Pictures and thousands of words

I highlighted some of Damien Okado-Gough’s Flickr pictures a couple of days ago, and found two more of interest today that have just been posted. Although the shot of Bairbre de Brún is from 2004, I love the contrast it provides and feel the message is very appropriate today. We have the well-heeled, well-dressed candidate rushing past the discontented and certainly sartorially less well-disciplined family of Republicans. The other shot is of DUP councillor Davy McAllister posing with former UPRG North Antrim and Londonderry spokesman Jim Wright for a photo at Bushmills UDA mural in 2002.

  • Secur O’Crat

    Good photo all right. With luckier ofcues, it would habe been a great shot as the contrasts bettwen the “people of no property” and their putative rulers are so great. Yesterday’s cannon fodder. Still, whether it is the New or Old Provos, Mr Lowry or Charlie, the politicans are a reflection of those who vote them in.


    On the loyalist one, to my fenian eye the UPRG chap looks a lot less thuggish than the other one.

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    A jaundiced eye and a biased intro re Bairbre de Brún who wouldn’t be one of the most image conscious politicians while she would do her best to present herself well. I don’t know you Miss Fitz but I think your comment re Bairbre is the worst case of sexism and snoobbery that I’ve read on these pages. The upshot of it is that you believe that Bairbre de Brún, because she’s a Sinn Féin MEP, should be dressed in a track suit…..?


    OC: “Bairbre de Brún, because she’s a Sinn Féin MEP, should be dressed in a track suit”

    I didn’t read that into the post, but now that you say it, I’d say you’re right. What about a Celtic shirt also?

  • missfitz

    I am really amused by your interpretation of my comments! I cant really see where you made the leap, but fair dues to you boy, it took a lot of imagination.

    I know I tend to look at things in the abstract, and that leaves others behind. In this case, I was drawing a contrast between the brand of Chucky-Armani that is surging ahead and leaving the less well dressed chuck behind. I see it as emblematic of the growing gulf in Republicanism.

    You think thats sexist, fair enough, I dont.

  • Secur O’Crat

    Notice the little schoolgirl in the runner up front. This is no different from 1980 pickets when Provos skinheads looked around for support from their betters”. It is the same gulf. And Bairbre and her friends couldn’t give a fiddler’s for those Left Behind.
    The real upshot of it Mr Cromwell is Sinn Fein’s leaders – do we still talk of the leadrship of the Republican Movement – have abandoned a lot of people. I wonder does Bairbre have “ex” IRA thugs on hand to beat up dissident or are those days gone?
    Whilst not agreeing with RIRA/CIRA, I admire those who still work for them.
    “As you were once, so now are we.”

    Give where Miss Fits stands politically, it is amusing to see Provo types attack her. As Dev famously sau “We’ll never wear top hats.”
    Take it down from the mast before we puke.

  • JD

    It just needs to borne in mind that Damian Okado Gough was a card carrying member of the SDLP in Derry and has his own political axe to grind.

  • The Pedant

    As an observation: Ms de Brún is, to my eye, certainly not “rushing past”. The length of her stride suggests the opposite, and the direction of her gaze indicates an interest in (if not an engagement with) the protesters.

  • Miss Fitz

    Obviously you have better luck with high heels than I do. The stride appears short and puposeful, as opposed to relaxed and unhurried. Its undoubtedly a matter of interpretation and personal experience.

    I dont know a thing about Damien Okado Gough, much beyond what is on Flickr. The point of the title of course, is that its all in the photo and not about the photographer.

    You’re a better man than me if you can figure out my political leanings!

  • Dr Strangelove

    Well I never.. a DUP politican showing support for a loyalist terrorist organisation. Whatever next ?

  • Miss Fitz

    Why Dr Strangelove, it shocked me to my boots. 🙂

  • Pat

    Lay off Barbara. she is only a useful fool for the provisional leadership.

