Things to keep an eye on….

Everytime the Francie Brolly off message remarks have been mentioned on Slugger, we’re told they are irrelevant. Now without attempting to gainsay such proper scepticism, there were two things worth testing against future (or indeed non) delivery: 1 According to Francie Sinn Fein would rather accept policing but after and not before an election; 2 despite a notably peaceful parading season (‘both sides delivered’), he intimated that this year could be tricky.


  • Yokel

    Francie Brolly does not speak for Sinn Fein or himself. Sinn Fein speaks for Sinn Fein and Francie Brolly….

  • Rubicon

    Mick – I tend to agree with Yokel on this. The interview you referred to was one where Francie most likely felt comfortable with taking out for a walk/departing/training his own political acumen.

    I don’t see Brolly’s comments as a harbinger of things to come. If it is – well … he’s got to be right sometime eh? It’d be a bit like Francie winning the lottery!

    He may have learned from the experience and will take his crystal ball to Connolly House before speculating on the future – in future. Lotteries are things you can’t win unless you’re in 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    Maybe Rubicon, though I’m not sure that’s exactly what Yokel meant. Though I am sure the odds are rather better than 14 million to 1, nevertheless it’s worth flagging.

  • mickhall

    Oh dear Francie has been given the black spot, things were so much easier when Gerry could whisper in a gofers ear, “will someone not rid me of this troublesome priest.”

    These days he has to beg the British PM Mr Blair to cut short his hol’s to help dig him out of his hole. [reminds me of that letter MM didn’t write to John Major]

    Apologies to friends within SF, but these days I am finding it impossible to take seriously anything your leaders say.