to Lá Nua in the competition for an Irish language news publication, has cut back on its Irish language coverage, from two pages daily to just one.”

    As its figures keep going up, the IN have clearly realised that there is little appetite for extensive Irish coverage. REM Daily Ireland (although hardly anyone does).
    How many Brit grants is La Nua receiving anyway?

    That female reporter on IN TV is consistently unintentionally hilarious.

  • John, would you mind taking a screen shot of the error you see and sending it to so I can see if I can help.

  • 21stcenturyirishman

    Thank God the IN cut back on irish language pages. thats one less page that hardly anyone can read now.

    i love the TG4 programme where a ‘reporter’ stops people in the street and speaks to them in Irish. Not one – not a single one – person amongst the hundreds of thousands who apparently speak the language has been able to respond in kind.

  • Joe

    I hope it’s better than their website – I stopped my subscription last year because it was such a mess of random hyphenation and inexplicable line breaks. If I’m paying good money to read something the least they could do is bother to format it properly.

  • I’m glad to see the standard of debate when dealing with matters wrt to the Irish language is so ably represented by Peter Fallow and ’21st century Irish man‘. Such erudition and such articulation is to be admired from the invetebrates.
    For 21st century Irishman’s information, Manchan, the presenter of No Béarla, did find several Irish speakers, who responded in kind when asked. Several of these were in Belfast, the prime readership area of the IN.
    Peter’s input is particularly negative – Lá Nua receives a shoestring grant from Foras na Gaeilge, which is jointly funded by the British and Irish Government. The British contribution to Foras na Gaeilge is £1 per every £3 received from the Irish Government. The overall figure is available on Foras na Gaeilge’s website.

    The interesting thing about Irish is that it’s no burden. I heard a mind management expert, Professor Ian Robertson, say on Radio 1 today that people who are bilingual, and he specifically mentioned Irish, were better equipped to avoid mind degenerative diseases such as Altzheimers. See his websitefor futher info.

    Apologies if that’s too late for Peter and the ’21st Century Irishman who seem to have forgotten where they’re from.

  • peter fallow

    What, a mudhut in a bog in the middle of Clare in the 15th century?
    And yes of course, No Bearla was obviously a fantastic momentand advertisement for the language…!
    And no burden?!The Irish language is dead in the Republic (and only sustained by sectarian headcases in the UK) DESPITE the idiotic injection of hundreds of millions of Euros of public money.
    Apart from the massive financial waste, let us not forget the completely unncessary educational burden imposed by compelling schoolchildren to learn this nationalist vanity project non-language (not to mention the racism of forcing immigrants to learn it when their priority must be mastering English).