  • mickybrady

    she s moving swiftly in my eyes.she s like a dancer in riverdance,(just like the provos) their not allowed to use their arms

  • The Pedant

    I’m sorry, Miss Fitz, but I cannot let this go. Snapshots can be deceptive, and are often misused by the unscrupulous to show their opponents in a bad light, e.g. a blink caught halfway can make the subject appear sinister. Similarly, to the untrained eye, a snapshot of a leisurely step can convey the impression of haste, depending on the instant the shutter opens.

    Here is a photograph of a university procession led by the college Marshal. Note that the position of his feet and right hand is almost identical to that of Ms de Brún’s.

    And no, the professor is not holding on to his mortarboard! The limp flags tell us that the day was calm.

  • miss fitz

    The angles are completely different. I cant find one of those things with pointy ends, but you need to focus on the proximity of the knees and the angle of the back foot. Also the thrust of the hips. Sorry but all of these factors indicate to me a rushed move.

    In point of fact, your professor proves my point. His knees would appear to be further apart, slight angle on the back foot, (not pronounced like Bairbre) and his body appears more upright.

    While not wanting to get into a ‘Spot the Difference competition, I think that these pictures illustrate the fact that this does not appear to be a leisurely or interactive passing by.

    The photograph caught my eye for the same reason it still does this. I find it a study in contrast

  • The Pedant

    Miss Fitz, are we looking at the same picture? My professor is leaning forward, looking at the ground. Ms de Brún’s head and body are practically at right angles to the ground.

    However, we should agree to disagree. Life is too short to bicker over such trivialities.

  • Crataegus

    To my eyes she is either in a hurry or entertaining the troops. Put the left foot in, put the left foot out, in out on out shake it all about

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    Thanks Miss Fitz for your kind comments regarding the photos in my flickr folder.

    I know I’m having a bit of fun with the Jim Wright and Davy McAllister, but I have to say that they both were very kind to me that day in Bushmills.

    As a journalist I wanted to spend some time learning more about my Protestant and Loyalist neighbours and Jim Wright, the then UPRG spokesman in N Antrim and LDerry offered to show me around his own community within that community.

    He introduced me to Davy, who was very friendly and welcoming. They both showed me around Bushmills explaining a lot to me about the area and their community, both knowing full-well that I was born and bred on the Falls Road. They taught me a great deal that day and I thank them for it.
    However, the photo has a political tale to tell, so I posted it.

    The photo of Bairbre deBrun is not intended to make a political point, but merely to illustrate something of the relationship between SF and ‘traditional’ or ‘dissident’ Republicans. It also has a tale to tell. What that tale is depends on the person looking at the photo. I’m struck mostly by the faces of the protesters rather than anything that Bairbre deBrun is doing.

    There is something I’d like to set straight though, about the claim that I was a member of the SDLP in Derry. It’s perfectly true. I was a member of the Northlands branch, but I left the SDLP in the late 1990s. Therefore it would be wrong to ascribe any party political motivation to any of my work as a journalist or photographer, or anything else for that matter.

    Lastly I’d like to thank Mick, Miss Fitz and the others responsible for Slugger for linking the flickr Northern Ireland photo-stream to the Slugger site itself.
    The photo-stream is rapidly building into a very important photographic record of many aspects of northern Irish life and landscape. I’d encourage everyone to pay it a visit.

    Damien Okado-Gough

  • daz

    in recent years we have all read of the problems the sdlp has had in omagh and we now see the outcome of the recent selection

    omagh has certainly come out on top do the party not realise that by selecting two candidates in omagh that they have thrown the seat away.

    common sense will tell you that you would need a geographical spread in west tyrone.

    the sitting mla Eugene Mc Menamin is the casualty in this a man who has stood tall for the sdlp who was it that stood for the party in west minster when the other members in omagh had not the courage to stand.

    Mc Menamin has a great track record in the polls and i and many of my friends are bewildered by this deselection,Eugene Mc Menamin and his family have suffered bomb attacks and protests outside their home in his stance for the SDLP’S stance on policing.

    Sinn Fein will surely capture the third seat as they have no competition in Strabane.

  • Bog warrior

    Was Grounds Keeper Willy from the Simpsons the inspiration for the depiction of Finn McCool in Bushmills??