Northern Ireland questions…

Given the issues discussed in Westminster this morning, it is worth catching the whole session from the beginning…

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  • smcgiff

    Not a NI Question, more NI inspired…

    More specifically, that Bible teachings should take precedence over Law. TaliDup?

  • DaithiO

    So unimportant are the politics of the north to the “United Kingdom” parliament that the chamber is all but empty.

  • smcgiff

    ‘So unimportant are the politics of the north to the “United Kingdom” parliament that the chamber is all but empty.’

    Come on DaithiO, you can do it. You can type Northern Ireland. ‘the north’ means nothing in a United Kingdom context.

  • The Third Policeman

    Apparently Northern Ireland doesn’t mean much to the UK either!

  • noel adams

    So the plans for 10,000 aprentice places are so.unimportant To slugger regulars but will make a difference to the NEXT generation.More places in intergrated schools N. Ireland or the north has grown up ,hope local politicos will soon.

  • puritan

    Does anyone know much about the police raid on Declan Murphy’s home, raised by David Simpson at this morning’s Ni Questions.

  • nancyboy

    As I understand it a republican who had consumed a right skinful went into the police station in Newry and ratted out a senior mainstream fellow republican. He later returned having sobered up accompanied by a solicitor and retracted his statement. However unknown to him, the police had already set up the raid which duly happened. ‘Stuff’ of an intelligence gathering nature was allegedly found. The home in question was that of the said Declan Murphy.

    Murphy is NOT ‘dissident’ but ‘mainstream’ republican (ie of the SF type). A file has apparently now been sent to the DPP.

    If there turns out to be anything in this, it will be of huge significance for it would be prove that mainstream republicans are still actively gathering evidence on people at a time when they are supposed to be about to sign up to policing etc.

    One can see just why Simpson would raise it. Goggin’s fairly pathetic answer, namely that no arrests were made at the raid only confirmed that the raid happened. What odds on yet more government interference in the courts to make this one go away?

  • Ian

    “‘Stuff’ of an intelligence gathering nature was allegedly found.”

    Could be ‘political intelligence gathering’. The DUP used to come out with leaked NIO documents all the time to embarrass Trimble.